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Hurricanes Typhoons and Cyclones

Cyclone is the generic term for a low-pressure system with surface winds spinning in a circular motion. The six main types of cyclones are polar cyclones, polar lows, extratropical cyclones, subtropical cyclones, tropical cyclones, and mesocyclones. When the winds reach speeds of 74 miles per hour, a tropical cyclone might be called a hurricane or typhoon, depending on the region where it formed.

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What factor determines whether a storm is considered a tropical depression tropical storm or hurricane?

The determining factor is the sustained wind speed. If the tropical system has sustained winds of less than 39 miles per hour, then it is a tropical depression. If sustained winds are in the range of 39 to 73 mph, then it is a tropical storm. If sustained winds are 74 mph or faster, then it is a hurricane. ...
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What body of water is south of New Orleans?

Gulf of Mexico The Mississippi River then way to the south the Gulf of Mexico ...
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Why conditions cause wind and rotating storms to form?

Well, the rotation of the earth does cause the wind pattern to change, if the earth stood still, the wind would be straight. ...
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Where is the safest place to go during a tornado?

Generally speaking, you want to be as low to the ground as possible during severe tornado conditions. A basement is ideal, as particularly powerful tornadoes can tear buildings apart. If you don’t have access to an underground space, being near the center of the building is the next best plan, staying away from any windows, as flying debris is one of the greatest dangers during these storms. If your interior bathroom has a bathtub, that...
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What is a cyclonic storm?

A cyclone is where air rotates at high speed around a centre (The Eye of the storm) this causes high winds, a Hurricane is an extreme example of this. ...
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Did hurricane Hanna hit the Bahamas?

NO, hurricane Hanna started in South Carolina and went up through Canada.
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What category is Hurricane Betsy?

Hurricane Betsy is a category 4
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What were the primary and secondary effects of Hurricane Katrina?

Well the primary effects are the things that happen immediatly after it has happened... e.g bulidings/roads being destroyed secondary is where things happen after a short period of time e.g crops not growing, nowhere to live ...
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What words can you use to describe a hurricane?

Death Destruction Eye Tidal Surge Rain Fall Wind Shingles Shutters Flooding Evacuation Evacuees Water Damage Leaks Shelter High Ground Atlantic Ocean Traffic Generator Severed Power/Cable/Phone Lines Non-Perishable Food Items Batteries Water Flash Lights Africa The Bahamas Gas Loose Objects Thunder Lightning No Electricity Roof Damage Packing Up ...
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What is the difference between how hurricanes and tornadoes form?

Hurricanes are large-scale weather systems that form as clusters of thunderstorms intensify and organize over warm ocean water. Tornadoes are small-scale weather phenomena that form from complicated interactions of air currents within a thunderstorm. ...
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What preparations are needed to survive a hurricane?

Preparations to survive a hurricane include boarding up windows and putting out sand bags if necessary. Having enough food and water is also essential to survival. ...
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Where is it possible to listen to the song known as Hurricane as performed by Bob Dylan?

As with the majority of popular songs, Hurricane by Bob Dylan is available to listen at request from a variety of online services. Grooveshark and Spotify are among the largest of such systems. ...
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What are hurricane lamps used for?

Hurricane lamps are useful for windy conditions. Their names is referencing to the glass shade's ability which protects flames of candle from sudden drafts. ...
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Where can one purchase Hurricane candle holders?

You can purchase Hurricane candle holders at your local Pottery Barn or Macy's. You can also find them online at Pier 1 or retail sites such as Amazon. ...
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Which stores deliver hurricane shutters?

When it comes to home safety, I would recommend Home Depot and Sears Store. You can visit their website too, if you want to compare prices and check the availability of their stocks. ...
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In what year did Hurricane Ike impact Cuba?

Hurricanes are a particularly devastating form of natural disaster. Hurricane Ike was the most costly hurricane to affect Cuba. It hit Cuba in September of 2008. ...
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What kind of herricane has a posibility of landfallraeching?

The kind of hurricanes that have the possibility of landfall reaching are known as Category 5 Hurricanes. These types of hurricanes are believed to be relatively rare. ...
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What cost so much to fix in hurricanes?

Buildings and electrical lines are some of the things that cost so much to fix in hurricanes. Other pricey items to fix include government buildings, roads, and traffic signals. ...
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Who made hurricane sandy occure?

god made hurricane sandy happen
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How do they classify hurricanes?

Hurricanes can be classified after the wind speed; see the link below for the hurricane scales. ...