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What does 'Kurosaki' mean?

黒崎 (ku ro sa ki) according to its kanji could translate into 'black mantle, black cape'.

What does the Japanese name usagi mean in English?

The word 'usagi' means "rabbit," but if used as a name, it could be composed of many different combinations of Kanji and have a variety of meanings. I would have to see the Kanji to determine the actual meaning.

What does mirai doushite means?

Mirai: future

Doushite: Why

The only way I can see this as even being a usable combination is if there was a question mark after each exclamation.

未来!?!どうして!?!Mirai!?! Doushite!?!

A disagreement as to whether or not to even consider the future is about the only possibility for this awkward combination.

What does naka-ku mean?

One common interpretation is "central district or section".

中区 is the kanji, consisting of the kanji for 'middle, inside' and the one for 'district, ward'. It's a name for some districts in different prefectures in Japan such as Hiroshima.

Is there anyway you can translate a Japanese Pokemon game to English If not maybe a good website?

the best website I can give is "Google translate"

Edit: You can't translate a pokemon game completely to english just by using a website, but there are some translation projects out there. (Look it up if you want) Google translate works when you want to translate text, but not a whole game.

How do you spell Konichiwa correctly in English?

It depends which romaji style you're using. I personally like 'konnichiwa', which isn't really proper in any of the official styles but is neater or something...

Any of the following are more or less correct:







The spelling in the question is probably the best though, if one must write it for someone not able to read 今日は or こんにちは. Just as katakana is inadequate for spelling English words, our alphabet is also inadequate for spelling Japanese words and every effort should be made to avoid doing so.

What is the word 'gold' when translated from Japanese to English?

金色 (kiniro) is the Japanese word to say something is of golden color and 金 (kin or kane) refers to the metal. The Japanese word for money is お金 (okane), which uses the same character as gold.

What is the meaning of sou desu?

sou desu is something you can say in agreement or to express understanding. It means "so it is". so someone could say "this pie is really good!" and you could answer "sou desu!" it is, or "that's true!". or you could say "sou desu ne!" "it is isn't it!"

What is 'Genki Dayo boku wo suki ni narisou' when translated from Japanese to English?

It's another example of a sentence written by someone who doesn't understand Japanese very well trying to pick up a girl.

What does 'nani desu ka' mean?

"Nani desu ka" means "what?" or "what is it?" in Japanese.

Means of kono uta wo kimi ni sasagemashou?

Japanese: この歌を君に捧げましょう

English: Let's dedicate this song to you

What does watashi wa anata o oshie dekireba ii mean?

'Oshieru' is a Japanese verb, which could mean different things like 'to teach' , 'to tell' , 'to inform' .

The sentence translates to "It's good/ok if I can tell/inform/teach you".

What does Yo ne mean in Japanese?

Interjections and particles like those have many many usages and accordingly a vast range of meaning. Most commonly you see 'yo ne' at the end of a sentence, which is English roughly equals a question tag, generally used for gaining confirmation or agreement from the listener.

Like saying 'Sore WA kirei da yo ne' 'It's beautful, ha!'

'Kimi.. nihonjin da yo ne' 'You're Japanese, right?'

'Are WA Nanko-kun da yo ne' 'That's Nanko-kun, isn't he?'

There is also the possibility of you meaning 'yone' which is an outdated term for 'rice'. ( is kanji for 'yone' and has other readings too like 'kome')

What does chinmoku anata manuke mean?

Loosely...."Shut up stupid". or "Shut up, you're stupid."

What does Makezu Girai mean in Japanese?

In Japanese the term Makezu Girai, is an illogical compound that means "make-girai" or "hating to lose."

What does Hajememashite mean in English?

It is a Japanese phrase used as a greeting when meeting someone for the first time.

What does aishiteru anata mean?

Wrong grammar! anata o aishiteru is the right grammar. Anata means you (commonly used by females) or it can be used for older partners(wife,husband), o = Direct object indicator, aishiteru means I love you. So "anata o aishiteru" means I love you dear/ I love you.