James Monroe

President of the United States from 1817 to 1825 and is well known for the Monroe Doctrine.

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James Monroe

Who were James Monroe's siblings?

James Monroe had five siblings:

One sister :

Elizabeth Buckner (b. Oct. 19,1791- d. June 23,1817)

married Willimam Thomas Buckner, Sr. ; 5 children

Three brothers

  • Spence Monroe (1759 - ? thought to have died young)
  • Andrew Augustine Monroe (1760 - Dec. 2, 1836) married Ann Bell; three children
  • Joseph Jones Monroe ( 1764- Aug. 5, 1824) married Elizabeth Kerr; one daughter
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James Monroe

What are eleven things that James Monroe did?

The most major thing he did was write most of the Constitution.

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James Monroe

What was James Monroe's full name?

James Monroe was his full name. He did not have a middle name.

James Monroe

Why did James Monroe run for office?

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James Monroe

When did James Monroe move into the White House?

From 1817 to 1825.

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James Monroe

How did the Monroe Doctrine serve the interests of the US instead of Latin America or the Caribbean?

In my eyes it is simple, the U.S. did not want the British to colonize Latin America, they wanted to do it themselves. The Monroe Doctrine was just a way of saying, "listen, you can colonize Africa and all the small European nations, but leave Latin America to us. Latin America depended on the U.S. so we were just another step closer to weaseling our way into their resources and people.

James Monroe
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What is Jayy von Monroe's email address?

I've direct messaged Sally(one of jayys best friends) on twitter asking if jayyvonnhatesyou@yahoo.com cause I had heard it was his, and she said that it wasnt his personal one but it's for anyone who has questions or like comments and what not for him

James Monroe

Why did James Monroe not like the constitution?

Too much power to central government. Was concerned for people's individual liberties. Wanted something to secure individual/state rights - ie. Bill of Rights.

James Monroe

When was James Monroe the President of the United States?

March 4, 1817 to March 4, 1825 was when James Monroe served his two terms as the 5th President of the United States.
The 5th President of the United States was James Monroe from March 4, 1817 to March 4, 1825

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James Monroe

Why was Monroe's administration characterized as the Era of Good Feelings?

The war of 1812 ended and most of the long-time tension between the US and France ended and so a major source of political contention in the US ended. Also the Federalist Party virtually disbanded so there was only one major political party.

In 1820, Monroe received all but one of the electoral votes. There were conflicting views within the one party . It was not long before a new opposition party, the Jackson Democrats, was formed and gained power

James Monroe

Is jayy monroe hispanic?

Yes he is, it says so on his real MySpace page, and he also said during an interview that him and his fellow band member, Dahvie Vanity, are Hispanic.

James Monroe

Did Robert Livingston and James Monroe offered to buy New Orlens?

No.Just James Monroe tried to buy New Orleans

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James Monroe

What were James Monroe's contributions?

He managed to aquire Florida and declared the Monroe Doctrine.

James Monroe

Who ran against James Monroe in his second election?



James Monroe was the obvious choice in his second campaign. Every vote except for one was casted on James Monroe. That one vote was casted on John Quincy Adams.

So technically John Quincy Adams did go against James Monroe because he had one vote casted on him.

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James Monroe

What are the tools of foreign policy?

Diplomacy, negotiation, economic aid, economic sanctions, trade restrictions, and military force are some of the tools of foreign policy.

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James Monroe

What future president did Jefferson send to Paris to purchase New Orleans?

In 1802, Jefferson sent James Monroe to France to negotiate the purchase of New Orleans. Monroe and Robert Livingston (the US minister to France) accepted a much larger offer by Napoleon, agreeing to buy all of the French territory in the Mississippi Valley. This became known as the Louisiana Purchase.

James Monroe

What best describes us foreign policy during the monroe administration?

Monroe calibrated US foreign policy to create an expanded concept of the Americas, including the nascent independent countries of Latin America.

James Monroe

James Monroe's favorite animal?

he was fond of dogs...

James Monroe
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When is Jayy vonn Monroe's birthday?

He was born on August 17, 1990.

...I know this isn't important but his birthday is right after mine and I'll be fourteen while he's turning twenty-one. (2011)

James Monroe
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When is Jayy von monroe's birthday?

august 17 he will be turning 20..you can check his formspring Jayyvonhatesyou where he said a couple months ago he was only 19

James Monroe

What did James Monroe like to do when he was a young adult?

He was in college at Wm. anx Mary's when he decided to join the Revolutionary army. He served under George Washington from March, 1776 until December, 1778. He was badly wounded in the battle of Trenton.

James Monroe

How did James Monroe and Robert Livingston affect Jefferson's presidency?

They arranged the purchase The Louisiana Territory.

James Monroe

Who was the fifth US President?

James Monroe (April 28, 1758 - July 4, 1831) was the fifth President of the United States (1817-1825).
James Monroe.

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James Monroe

How much is a 1817-1825 James Monroe golden dollar coin worth?

It's just a dollar coin. The date 2008 is on the edge and has no gold in it, spend it.

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James Monroe

The main diplomatic challenge facing James Monroe in 1820 was?

In 1820 there was fear that Spain might try to recapture her colonies in Laatin Amerca and that Russia might extend her claims in Alaska to include the Oregon Territory. Monroe's answer was given a speech to Congress announcing what came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine.


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