A popular Irish sport that is a cross between lacrosse and field hockey

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What is the oldest GAA club in Dublin?

Metropolitans is said to be the first club founded, but it is no longer in existence. The oldest existing clubs are Round Towers in Clondalkin, founded in December 1884 and Faughs, now in Templeogue, founded at Easter in 1885.

Who are the greatest hurling team of all time?

A question like that is very hard to answer. Even the greatest experts would disagree. It is also hard to compare teams that played in different eras, because different people saw them play and the nature of the game has changed. All people can really do is judge the teams they have actually seen. The Kilkenny display last September would have to be one of if not the most complete displays in an All-Ireland final ever seen. They are certainly up there amongst the greatest teams ever, but it is very difficult to say that they are the best ever.

What are some health benefits of playing hurling?

Hurling is the fastest field game in the world. So to play the game at a high level, you have to be very fit. You have to be very strong. You have to be very fast. You have to have good hand-eye co-ordination, good balance and be able to carry out a wide range of skills. All this takes time and practice. So a player gets a lot of exercise and looks after their diet and weight and keep in a healthy condition. So Hurling is a game that can help keep people very healthy, whether played at the top level, or even at a lower level.

How many people watched the 2011 all Ireland hurling football final on TV?

The 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final attracted an audience share of almost 75 per cent, with three quarters of the available audience watching the final from beginning to end.

How many all Irelands have Wexford won?

6 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles:

1910, 1955, 1956, 1960, 1968, 1996.

5 All-Ireland Senior Football titles:

1893, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918.

Who is joe canning's hurley maker?

Joe makes his own hurleys in the Canning Hurleys Workshop 087 137 66 66

Where could you buy a gerry cleere faceguard?

Here is the number for Gerry Cleere the faceguard costs 30 euro to go to Kilkenny and collect off him and 35 euro for him to post it off

His number is:0860808662

How many counties have not won an all Ireland senior hurling title?

20 counties have never won it. They are:





















How do you know what size hurling stick to buy?

"The general rule to find the correct size is that a hurley standing beside your leg should have its top at your hip."

This was the old rule for the length of a hurley. It refers to the top of the hip bone.

This rule is not now regarded as correct as a hurley of this length is too long and cumbersome for most players.

The new thinking is that with the hurley held firmly at the top of the handle in the dominant hand and arm and hurley are allowed to hang down in a relaxed position at the side of the body the heel/toe of the hurley should be brushing the grass beside the dominant foot.

In fact one should be able to freely swing the relaxed dominant arm and hurley, forward and backward, in a pendulum motion without the hurley hitting the ground.

In other words the hurley is an extension of the dominant arm to the foot on the dominant side of the body. also a player should be easly able to manipulate and swing the hurley with the dominant arm only

What counties that have won both GAA all Ireland titles?

The following counties have won both the All-Ireland Senior Football title and the All-Ireland senior Hurling title:

Cork (The only county to win both in one year. They did so in 1890 and 1990.)








What is the Website for Dingle Hurling Team?

It is and if you click on the link below it will bring you to it.

What is the sport of hurley?

The sport of you refer to is called Hurling, not hurley. It is a uniquely Irish game. Played with a stick and ball, it is a fast paced game, much like an airborne version of hockey (if you can imagine that). You can use the stick to hit the ball. Hands can be used to pass the ball, though not throw it. Its called a hand pass and is useful for short distance or if someone is hooking u ie uses there stick to stop you swing with your stick. See the related question below.

Did kilkenny win all Ireland in 1939?

Kilkenny beat Cork in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final in 1939.

How much are all-ireland hurling tickets 2009?

A terrace ticket will be €35. A stand ticket will be €70. Premium level and corporate level tickets will be higher. For All-Ireland Finals tickets are not sold to the general public in the way they are for all other matches. Tickets are distributed through the county boards and clubs, so they are always very difficult to get, even for people who have contacts in the GAA.

Why is the cork hurling team nicknamed the rebels?

The Cork hurling team is nicknamed the Rebels because Cork is known as the Rebel County. Everyone from Cork is known as a Rebel and very proud of it.

What is the correct spelling Liam McCarthy or Liam MacCarthy?

For the All-Ireland Hurling trophy, it is Liam McCarthy. As a name generally, it can be spelled either way.

What Other Materials can be used to make Hurleys?

In theory you could make a hurley out of any wood. However proper hurleys are made from the wood of the ash tree, due to its strength and pliability, which is very important fo the nature of the sport of Hurling, which is different to other stick and ball games. There was an effort to make plastic hurleys in the 1980s, but they weren't suitable and the idea did not last long.

Who is the manager of Dublin's GAA team?

For the 2017 season, Jim Gavin is the manager of the senior footballers. Ger Cunningham was the manager of the Dublin Hurling team, but resigned at the end of their campaign for 2017. As of the 14th of September 2017, a new manager has not been appointed.

Ireland's most famous hurling player?

It would be very difficult to say who the most famous player is. Some would say players like Christy Ring or Mick Mackey. There are many others. Jack Lynch was a great hurler and Gaelic footballer in the 1940s and went on to become involved in politics, eventually becoming leader of Ireland's largest political party, Fianna Fáil, and then Taoiseach (the official title for an Irish head of government).