Japanese Geisha

In Japanese culture Geisha’s are female entertainers trained in art, music and dancing. If you translate Geisha into English, you get artist. Find out about the facts and the myths within this category.

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What do the geisha girls wear?

Geisha always wear beautiful, elaborate, and expensive kimono that are 'tied' at the middle with a thick sash-like cloth called an obi.

What does a dead geisha symbolize?

The Geisha girl is a beautiful woman, so she's a symbol of beauty. A geisha girl with her head decapitated means the opposite of peace.

What does a severed head tattoo symbolize?

It depends. For instance, Medusa's (y'know, snake haired lady?) severed head means so many things. When she was decapitated, her head was flown back to Athena's crib by some guy. The blood spilt created life, but when her head got there, it had the same power of turning anyone that looked at it to stone. It symbolizes mental and psycological strength really. Strength beyond the body.

Is a Geisha's mat called a tatami?

Floor mats in traditional Japanese homes are called Tatami Mats.

How long should a geishas obi be?

Geisha obi are roughly about 12" to 14" wide, and 12ft to 15ft long.

What is a geisha?

Geisha is a Japanese Word. it basically means, artist. because they practise many arts. A Geisha is a Japanese woman who entertains people (usually men), with classical Japanese arts. She is skilled in singing, dancing, playing musical instruments for example, shamisen. serving food, drinks like sake, and tea, and practiced in conversation. The word Geisha is written 芸者 in Japanese, and means an artistic performer, or an entertainer. The traditional age of a geisha to start their training is three years and three days. She becomes apprenticed also known as a maiko to a senior, often retired Geisha, and during this many years long apprenticeship she is called a Maiko (舞子), which means a child dancer. One of the best places to learn about a geisha is the Blog of a Maiko in Kyoto, Japan. It is at If you cannot read Japanese, there is an English version at

What is the difference between a geisha and a prostitute?

Geisha are paid performing artists. They never take part in sexual acts with their customers.

Prostitutes sell their bodies for money.

What is the symbolism of the Geisha?

According to Google research, the Geisha is a symbol of "traditional values" in Japanese culture. Gieshas are not seen as women of ill repute as often thought. (Geisha have been confused with the high-class courtesan of the Edo Period known as oiran, from whom they evolved.)

The closest English translation of the proper noun "geisha" would be artist/performing artist.

They are artisans that train for long periods of time (taking many years of work before becoming a full-fledged geisha), therefor they could, in some sense, symbolize perseverance.

There also seems to be a lot of secrecy represented in their lifestyle.

What is a geisha's danna?

A Danna to a Geisha is her main patron. He will often pay for many of her expenses; rent, kimono, kanzashi, wigs, make-up etc.. He does not have exclusive rights to her company or sexual favors, though if the Geisha so chooses to have that sort of relationship with him that is up to her.

She will still have other clients to entertain, but her Danna will come first if he has an engagement that he wishes her to attend with him.

What does a geisha wear?

Geisha wear expensive silk Kimono that are specially made for them, along with specific Obi and a Tabi on their feet.

Their attire always matches with the season. There are specific colours they wear depending on what season, occasion, and day it is.

What did geishas do?

Geisha are living works of art. They carry on the ancient traditions of music, dance, conversation, tea ceremony, and costume to entertain their clients.

What did geisha makeup do to there skin in the 1800s?

It left a stain on their skin after years of use. It also made their skin more leathery.

Mostly due to the lead content in the old makeup.

How much money does a geisha charge for a performance?

Unless you have a connection that can get you an introduction to a teahouse, or unless you can hire a geisha through a hotel, chances are no amount of money is going to get you a meeting with a geisha. However, there is at least one service that allows foreigners to hire a Geisha or maiko -- if you look up "Kyoto Sights and Nights" you can find more information on it. If you use a service like that, expect to pay a minimum of $500 per person.

What songs are based on the topic of Geisha?

There is a book called 'Little Songs of the Geisha', it may help you in what you wish to know.

What kind of makeup do you use for a geisha?

Traditionally geishas would paint their entire face perfectly white, even their eyebrows and lips. They would extend the paint down their neck, to where the clothing started, and created a double point pattern down the upper back. then they would use a very dark color to paint over the eyebrows to make them perfectly shaped, high and arched. Next they would paint their lips bright red and perfectly shaped. Also to to and search for images of a geisha for more examples.

What is the Chinese equivalent of a Japanese geisha girl?

The Chinese equivalent of a Japanese Geisha is known as Yi Ji or Qinglou Nuzi, as far as I can tell.

What seas and oceans surround Japan?

* Sea of Japan (East Sea) * Pacific Ocean * East China Sea (to the southwest) * Korea Strait * Sea of Okhotsk (to the north)

How long does it take a geisha to apply her makeup?

It depends on how skilled at it she is, but roughly an hour.

Why do geisha wear the white makeup?

Because they are historically associated with the Samurai and Kabuki theatre,and when they were in the dark they would be able to see each other.