Jacques Cousteau

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a French naval officer, explorer, ecologist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water. He co-developed the aqua-lung, and pioneered marine conservation.

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Jacques Cousteau

What do rolly pollies eat and drink?

they eat vegetables

and drink h20

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Jacques Cousteau

In the dictionary is Jacques cousteau listed under j or c?

People aren't listed in the dictionary very often. Try an encyclopedia, under C.

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Jacques Cousteau

Why did Jacques Cousteau want to go in the deep sea?

because he loved the sea and wanted to explore it.

Jacques Cousteau

What was Jacques-Yves Cousteau religion?

If you read some internet articles, you will cross Islam as the religion of preference of Jacques. Weather that answers your question, I have to add that Jacques is a person that most of us believed was an atheist.

Jacques Cousteau

Who was Jacques Cousteau?

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (June 11th, 1910 - June 25th, 1997) was a French naval officer, explorer, ecologist, scientist, innovator, film-maker, photographer, author, and researcher whose innate, insatiable curiosity led him to a lifetime of studying the world's oceans and seas and all forms of life in, around, AND above water. He was instrumental in the development of the Aqua-Lung, without which the sport of SCUBA diving would be unknown in today's world. He was a masterful pioneer in the field of marine conservation and was a member of the Académie Française.

Cousteau was born in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, Gironde, (France) to Daniel and Élisabeth Cousteau. He is generally known in France as "le Commandant Cousteau" (Commander Cousteau). Worldwide, he is commonly known as Jacques Cousteau or Captain Cousteau.

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Jacques Cousteau

What do you feel about Jacque Cousteau personality?

i feel that jacque cousteau was a very independent mn how did a lot of thing in his life like undersea exploring.

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Jacques Cousteau

What are Jacques Cousteau's major accomplishments?

The inspiration of millions of the Earth's inhabitants to conserve what is left, before it is gone forever.

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Jacques Cousteau

Where did Jacques Cousteau explore?

No one really knows excatly where he explored, but we can only guess somewhere along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and where he found the famous ships.

(Under the Sea...)

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Jacques Cousteau

Does Brian Jacques have a website?

The official Redwall website is http://www.redwall.org However, the Redwall Wiki, http://redwall.wikia.com is incredibly informative.

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Jacques Cousteau

Does temperature affect magnetism?

The short answer:


The longer answer for those curious ones: Yes, temperature affects the strength of a magnet. Colder temperatures will permit the magnetic field strength to increase a bit and hotter temperatures will decrease it a bit.

What happens at really high temperatures?

There is a point called the Curie point or Curie temperature (Tc) at which the magnetic properties disappear altogether. This temperature varies from material to material. The material's magnetic domains are no longer "held in place" by the metallic crystal matrix when the Tc is exceeded. The atoms have too much kinetic energy and a random distribution of alignments of the domains will occur. Bye bye magnetism, hello paramagnetism.

The effects can be demonstrated by a simple experiment.

You need a bar magnet, a thin rope and a hand full of carpet tacks. Secure one end of the rope to the magnet. (so that you do not burn yourself in experiment later.)

Freeze the magnet. Pick up some tacks. Take them off and count them. Record the data.

Drop the magnet in boiling water. Pick up tacks again. Take them off and count them. Record the data. Compare the data. Repeat a few times. Compare the data from all runs. You should find that the magnet is stronger the colder it is.

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Jacques Cousteau

What was Jacques Cousteau most famous for?

His many underwater films turned our television screens into a portal to the seas. A couple of them won Academy Awards. He co-developed the Aqualung.

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Who were Jacques cousteau friends?

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Jacques Cousteau

What did Jacques Cousteau discover about sharks?

He discovered that, at first, they are afraid of humans in the water. Then they circle warily... they will nudge cautiously... then they will dine voraciously.

If they don't keep moving, they drown. If they are flipped over onto their backs, they are hypnotized and become instantly docile.

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Jacques Cousteau

Who are Jacques Cousteau's parents?

His parents were Daniel and Elisabeth Cousteau.

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Jacques Cousteau

Does temperature affect sleep?

Temperature affects comfort and thus the person's ability to sleep. As for while a person is already asleep, temperature affects the bodily functions and thus also affects the person's sleep.

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Jacques Cousteau

What is Jacques-Yves Cousteau's full name?

His full name is Jacques-Yves Cousteau and he co-invented the aqua-lung.

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Jacques Cousteau

What was the height of Jacques Cousteau?


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Jacques Cousteau

What religion was Jacques Cousteau?

He was born into a Roman Catholic family, and remained so all his life.

There is/was a rumor/hoax that he had converted to Islam, which is untrue.

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Jacques Cousteau

What country was Jacques Cousteau from?

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was from France. He was a French man. He served in the French Navy

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Jacques Cousteau
Jacques Cartier

Who Jaques Lipchitz?

Wait it is spelt Wrog it is JaCques Lipchitz...Any way... Varaian Fry saved Jacques Lipchitz the amazing Cubist Scluptor. His birth name is Chaim Jacob Lipchitz and he was born in Luthiania Druskininkai. He moved to Paris in 1909 to study at École des Beaux-Arts and the Académie Julian. In 1912 he exhibited at the Salon National des Beaux-Arts and the Salon d'Automne. His first one man show held at Léonce Rosenberg's Galerie L'Effort Moderne in Paris 1922.

Jacques Cousteau

What are Jacques-Yves Cousteau top ten dive sites?

I'm not sure of the order, but I believe the list is:

Sha'b Rumi, Sudan

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

Sipadan Island, Borneo

Isla del Coco, Costa Rica

The Blue Hole, Belize

Cozumel, Mexico

Heron Island, The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

Richelieu Rock, Phuket, Thailand

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Jacques Cousteau

Why is Jacques Cousteau important to oceanography?

Among many other things, he is the co-inventor of S.C.U.B.A. (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Aparatus).

Who-steau? Cousteau!Yes, he co-developed (and patented) the Aqualung, which is a very important part of SCUBA diving. He is known to have been an expert on deep sea diving, experimentation, as well as deep sea life and the reasons for the conservation thereof.

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Jacques Cousteau

How many sisters did Jacques cousteau have?

None, He had one brother, Pierre-Antoine.

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Jacques Cousteau

How did Jacques Cousteau advocate for the underwater world?

Cousteau showed us that the underwater worlds on our Earth are just as brilliant as those above. He is also the inventor of SCUBA, Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus.

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