Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, with a total area of 350 square miles (906 square kilometers), and an estimated population of 1.21 million (as of 2010). It is home to Faisal Mosque, the world’s sixth largest mosque.

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Which are the top ten schools in abbottabad?

1 bssa beacon house


3-Burn hall


5-Modern age

6-The Message


10-Pine Hills

Does Asif Ali Zardari get married again?

no..HE did not get marroed. an article in jang news was published that he got married but it was not true and alsoa case had been filed against jang news for publishing false news

What is the location of Islamabad?

Islamabad is located in the Potohar Plateau in the north of the country, within the Islamabad Capital Territory. The region has historically been a part of the crossroads of Punjab and the North-West Frontier Province, Margalla pass being a gateway to the North-West Frontier Province.

The geographical coordinates of Islamabad are: 33.6667° N, 73.1667° E

Amal se zindgi banti hai jannat bhi jahannum bhi?

matlab ye ki amal achchhe ho to jannat milti haye aur bure amal se jahannum

What is the IBAN number for UBL in Pakistan?

Just go to UBL website's below link, you could convert your account no. to IBAN easily:


What harms the fishing industry in Pakistan?

the fishing industry is harmed in many ways the first and major problem faced by the fishing industry is the water pollution . the waste from industries and factories is eroded into the seas and rivers which results into less production and catch of the fish.
Secondly over fishing is another threat to the fishing industry especially in the breeding season.
Another reason is the polluted water of the mangroves (breeding ground). The last reason is the financial resources unfortunately Pakistan does not have enough financial resource to develop the fish industry on the modern lines still is done in traditional method which results into less output.


What is the ranking of Hitec university in hec or pec?

HITEC University of Engineering and Management Sciences , Taxila Cantt , Pakistan is Ranked in " W " Category (Good Standard ) in HEC (Higher Education Commision, Pakistan ). Its Affiliation From PEC ( Pakistan Engineering Council ) is in Process , it would be Finalized in start of 2011.

Umer Chaudhary...

Where is Tb test centre for UK in islamabad and telephone number?

Nayab Medical center

12 Bolochistan Plaza

17-E , Falzal -e-haq road

Blue area, Islamabad

What are the requirements to join Pakistan army as a psychologist?

join as physicologest in army . to serve the nation of our country.To solv there mental problem

What is current social situation of Pakistan?

Pakistan is going through a testing period of its history; worse than 1971. The social issues though chronic in some cases, but mostly are outcome of Afghanistan Wars. The earlier one brought weapons, drugs, black money, low morality, smuggling, and insecurity to cap it all. The second war has been even more lethal that has put the entire nation through a trauma of fear, hunger, and insecurity, plunging the nation in to extremism of multidimensional nature i.e. political, cultural, religious intolerance. The military rulers have been instrumental in bringing these miseries to the nation as compromises are made by them to attain legitimacy for their rule thus bringing up the political leadership that is incompetent and corrupt. Nepotism and cronyism is order of the day. Media is yet to mature but is doing alright to expose various social ills. List is long of our follies........... that Pakistani educated class does not cast vote, the day they do it; revolution of leadership will come to us. Westerniation has caused social divisions on moral, religious and social planes as well..

How do you get admission in Islamic University Medina Saudi Arabia?

Terms of admission in the Islamic university

General terms:

1- A student should be a Muslim of good conduct.

2- He must notice the laws and the regulations of the Islamic university.

3- He should be medically fit.

4- Must pass the personal interview.

5- His academic certificate must be recognized by the Islamic University.

6- Student must pay full time to study in the Islamic university.

7- A student must also meet any extra terms assigned by the university board.

Terms of admission in university stage:

1- He must attain the secondary school certificate or its equivalent from Saudi Arabia or from out side the Kingdom.

2-He must be awarded the secondary school certificate before less than five years.

3- He must obtain an agreement letter from his sponsor if he is associated with any of the

governmental or private sectors

4- He must not have been dismissed from any other university due to academic or

behavioral factors.

5- His age must not be more than 25 years.

6- memorizing the Noble Quran is a must for those who want to attend the faculty of the

Noble Quran.

please send aan application form

how we get admission in Islamic university?

Why was the city of Islamabad Pakistan built inland?

Ayub Khan- ex president of Pakistan planned and built a new capital for Pakistan. Reason-strategic. For more we had to ask Ayub Khan, but he left this world long ago.

To draw people inland from crowded coastal areas.

Top ten Universities in Pakistan of psychology?

1) Punjan University 2) Peshawar University 3) Virtual University 4) Islamia University 5) Beacon House University 6) Institute of Psychology Karachi

What is the scandal do hina rabbani's husband?

Hina Husband has got 7 Crore Rs loans from Bank and now with the strong influence of his wife . he is not willing to return amount.

Which date was eid-ul- fitr in 1974?

Which date was eid-ul- fitr in 1974?

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