International Adoption

International adoption is a form of adoption whereby a person or a couple becomes the permanent and legal parents of a child that is a citizen of another country. The laws of adoption vary in different countries.

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May a biological parent take her adopted child back?

That is up to the court to decide but it's very rare they allow that. They can not be sure she will not leave the child again and that would cause too much trauma for the child. Once adopted her parental rights are ended.
In most states, as long as the proper paperwork in filed and the adoption is finalized, the birth parent cannot take the adopted child away. In some states, there is a 6 month to 1 year period before the adoption is finalized. If a biological father was never made aware of the child's birth and did not sign a waiver of his rights to the child, then you may have a problem. Once the biological father has a paternity test to prove he is the father, then he has rights to the child. If the biological father knew the child was his and did nothing, then finding the biological father with a lack of involvement could satisfy the court and allow the adoptive parents to keep the child. Relinquishment papers are usually signed within 72 hours of the birth of the child. Once the parent(s) sign those papers, there is nothing they can do unless they can prove the adoptive parents are abusing the child. Even then, the child is turned over to Children Services and not the birthparents. No.

How do you adopt an undocumented adult?

You can't get around immigration law that way. Any lawyer will tell you that, and you may face charges yourself. That person has to go back, re-apply for immigration, and you may sponsor them by providing a home and or a job. Sponsored persons are more likely to get allowed in more quickly.

Is adoption regulated by state or federal agencies?

Adoption RegulationsDomestic adoptions are regulated by state agencies for the most part; the state you live in and, if you adopt from out of state, the state the child is adopted from.

In addition: some states (example: Florida) the state outsources the adoption and foster care services and regulation to local agencies.

International adoptions are a different matter altogether. You have not only state and federal regulations, but you also have to work around the laws of the country from which you are adopting. And every country is different.

With a good adoption agency and/or attorney the governmental red tape should be no problem.

As with any dealings with government regulations, it can be frustrating. Just keep in mind that all of the regulations and hassle is for the benefit and protection of the child(ren).

How expensive is adoption?

The average cost for a private adoption is between four thousand and thirty thousand dollars.

Domestic private adoptions can cost anywhere in that price range. There are cases where a domestic adoption can cost less. Special needs children for example may cost less to adopt.

International adoptions tend to run from about twelve or fifteen thousand to about thirty. But the cost usually includes agency fees, travel expenses and CIS (formerly called the INS) fees, as well as the fees required by the country from which you are adopting.

In most cases, the money is paid in increments as you go through the adoption process rather than all at one time in a lump sum.

Check with your accountant or the IRS, because adoptive parents may be eligible for a tax credit of over ten thousand dollars.

There are also government subsidies for those who adopt special needs children who meet certain qualifications.

How expensive is adoption when you want to adopt your wife's children?

It won't be nearly a expensive as adopting a child from an agency or a foreign country. But you should find a lawyer who deals with this and have the appropriate paperwork drawn up to make it legal. The best way to find a good, reasonably priced lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask around to people who have done this. OR try the yellow pages for lawyers who make adoptions legal and permenent. Call a few different ones, give them the bare-bones facts and choose one that you feel comfortable with and fits your budget. !

Can you adopt an adult?

Here is advice: * As far as I'm aware, the "adoption" of a person over 18 only happens in a few isolated circumstances ... one, an adoption may be in process prior to the child's 18th birthday, and is granted after the birthday, meaning that the child (now adult) is legally related to the adoptive parent and entitled to all rights of inheritance, etc. The second might be for a person with significant developmental or other disabilities that prevent them from taking on legal adult status. More likely, this second relationship would be a legal guardianship, not an adoption. I've never heard of an older, non-disabled adult being legally adopted ... I can't see that there would be any legal reason for it! * I can see a reason for it. If you want to be legally family, with all the legal rights of family - such as visitation rights in a hospital, insurance rights, etc. So, can adults, who don't want to be a couple, but would like to be considered legal family adopt one another? * Adults cannot "adopt" other adults even in circumstances where the prospective adoptee is mentally and/or physically impaired. The legal process would be to petition the court to become the legal guardian and conservator. This is only applicable to persons who have been deemed legally incompetent and are unable to conduct their personal and/or financial affairs. * Actually, in America, adults can adopt other adults. This process is known as "adult adoption". It has been used in many states by gay and lesbian couples who want to be accorded the legal rights of family members in areas where there are no civil union laws, although in some states it would be considered incest for someone to adopt their partner. It is also used by people who are not partners, but have ties that they want to cement as family ties for the purpose of inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights, and other rights generally considered the domain of family. It can be used by adults who want their step-parents to be considered their legal parents, as well. There are many different reasons and uses for adult adoption, but it definitely exists and goes on all the time.

Can you adopt your 20-year-old nephew?

Your nephew is no longer a minor and quite capable of looking after himself. He's considered an adult now so the normal adoption process that would be used for a minor doesn't apply here. However, if there are other factors, and your nephew has no family or has disowned his parents, he is of age to go with you before the justice system and have you adopt him. It's a matter of who he considers his family and what strength that will give him in his character than anything else. It also would give him a sense of belonging. Ask your nephew what he thinks of this and if it both makes you feel better to do so, then seek out legal advice and start the ball rolling.

AnswerAs the previous answer stated, your nephew is 20 years old and is considered a legal adult. If there are no other mitigating factors, there is no adoption issue. However, if he is in any way disabled and cannot care for himself and requires a guardian or trustee, then that would require the normal court process to show that you are more capable of caring for his needs than his biological parents.


Both the answers above came to you from people who do not know adoption laws, otherwise they would have known that children are considered "adoptable" through the age of 21 years old, and "special needs" adults (such as with Autism or Downs Syndrome, etc) are adoptable for as long as they live no matter how old they are. But as mentioned above, go to your local court and ask for advice from a family services lawyer/counselor as to how to proceed. Also contact your state Department of Human (Child/Family) Services as they would be the ones who would have to handle all the actual paperwork.

Can an illegal immigrant living in the US adopt a child even a child from his own country?

With all of the red tape and paperwork you will need to go through, it is not likely, especially if you plan to adopt from outside the US. Odds are you'll end up being deported yourself.

How expensive is an international adoption?

International adoptions tend to run from about twelve or fifteen thousand to about thirty. But the cost usually includes agency fees, travel expenses and CIS (formerly called the INS) fees, as well as the fees required by the country from which you are adopting.

In most cases, the money is paid in increments as you go through the adoption process rather than all at one time in a lump sum.

Check with your accountant or the IRS, because adoptive parents may be eligible for a tax credit of over ten thousand dollars.

For Canadian readers, the average cost of an international adoption is about Can$20,000, including travel cost for two adults. But it's only a rough average, and varies up and down depending on the country and the number of trips needed, number of people travelling, services provided, dollar exchange rate, etc.

Two fees are a major part of your cost: the agency fee in Canada, and the foreign fee.

• Agency fee. You would generally pay half at the start and half on completing the adoption. The parts of the fee relating to time spent providing services would not be refundable.

• Foreign fee. Typically, you pay half when the match is made and half when the adoption is complete. This covers the foreign lawyer or agency's fee for translation, legal work, foster care, medical care and disbursements.

Then there are your expenses in Canada and abroad, such as air fare, hotel and meals.

A survey of the cost quoted in 2005 by Canadian adoption agencies showed that the range of costs for 25 countries is $10,000 to $35,000.

Where can you put a baby up for adoption?

There are two options. The child can be reliquished to the care of juvenile social services and become a ward of the court. Or a private attorney who specializes in adoption and is registered as such with the court of jurisdiction. Some states allow private adoption agencies which are licensed and bonded by the state, to assist both the adoptive parents and the parent(s) who is giving up custody.

Can you insure your mother-in-law without her being informed?

Can you show an insurable interest? That is, do you have an economic loss if she dies? Estate Taxes?

There are specialty companies that do this.

The insurance company is going to call her. Won't she become curious when they start poking her with needles to draw blood and ask all those questions?

How can a mother legally adopt her daughter's friend?

The child must be available for adoption...that means the parental rights of the birth parents must be terminated legally. I have one friend who signed over her rights to someone else so that an adoption could take place.

If you are 15 and want to put your baby up for adoption how do you find parents for the baby?


if you are still wanting to give your baby up i would love to talk to you about adopting your baby, i would provide you with all your medical, and make sure you are completely taken care of, could you please contact me at


im sorry to hear about u having to put ur baby up for adoption but u think about it all which is good thing..husband and i we are wanting to adopt and well he is 28 yrs old im 32yrs ols and unable to have children of our own.we want an open adoption but anyways we might be able to help each other out so email me at ill send u my phone number and we can talkand maybe get to know each other please email me thank u and good luck

nswer Hi, sorry about you situation. I know someone who can help you email me at I have a friend that her and her husband would like to adopt a baby. Private adoption is another way to go that is where you meet the couple that is gonna adopt your baby and you go through an adoption agency. Email me and I will give you their contact info.

Good luck,Michelle

Contact Bethany Christian Services of Orange City, Iowa.(712)737-4831. You can look through family profiles to select the family that would be best to place your child with.


Call your county human services or court house they should be able to direct you in the right direction.. but personally I have three children and wish you would think things through because there might be a dy when you regret adopting your baby to just anyone. Children are the greatest gift a woman can ever have


All states have "safe haven" laws which allows a mother to relinquish a newborn or an infant under thirty days old, at any hospital or qualified medical facility. No forms to fill out, no questions asked, no judgment rendered. Or if you prefer you can contact Birthright at 1-800-550-4900 who will place you in contact with trained personnel to give you assistance and counseling in the adoption procedure.


When I decided 2 1/2 years ago to place my unborn daughter for adoption, I found an adoption attorney in the yellow pages. I was young and didn't know where else to look, but there are a lot of agencies listed under adoption that would help you start the process.

im sorry to hear about u having to put ur baby up for adoption but u think about it all which is good thing..husband and i we are wanting to adopt and well he is 28 yrs old im 32yrs ols and unable to have children of our own.we want an open adoption but anyways we might be able to help each other out so email me at ill send u my phone number and we can talkand maybe get to know each other please email me thank u and good luck

Can a US citizen adopt a child who is in the US illegally?

Adopting an Illegal AlienGuardianship or adoption is only possible for a child who is under the age of 16-years when the action if filed. Before adoption is possible the child must have resides with the prospective parents for at least two years by order of the court or the permission of a jurisdictional government agency.

The best option is to consult with an attorney who is qualified in immigration law as to the possibility of adoption and/or the procedures required as they relate to the individual's circumstances.

Here is more input:

  • Yes and no. I believe that you would have to deal with the bureaucracy of both countries (the U.S. and the child's home country) first. The USCIS may grant temporary anti-deportation protection for the child but do not count on it.
  • It could be done under certain circumstances, but it would be a two-country "beaurocracy hell" in the beginning.
  • It depends what country you want to adopt the child from and to be honest, it's all about money. If you have enough money to sway certain people in certain countries you can adopt as many children as you want. Moscow and Asian countries are difficult to adopt from, but money talks. There is a lot of red tape involved and also a lot of time involved. I suggest you speak to a lawyer and prepare yourself before you start any adoption process.
  • Yes, if the child is residing in the U.S. he or she must be under the age of 16 and have no surviving parent or a single parent who has voluntarily relinquished parental rights. INA Section 101 (b)(1)(F), USC Section 1101(b)(1)(F).


No, in order to adopt a kid here and give him a legal immigration status he needs to came here legally (with a green card) and then here in USA the parents needs to adjust his status to son of US citizen and then the kid will be citizen.

Should international or intercountry adoption be banned?

No. The main goal must be to have children end up in loving homes regardless of where it is.

Can you adopt a baby from Pakistan?

Yes, you can adopt from Pakistan but at least one of the parents has to be of Pakistani origin. You can find detailed information on the process in the FAQ file on the Pakistan Adoption board. The address for the Yahoo Group for Pakistan adoption is Here is more input from WikiAnswers contributors: * I just finalized my adoption last week. We have a Pakistan adoption group in yahoo called pakistanadoption. You can get thorough information about the proces. Many of he women are in various stages of the adoption process. Good luck!! == ==

How can you adopt your niece?

The parents have to give up their parental rights and you file to adopt the child in the county court house where you reside.

Is it possible to legally adopt someone over 21?

It depends what state, province, or country you live in.

In states such as California, NY, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, and Nevada, adult adoption is readily available with few restrictions. This also applies to Canadian provinces such as Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan.

In other places, restrictions apply. Example: in Alabama you may only adopt an adult if he/she is "totally and permanently disabled" or "determined to be mentally retarded." In British Columbia, an adult can be adopted if they were financially supported by the potential adopter while a minor.

In other states and provinces, the court has ruled it cannot be done.

Adult adoption is a legal process that has historical roots in Roman times, and was frequently used throughout the last 2000 years to establish legal inheritance rights between adults. It precedes laws that deal with the legal adoption of infants (mainly instituted under child welfare laws dating to the mid 19th century).

Besides inheritance rights, former foster parents may want to adopt the adult they fostered as a child, and natural parents may want to "adopt-back" the adult son or daughter they surrendered to adoption as an infant, especially if the surrender involved fraud or coercion.

Persons who are developmentally disabled are also eligible to have a court appointed guardian or Guardian Ad Litem, if it is necessary.

How much money do international adoptions cost?

International adoptions tend to run from about twelve or fifteen thousand to about thirty or forty.

How can someone put himself up for adoption if he is miserable with the family he is a part of right now?

The best thing you can do is petition the court for emancipation so you can be free to do what you want. You may as well start your working career so that you can work the rest of your life. You may have parents that support you now. Why do you want any free time, when you could be working? I feel your pain, but wait until you are 18, then you can find your birth parents!! Consider the pain that you will cause the parents and family that loves you, before you think of leaving them. This is only thinking of yourself.

Will two or more adoption financial assistance organizations work together on one adoption case so that all of the adoption costs are covered or is help limited to aid from one company per adoption?

No, you can only use one agency per adoption and I would recommend you do so. There are banks, however, that will work with the financial assistance organizations and can provide you low or no interest loans. If you are of Jewish decent, you can qualify for specific loans for Jewish families that are NO INTEREST for the LIFE of the loan. **all this is from experience and research**

Is fingerprinting the prospective parents usually part of the adoption process?

FingerprintingFingerprinting is necessary and must be done at an INS office when adopting a child from outside the United States.

It is just another part of the background checks necessary. The purpose is to make sure you are who you say you are. The FBI will most likely run your prints through their databases to be sure you aren't a sex offender or other criminal who has managed to create a new identity.

It's for the safety and well being of the child, and for your own protection as well.

Here is more from Wiki s contributors:

  • We are adopting a baby girl from China, and we traveled to the Kansas City INS Office.

You can send your paper work if you wish, but you will still have to travel there for your fingerprints. You can not have them made by anyone other than INS.

If you have all of your paperwork in order, you can submit it and have the fingerprints made in the same day (assuming you write the check, of course). Make sure that you check the INS website for the requirements before you go. Triple check your paperwork, or else you will be making another trip if there is something missing.

Our home study agency left off their state certificate, and we almost had to make another trip (an 8 hour round trip and another day off for both of us). Fortunately, God was with us, and I was able to convince the clerk that a faxes copy with their signature would be just as true to the original as a photocopy. However, they would not accept the fax on their machine(even though it was only 10 feet away on the other side of the counter). Fortunately for us, our adoption agency was 20 miles away and accepted the fax for us. Within minutes of giving them the certificate, we were fingerprinted and on our way.