iPhone 3GS

Released in June 2009, the iPhone 3GS features a faster processor, a video camera, voice phone dialer and improved battery life.

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How do you get rid of Java-ByteVerify?

== == == == == == This is not a virus, but rather a method to exploit a security vulnerability in the Microsoft Virtual Machine. First, update to the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) - 6 Update 3 (as of June 2008. # Click on Start> Control Panel and double click on Add/Remove Programs. Locate Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2and click on Change/Remove to uninstall it. # visit the SUN Java's website.

# Scroll down to Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 3. Click on Download. # Select Accept License Agreement. The page will refresh. # Click on Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language and save it to a convenient location. # Run this installation to update your Java. 2) Run a windows update

3) Do a complete scan with a fully updated Anti virus Program.

Do you have to pay for a 3g service?

Yes. 3G is the name given to the 'wirelss network' that celluar devices use to access the internet. All wireless providers have a fee for 3G service, whether it seems so or not. Sometimes a company such as T-mobile will offer 3G as part of a wireless plan, but the price will be raised to compensate.

Can you use regular headphones for an iPhone?

not with the first iphone but you can use regular headphones with the 3g and 3gs and iphone 4

How do you recover deleted photos from 3GS iPhone?

You can have several ways to recover deleted photos from iPhone, but what method you should apply depends the situation you are struck in. For example, whether you have made backup with iTunes or iCloud, whether your iPhone is available.

1. If You Made Backup with iTunes before Losing Photos:

If you have made backup with iTunes before losing photos from your device, you can easily get them back by restoring your device with following steps: Connect your iPhone iPad iPod touch to computer with USB cable > Launch iTunes if it doesn't open automatically > If you have a new or erased iPhone, iTunes will prompt you to restore from backup> Otherwise, click the Device Mark on the upper right of iTunes >> Select the right backup > Click Restore to start restoring.

2. If you Made Backup with iCloud before Losing Photos from iPhone:

If you backed your iPhone to iCloud in advance, you can restore your device with iCloud backup by following steps bellow: Tap on Setting > General > Reset> Erase All Contents and Settings > Restore from iCloud Backup > Select the backup and restore your iPhone iPad or iPod touch.

3. If You Haven't Created Any Backup: Normally, if you lose picturs from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, and you haven't any backup, the guys from Apple Support will advise you to face the fact that your pictures are gone and never back again. In fact, you still can retrieve deleted pictures on device directly without iTunes or iCloud backup. Absolutely, this is limited to that you have gotten some professional data recovery application. There are several available online.

4. If You Want to Recover Pictures from a Stolen, Lost or Broken iPhone iPad iPod touch:

If you are unlucky and get your device broken, lost or stolen, you easily can get back pictures from their iTunes backup Data Recovery. Absolutely, this is limited to that you have synced your device to iTunes, and this iTunes backup contains the pictures you want to recover. If you meet both of the requirements, read on this pos to learn how to recover deleted pictures from iTunes backup.

If you have iCloud backup, you can restore a new iPhone for iCloud backup. By the way, If you cannot find back the stolen iPhone and want to erase all data on that iPhone to protect personal information , you can visit to to initiate a remote wipe of the phone. Do this by logging in, clicking on Find My iPhone then selecting the device and enabling Lost Mode.

How can you get boot ini back after you have accidentally deleted it?

RecoveringIn W2k, open your CD drive. nsert w2k disk. reboot. at boot press any key to boot from cdrom drive. at first screen, repair. Press R. Then press Cat next screen (console). 2 Windows are available, choose "1". you will see a prompt, mininit> . type " fixmbr " no parenthesis. then , type help. you will see a command to fixboot. Do it.type "exit".Take out the CD. Reboot.Voila!

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  • follow the Microsoft KB article Article ID : 330184

Does nokia C6 have a front camera?

yes it has a high quality vga camera for video call

What is price of Nokia x8?

phone doesn't exist

you are probably searching for nokia n8

Will the new iPhone support a Blackberry application and service as a part of its service capibilities?

Though Apple has not announced any plans for a new iPhone release, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson commented at a press conference in November 2007 that a new, faster iPhone would be available in 2008.

AnswerThere is no 'new' iPhone. The model introduced on June 29, 2007 is still the current model as of this writing (November 2007).

The iPhone does not support Blackberry applications or services.

What are the dimensions of the nokia e63?

Height = 113 millimetres, Width = 59 millimetres, thickness = 13 millimetres.

How do you identify Factory UNLOCK iphones 3gs?

Not sure what you are asking. If you are asking,

How do you identify If an iPhone 3GS has been UNLOCKED.. then,

You would see a brown app with a little box inside named 'cydia' in with all the other apps.

Do you have to pay on game center?

No You don't have to pay for game center it just helps you organize games and stuff you don't have to pay

How do you recover deleted pictures from a Motorola cell phone W376g?

well, to recover data from Moto, you just need to find the right way. From my experience, some app can help you to fix your problem. Try Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery. It works great. Follow the procedures, you will recover data soon.

How do you insert music to iPhone?

Connect iPhone to iTunes and drag and drop to "MUSIC" under your iPhone icon.

What would prevent PS3 from connecting to the Internet via broadband and error 80710102 to occur?

personally i wld try if your internet is wirless get wired lead from somewhere like amazon . then it shld not happen .

What is a callback ringtone?

its when someone calls you and instead of the phone ringing it would be a ringtone you choose like music

How much does it cost to send a postcard from Spain to the UK?

I just got charged 3 euro 25 for 3 postcards is there private post offices?

this is final straw not going back to eurozone till its sorted.......fuming

The 8 digit code to unlock the Motorola clutch you 465 phone for use on any other carrier network?

All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI and are carrier specific. The request for that code would need to be made from the carrier that the phone was originally manufactured for. Each carrier has their own guidelines as far as what requirements have to be met before that code will be given out. This is a free process in the US.