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The Inuit are the indigenous people native to the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland. Known for their ingenuity and crafts, the Inuit have occupied the Arctic for over 5,000 years.

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

Why do Eskimos use ice to build their homes?

Cant affor bricks the stupid pheasants

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

What is the name of an Eskimos ice shelter?

An Igloo.

Real Answer:

Inuit do not have ice shelters. They have regular houses. Before that, they had houses made of sod.

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

How do you say thank you in Tlingit?


Inuit Northern Native Tribes

Do Eskimos sleep in beds?

sorta, there kinda like mattresses on the floor.

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

Chalk mixture use in medicine?

treatment of diarrhoea

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

How can one sell a refrigerator to Eskimos?

Even if Eskimos live in cold places they need a refrigerator to keep your food products as you cant leave them outside even though your surroundings are cool. Also you can control the temperature inside a refrigerator while you cannot control the room temperature. This could be a major factor in selling a refrigerator to a eskimo

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

What do people in polar regions eat?

Ice Apple

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

What are eskimos now called?


Inuit Northern Native Tribes
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What were Native American groups most threatened by?

European expansionism, later to be called "Manifest Destiny"...

Please see the links listed below for more information... interestingly, 'fascism' and 'communism' are words associated with 'expansion'.

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

When the Eskimos are starving why won't they eat penguin eggs?

Eskimos live in the Arctic (North Pole region) and the penguins live in the Antarctic (South Pole region), they are in opposite sides of the Earth.

Eskimos live in or near the Arctic circle in the northern hemisphere. Penguins are found on Antarctica and surrounding islands in the southern hemisphere. They are very far apart. This, of course, does not prove Eskimos will not eat penguin, as they could import penguin meat (if it is legal) or travel to Antarctica to eat penguin.

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

How did early Americans make weapons?

They used what they could find: bones, stone, ivory, etc.

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

Are Eskimos cannibal?


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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

How do you pronounce Inuit?

The word, Inuit, meaning people but specifically reffering to the aboriginal people of the Arctic, is pronouced: In - yoo - eet. The singular is: Inuk (in-ook) and the language is: Inuktitut (in-ook-tee-toot).

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

Did the Inuit hunt blue whale?

Yes, the Inuit tribe has a long history of whaling. Currently they are only allowed to hunt bowhead whales within a certain quota.

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

How long can you live with cirrhosis?

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

What are Inuits?

Inuit is the correct term for the people often called "Eskimo". They are not the same race as American Indians, and they are also different to the Aleut people of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and Russia.

The word Inuit means "the people".

Among other racial characteristics, Inuit people have greater bone mineral density (BMD) than American Indians.

The link takes you to an historical image of a Canadian Inuit woman:

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

What tools do the Tlingit Indians use?

they used:spears,rocks,sticks,bones from animals and many more THANKS


Inuit Northern Native Tribes

Does eskimo mean a stranger?

The word Eskimo which has been used for centuries if often no longer acceptable.

Some tribes up north are not offended by the use of the word but others are.

Eskimo, the original name for a northern native is derived from the Native American word "Esquimantsik" which translates to "eater of raw meat", and originally it was intended to be pejorative by tribes who wandered into overlapping hunting grounds.

In Alaska, most tribes prefer Eskimo as the Inuit peoples are only a small minority in the North eastern areas. Several translations among many tribes muddies the actual true meaning of "Eskimo" and the translation to "stranger" is said to be one explorers understanding.

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

Why aren't eskimo's called eskimo's anymore?

Eskimo was given to Inupiaq Natives from the more southern natives, Indians which basically meant "Eaters Of Raw Meat"(this was the most common meaning I have come across) so they prefer Inuit(The name Inuit refers to the natives of Canada, who prefer Inuit which means people in their dialect). Here in Alaska they are usually referred as Inupiaq or Yupik(this sub category of Inupiaq has a smaller branch called C'upik and as well as Siberian Yupiks who are from Russia). Each fork in itself has its own dialect and each region of Alaska alone have different dialect. I.E. My village had it's own while the other village north and west of here have their own dialect. They are different however does not make it impossible for speech between each different dialect. The reason for the initial Nickname "Eskimo" is known to be bad was because Inupiaq and Indians were forever at war with each other early in the 1900's and earlier, and rarely had friendly encounters, or so goes from what my dad has said which was shared by his dad. Uva una aglaun. Which when roughly translated means "Here is pencil" in a dialect from a village near mine. I do not know much about Yupiks as I am only Inupiaq from north western Alaska.

Sorry I heavily edited the last post due to huge typos as well as being hugely incorrect in context.

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

When do they celebrate inuit quaggiq?

Quaggiq is one of the summer celebrations when Inuit peoples come together for rejoicing in the return of the summer birds, whales and caribou. Plants and green growth explode with a vengeance to take advantage of a short growing season.

Traditional feasting, dance and song still thrive when groups gather together.

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Inuit Northern Native Tribes

What is the Inuit word for grandmother?


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Why do you say 'cheers' when you drink?

To say 'cheers' is a traditional and informal 'toast' to one's companions. It is spoken loudly and clearly whilst raising the drinking vessel (glass or tankard etc), and just before drinking the alcoholic beverage. Sometimes the glasses are touched (clinked) together during the toast. In toasting, the person offering the toast usually wishes the other person, or everyone present, 'happiness', 'good health', a 'long life', 'all the best,' etc. The drinking companions generally voice their agreement and usually raise their glasses also, and drink some of the beverage. Many countries and cultures have toasting customs. The English form, 'cheers' means have good cheer, i.e. good wishes for happiness to everyone here in this drinking group. Alternatives expressions include: 'good health', 'all the best', 'here's to you', 'here's mud in your eye', 'bottoms up!', 'down the hatch!', Slainte! Gaelic =cheers to your health, Prosit! German, Skol! Skandinavian, Salute! Italian.


"The custom of drinking 'health' to the living is most probably derived from the ancient religious rite of drinking to the gods and the dead. The Greeks and Romans at meals poured out libations to their gods, and at ceremonial banquets drank to them and to the dead." ~The Encyclopædia Britannica, 1910 edition, Volume 13, page 121 The Encyclopaedia also says: "Intimately associated with these quasi-sacrificial drinking customs must have ever been the drinking to the health of living men." It is interesting to note that there was a god of wine in Greek mythology, Bacchus. The InternationalHandbook on Alcohol and Culture(1995) says: "It [toasting] is probably a secular vestige of ancient sacrificial libations in which a sacred liquid was offered to the gods: blood or wine in exchange for a wish, a prayer summarized in the words 'long life!' or 'to your health!'" Today:

When 'cheers' is said, glasses are raised upwards (heavenward?), and a 'good wish' is still traditionally said. So these customs appear to have originated with offerings of alcoholic libations to the gods, and to the requests to the gods, or to fate or fortune, for good health and blessings. For more information see Related Links below.

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

What did Tlingit people use for transportation?

they now use cars but used to use canoes
dugout canoes

Inuit Northern Native Tribes

How Do Eskimo's Make Out?

With their mouths.


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