Founded by video game developer Will Harvey, Instant Messaging Virtual Universe (IMVU) is a 3D graphical instant messaging client available on Windows and Mac only. Most of IMVU revenue directly comes from the sale of virtual goods. Ask and answer questions here all about IMVU, its services and business.

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How do you get fake AP IMVU?

There is no way to fake the AP pass. The only way to be apart of the Ap community is to buy Ap which will cost yu a one time payment of $20.00

What does the IMVU VIP card look like?

you can find it at any target or walmart, where all the other gift cards and membership cards are.

How do you delete IMVU toolbar?

It is most likely an add-on so you should be able to delete it by clicking on tools and extensions. Find it and use the delete option.

How can you make your IMVU avatar kiss?

by clicking on who u want to kiss and scroll down and theres different kinds of kisses

What is the imvu naked cheat code?

There are not any codes for getting naked. But you can buy clothing item what will let you be nude.

What celebrities have an imvu avatar?

Nicki manaj does, it's @baguetteπŸ₯– (with the emoji)

How do Isex in you imvu?

Uhhh.... you get the person and on some beds there are the 'kissing feature' which allows you to kiss with the partner. Thats really it

What is the password for imvu credit adder 3.2?


i hope it works but im not sure

Can youchange your imvu password?

Go to account settings on the top rite hand corner and click it. then scroll down look on the rite for account tools and look for change pass word and other stuff

Are imvu cheats real?

I don't think there is any cheats for IMVU.

You only receive credits, from games, which is not much.

And the only other way is to buy them directly from the IMVU staff.

Or be awarded credits for contests.

Either waym the credits come directly from IMVU.

So the only way for there to be cheats, is if the staff put them there on porpose, but then they'd lose profit, so that's obviously very unlikely.

And even if there was a way to use cheats, don't you think IMVU would see that an account is getting mass amounts of credits, and they don't know where from, it would look really suspitious?

How do you download imvu on a Kindle Fire?

i really don'tknow vBulletin ecause am trying to get a answer right now

Where in Australia can you buy prepaid IMVU cards?

I brought mine from EB Games, they sell $10 or $25, their the only two amounts you can buy in Australia. You used to be able to get them from Target too. I don't know if you still can. But i know EB Games still sells them. Goodluck bro.

How do you make your butt big on imvu?

you have to go to the shop and buy a product just search bmxxl and then you can have a big butt but they are really expinsive lol personalily i have a big butt on imvu

Can you download IMVU to a U3 flash drive?

You can not download the IMVU client to a U3 Flash Drive.

Can a 8 year old play IMUV?

Legally your not allowed to play IMVU until your 13 because of adult content. However, when you agree to the terms and conditions, which clearly state you need to be of 13years of age or older, you are saying that you are at least 13, so if you are under that age, you are in reality committing fraud.

When will IMVU be available for Mac?

NOW, go and check out the website! IMVU is now available forr MAC :)

What do you do if someone's using your email address for IMVU?

well they will send you an email saying if the person can use your email for their account just click deny or disapprove and they will not be using your email for their imvu if this happens again contact imvu support team or the people who make it safe

What are the codes for getting free imvu female clothes?

yes ii have see iif it;s true about it ii aqree iif find out not tru then not xcepting itt

- Actually, use this code - 95C7ZAWHSM

CAn you buy IMVU gift cards in Florida?

Yes you can find imvu prepaid cards in florida, There imvu cards in 7ELEVEN, wal-marts, and other shops.

How do you put in cheat codes for IMVU?

To use IMVU cheat codes, go to the 'Text Chat' and type in *use and then numbers 200 - 500

Where do you type in the vip code on imvu?

Imvu is havinq this qreat deal where yhu buy a $50 pre paid card or purchase $50 worth of credits by credit card/phone and use this code and qet $10 off AND 100,000 credits instead of 40,000 AND vip all for $40 COOL RIGHT! The code is :