iCarly is an American sitcom about three teenagers called Carly,Sam and Freddie who have a web show called iCarly. However, Sam and Freddie do not get along at all and whatever the case, there is always something unexpected that's going to happen.

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What is a hobnocker?

  • A hobnocker is someone that does something illegal and gross (not to be confused with "hobnobber," which is a cool and awesome geek).
  • A hobnocker is someone that is addicted to illegal drugs, or an alcoholic.
  • A hobnocker is a derogatory term describing a lowlife and pervert.
  • A hobnocker is a person who goes around slapping people with their genitalia, masturbating in public or engaging in sexual acts with animals.

Apparently this term was first used by Wade Collins and then David Archuleta on the "iCarly" show. It does not appear in any reputable dictionary. The Urban Dictionary has several suggested definitions, but they only started appearing afterthe "iCarly" episode aired. So, it is whatever the writers of the show wanted it to mean. Whatever it is, it is "gross" and "illegal."

Click on the link below from UrbanDictionary.com for more info.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Is Sonic real?

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Why does icarly cast look so young?

Because they are young. and because they are like pre teens or teens already

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If Carly or Sam started dating Freddie would that ruin the show on ICarly?

Course not! If it's done right, then of course it can happen. Freddie was already dating Carly, and he could easily start dating Sam. It wouldn't 'ruin' the show. However, usually (not ALWAYS), major characters won't 'get together' (meaning regularly date), until the end of the show. It makes the show much more suspenseful and interesting to have a relationship where the characters develop and eventually start liking each other slowly.

And of course, iCarly is by NO means just about romance! Even if no one dated at all the show would still be almost, if not just as, good. If iCarly was just about who Freddie is going to date, or if he actually WAS dating that person in every episode, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

Well Idk because they might start to fight over him...so you tell me what you think about that and I'll watch and see if you are right or not.

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Where was iCarly filmed?

Los Angeles

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What is Gibby's middle name on iCarly?


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When was Carly Kalafus born?

January 17, 1996

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What is the big time chat codewords?

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Why does your husband watch TV all the time?

He may be bored or tired.

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Where does Carly Shay live?

The show is set is Seattle.


Will Socko be shown on iCarly?

In season 4, no. No one nos past then.


How do you speak with Carly Shay?

Carly Shay is a fake character! There is no possible way to speak to her.

WRONG Carly shay is not just a character, she is a real person like us, but she is an actress and plays a character in Icarly, but it doesn't mean she isn't real so ha.

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Is it free to sign up on the slap com from victorious?

I don’t know


Who is Carly Pope dating?

Carly Pope isn't an Icarly character. If you mean Carly Shay then that's different.


Is Freddy's mom from i Carly married?

No, she is currently single.

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Another answer

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Victorious (TV Series)

Is tori and beck dating in real life?

Yeah, well there have been rumours that they have, but on a behind the scenes clips of Victorious they are just really good friends.

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Victorious (TV Series)

Are pear phones real?

Yes, they are real. They are a German product and they cost about 250 Euros!! Isn't that exciting!!?!!

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Where can you watch iCarly iparty with victorious online?

You can watch it on youtube.com

Jennette McCurdy

Is Jeanette Mcurdy nice to her fans?


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Can you buy iCarly i go to japan on DVD?

Not yet

Los Angeles

Is Linda Hunt quitting the show NCIS Los Angeles?

It has been confirmed that Linda Hunt's character Hetty is leaving the show. This saddens many fans but rumor has it that Claire Forlani (Peyton Driscoll - CSI:NY) may be filling her spot on NCIS Los Angeles.

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What is sam's real name off iCarly?

Samantha "Sam" Puckett is sam's character name on icarly but the actresses' name is actually Jennette mcurdy

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How do you get iCarly to appear in Spanish not English?



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