Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream cones are somewhat cone-shaped, thin and crispy. They are mostly used to hold scoops of ice cream but are used for many other dessert recipes, such as cakes.

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What rhymes with ice cream cone?

I see loan. zone, bone, phone, tone, groan, hone, alone, clone,

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What is the cone of McDonald's ice cream made out from?

some is made out of yogert. and some is just soft serve ice cream. some is made out of yogert. and some is just soft serve ice cream.

Where to buy pretzel ice cream cones?

You can buy them at joycone dot com and also in many ice cream shops and grocery stores.

Where was ice-cream cone invented?

Mentioned in French cook books about 1825, but no specific information available

There are four scoops of ice cream on one cone they are four different flavors how many ways can they be placed on the cone?

The answer is 24.


The key to this answer is in the wording of the question - there are four different flavors of ice cream on the cone - meaning no flavor can appear more than once on the cone.


This particular problem is called a Permutation, and is mathematically expressed as nPr, meaning how many ways can you order n things when selecting r things at a time. The calculation of a permutation is:

nPr = n! / ((n - r)!)

where '!' is the factorial function.


In this particular question, both n and r equal 4 - there are 4 things, and you are selecting 4 of them at a time. so, the expression equates to:

4P4 = 4! / ((4 - 4)!) = 24 / 1 = 24


Or, we can arrange the four things in groups of four, and see how many permutations there are. Let's reptesent the four ice cream flavors with the letters a, b, c, and d. When we look at how many ways we can order the four flavors when selecting four at a time, we get the following list of permutations:

1 a,b,c,d

2 a,b,d,c

3 a,c,b,d

4 a,c,d,b

5 a,d,b,c

6 a,d,c,b

7 b,a,c,d

8 b,a,d,c

9 b,c,a,d

10 b,c,d,a

11 b,d,a,c

12 b,d,c,a

13 c,a,b,d

14 c,a,d,b

15 c,b,a,d

16 c,b,d,a

17 c,d,a,b

18 C,d,b,a

19 d,a,b,c

20 d,a,c,b

21 d,b,a,c

22 d,b,c,a

23 d,c,a,b

24 d,c,b,a

As we can see, there are 24 permutations.


If we were allowed duplicates, that is, any arrangement of flavors, where a flavor could occur none, once, twice, three times, or even four times, then the answer would be 256. In this case, the mathematical expression is


S = an


where 'a' is the set of things chosen (ice cream flavors) and 'n' is the number of times it is selected. In this case, both n and a are 4, so the equation works out as follows.


S = 44 = 256.


If we were to list the possible arrangements, it would be as follows.

1 a,a,a,a

2 a,a,a,b

3 a,a,a,c

4 a,a,a,d

5 a,a,b,a

6 a,a,b,b

7 a,a,b,c

8 a,a,b,d


252 d,d,c,d

253 d,d,d,a

254 d,d,d,b

255 d,d,d,c

256 d,d,d,d

How many calories in cone ice cream?

it depends on what is in it, it is differant every time

Where do you buy miniature ice cream cones?

You can get them at a local safeway or walmart. that's where i get mine

The ice cream shop offers 31 flavors You order a double-scoop cone In how many different ways can the put the ice cream on different falvors?

It depends on whether you count chocolate on top and strawberry on bottom as different than strawberry on top and chocolate on bottom.

If you want those to be the same, you use 31 choose 2, which is the number of combinations of two items you can have with 31 available items. To calculate this, you use 31! /2!(31-2)! =31x15

If you want those to be different, you'll use permutations instead. This would be 31!/(31-2)! = 31x30

See this website for more information: mathforum org