Jane Austen

Jane Austen is the author of many literary romance classics such as "Sense and Sensibility," "Pride and Prejudice," and "Emma."

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Is sense and sensibility a love story?

Yes, Sense and Sensibility is a love story about two young women and the men they fall in love with. One of the women represents good sense, and the other represents sensibility, meaning strong feeling of emotions.

In what chapter does Mr Collins propose to Charlotte?

Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte in Chapter 22 of the first volume.

How does Mr Darcy show he is capable of change?

By beginning to express his emotions gradually and eventually quits hiding how he is feeling

Did Jane Austen have Asperger's Syndrome?

We cannot know for certain. But Jane Austen was a pretty good observer of human character. She seemed to understand psychology very well. She understood other people's motives. These are things people with Asperger's Syndrome seem to have more trouble with than other people.

What are Darcy's initial thoughts about Elizabeth?

Darcy says Elizabeth is tolerable, but not pretty enough to tempt him. This is important because she hears him, is offended, and winds up being prejudiced against him for a long while after that.

How would you describe Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth?

Darcy proposes twice in Pride and Prejudice. The first proposal is arrogant and self deluded, and when Darcy realizes Elizabeth will turn him down, he gets resentful and argumentative. This does not endear him to her, to say the least.

His second proposal is relaxed and unassuming. It is also successful.

Where does Pride and Prejudice take place in England?

Most of Pride and Prejudice takes place in a small town in Hertfordshire. The town of Meryton, and Longbourne, which is a mile away, are probably not more than twenty miles from London.

There are several people in the book who go to London, but we see their actions there mostly through reports of one type or another, such as letters.

Elizabeth goes on two important trips during the course of the novel, one to Hunsford, in Kent, southeast of London, and about fifty miles from Longbourne. Hunsford is near Rosings, Lady Catherine's estate, which Lizzy visits several times.

The second of Elizabeth's trips is to Derbyshire, perhaps 120 or 130 miles north of London (and very slightly west). There, Elizabeth visits the town of Lambton, where Mrs. Gardiner spent part of her childhood, and Pemberly, about five miles away, which is Darcy's estate.

Why are the names of places in Jane Austin and the book Jane Eyre blocked out with a hyphen example... -shire?

Because they don't exsist. Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte were both using fictional places, so instead of making up names and taking away from the reality of the books, they did as was the custom during that time and just ignored the first part of the name.

Who does Mrs Bennet favor?

mrs Bennett favours Jane.


I think Lydia is pretty clearly Mrs. Bennet's favorite child. She has high regard for Jane's beauty, but spoils Lydia to the point of leaving her without guidance.

How is hypocrisy shown in Pride and Prejudice?

There are several instances of hypocrisy in Pride and Prejudice, some of which are obvious, and some subtle.

Perhaps the most obvious instances of hypocrisy involve Mr. Collins. When he is not reminding people of his status as a member of the clergy, he is talking admiringly of things that cost a lot of money.

A very good example of hypocrisy that might escape many people is the fun the Bingley sisters make of the Gardners and the Lucas family because their fortunes were made in trade, implying a relatively low status. They are hypocritically ignoring the fact that their own fortune was made in trade.

One of the best examples of hypocrisy is Darcy's attitude toward Elizabeth in the beginning of the book. He regard her as beneath his station, and therefore not eligible even to consider as a mate. This is partly because she has no money. But it is also because her and sister are so ill bred; yet they are no worse than Lady Catherine. One of the things that shakes him loose from this attitude might be that he is forced to review it in light of Lydia's elopement. Some might regard this merely as a scandal, but Darcy knows it was a scandal his own family barely escaped by chance. It would have been very hypocritical if he had held the elopement against Elizabeth, and the fact he did not fall to this feeling speaks highly of his character.

I would also mention Caroline Bingley, who is to me the embodiment of the two-faced false friend. She praises Jane as long as this suits her plans, then she discards (and later coldly ignores) her like a used napkin, sending her an intentionally careless goodbye letter.

Why does Lady Catherine visit Elizabeth?

Lady Catherine visits Elizabeth to make sure Elizabeth and Darcy will not get married.

Is the title of 'Pride and Prejudice' suitable?

It is very suitable. Mr Darcy represents Pride and Elizabeth represents Prejudice.

Who sent the letter to Mr Collins regarding Lydia's elopement in Pride and Prejudice?

According to the book, Mr. Collins was "yesterday informed by a letter from Hertfordshire". That is all the information we receive. Hertfordshire is where the majority of the book takes place, and where Longbourn is located. It could've been from any of the neighbors, but especially might've been from Mrs. Collin's parents at Lucas Lodge.

What provision is made for the Wickhams?

Darcy has purchased Wickham a commission in the regular army, which will provide him with an income, he has paid Wickham's outstanding debts, and he has provided some amount of cash for Lydia. Later, the Wickhams ask for positions in court, or money, which Lizzy sends in small amounts.

Was Jane Austen autistic?

I would have to say certainly not. Autism spectrum includes Asperger's Syndrome, and people who have that can be very creative, certainly. But they do not understand people; they do not understand psychology. Jane Austen seems to have understood other people to well to have been in the spectrum.

I could be wrong.

How rich is Mr Darcy?

In short: really, really, really rich. According to the characters he has an income exceeding £10,000 a year and owns a huge estate called Pemberly. I don't know the present day equivalency to that but he was very well off.


In the book it says that a person who walks the boundary of his estate would have to walk ten miles. The place was huge.

Where does Mrs Bennet want Mr Bennet to take the family for the summer?

Brighton. :)

Lydia is going to Brighton where the militia is as a companion to the colonel's wife. Mrs. Bennet fancies 'sea-bathing' and wishes the whole family could go.

Does anyone die in 'Pride and Prejudice'?

No. No one dies in Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Collins' father has died shortly before the book begins, but he is not a character in the book.

What is the importance of the title of 'Pride and Prejudice'?

Pride and Prejudice are the main character faults of the Hero and Heroine (Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.)

Where does Mr Collins live in 'Pride and Prejudice'?

Mr. Collins lives at Hunsford, the parsonage house near Rosings Park, which is the estate of his noble patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

How does 'Pride and Prejudice' end?

The book ends with a chapter telling what happens to all the main people. Lizzy and Darcy marry, Jane and Bingley move to an estate about thirty miles away. Lady Catherine refuses to have anything to do with them until Lizzy talks Darcy into writing he. Lydia asks for favors. Mr. Bennet likes to visit Pemberley when he is not expected. And so it goes on.

The movies generally end with the marriage between Lizzy and Darcy, or possibly a brief scene showing their happy marriage state.

Who were Jane Austen's heroines?

These are her novels with their heroines:

  • Northanger Abbey - Catherine Morland
  • Sense and Sensibility - Elinor and Marianne Dashwood
  • Pride and Prejudice - Elizabeth Bennet
  • Mansfield Park - Fanny Price
  • Emma - Emma Woodhouse
  • Persuasion - Anne Elliot

When did prejudice end?

Prejudice didn't end. People still exhibit prejudice today. Prejudice means you are pre- judging someone before you really get to know them.

Why does Lady Catherine cross examine Elizabeth?

Lady Catherine has cherished the hope that Darcy would marry her own daughter, Anne, for Anne's entire life. When she heard that Darcy might have proposed to Elizabeth, she wanted to find out the truth of the matter, and prevent a marriage between Elizabeth and Darcy. So she confronted Elizabeth on the subject.