Jason Bourne (series)

Jason Bourne is the main character in a series of books, movies, and video games. The series was created by Robert Ludlum, who died after the third book was published. It was picked up by a new author, Eric Van Lustbader, who wrote several more books in the series. All of the books by Robert Ludlum were turned into screenplays. The Eric Van Lustbader books are now being made as well.

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Who is Eamon in the Bourne Identity?

He's her former boyfriend.

Marie's stepbrother, the one Treadstone knew nothing aboutin Bourne Identity, appears in the third film, Ultimatium, living in Paris.

How many Oscar awards did bourne identity won?

Three: Best Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

What is the martial art used in Casino Royale and Bourne Ultimatum to propel characters off walls and into buildings?

The type of fighting used was "kali" also know as Filipino Martial Arts. This is especially true for Bourne but was used to a point in Casino Royale.Kali/FMA is very old (much older than most Asian martial arts) and is in fact not a martial art, but is instead a fighting system. Martial arts incorporate aspects into them that serve no specific purpose when pertaining to a fight. Everything is used for a fight in Kali. It is also the only martial art that starts trainees off with a weapon at first and then you work to open hand. All others start open handed and work towards a weapon. FMA does this because it is easier to learn how to improvise and fight with an open hand after one has leaned to use a weapon, than to fight with a weapon if one has not had any training for it. The weapon is an extension of your body. Lastly, FMA came into ist final form with the spanish invasion of the filipines, but has in fact been around since around the year 200 A.D. and has only changed and become more lethal (now incorporating the use of knives and swords as well as sticks and the body).

As for the running scene, the type used was not parkour but was actually called "Free Running." It was developed by Sébastien Foucan and incorporates aspects of Parkour. The difference is that parkour is meant to get a person from one area to the next, as efficient as possible. Free Running is instead meant to get a person from one area to the next in the most aesthetically pleasing way. That is why you see things such as "vaults" used in CR and in Bourne Ultimatum. Wikipedia either one and you will see the difference.

AikidoA variant of Aikido , I think?

It is pure physical ability, not a specific martial art. Individuals that study martial arts improve their strength and flexibility, often allowing them to do things that seem well beyond the typical human's abilities.


If you are talking about in the beginning scene of Casino Royale where Bond is chasing the guy all the way to the embassy, the guy is doing parkour. Its not really a martial art, as martial arts is for self defence. Parkour is the ability of getting or moving yourself from point A to point B as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Theres lots of websites out there that will teach you about parkour, instruct you on how to do it, and show you it in action.

What martial arts are used in 'The Bourne Supremacy'?

Filipino Martial Arts named Kali Useruser: Escrima, a Filipino martial art focused on stick fighting, eg. pens or rolled-up newspaper. Melee moves are from Krav Maga, official Israeli Defence Force martial art. Asian Mythology: Kālī is Hinduism.

One of the manifestations and cult titles of the wife of Shiva and mother goddess Devi, especially in her malevolent role as a goddess of death and destruction, depicted as black, red-eyed, blood-stained, and wearing a necklace of skulls.

Where was the final scene in Bourne identity filmed?

This was filmed in Mykonos, on an island in Greece of the same name.

When was Jason Bourne born?

Jason Bourne was born on September 13, 1970.

Why did Tony Gilroy use Nixa Missouri for the birthplace of Bourne in Bourne Supremacy?

Just a hunch.....but somehow I think Brad Pitt must be involved in this. Brad Pitt is from Springfield, MO and anyone from Springfield, knows where 'Nixy" is.....=-) just "down the road" ... I can see Brad Pitt sharing a few stories about his hometown areas with friends & acquaintances....... I live in Missouri and actually have been to Nixa a coupla times to visit has lately been the site of a huge sinkhole....due to some of the caves under its expanse. It is actually kind of a neat town that is quickly melding to a Springfield/ Branson suburb..... But obviously it is a somewhat obscure place with an unusual fact Wikpedia is the only city with the name of "Nixa" in the no confusing that..... again.....just a hunch....=-)

What is the synopsis of Bourne Identity?

basicly a former CIA agent suffers from amnesia.So he try's his best to get his identity back its a really good movie all of them are

How much did bourne ultimatum earn?

The Bourne Ultimatum made $227,015,425 in the U.S. and internationally $195,500,000. So a total of


It cost 130,000,000 to make.

And if you are ever interested in finding out about other movies, I suggest you check out this website,, which will give you very informative data on the earnings of movies.

What is the physical art that propels you from wall to wall so that you can jump like Jason Bourne in the action films?

The art of extreme urban manuevering is known as "Parkour." It is described as an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as effeciently and quickly as possible , using principially the movements of the human body. It is meant to help one to overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment and can be performed in rural and urban environments. It was developed by David Belle in France.


What is the release date of the bourne ultimatum on DVD?

The Bourne Ultimatum is released on DVD in the UK on 10th December 2007

What are the names of the Jason Bourne movies?

In order of release:
  • The Bourne Identity (2002)
  • The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
  • The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
  • The Bourne Legacy (2012)
  • Jason Bourne (2016)

How many movies bourne identity?

The Book The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlam, 1980 is a big book, full of interesting plots and events, only a few of which were portrayed in the 2002 film The Bourne Identity, but which was only loosely based on the novel. However, prior to that Hollywood film, in 1988, there was a t.v. film entitled The Bourne Identity, and it used much of the original book's storyline and plots. This film was four hours long and shown over two nights, two hours each night. It was also made available on video and DVD. In 1986 Ludlam wrote The Bourne Supremacy, and a film of that name was released in 2004, being a sequel to the first film, but not based on the book. In 1990 Ludlam wrote The Bourne Ultimatum. In 2007 a third Jason Bourne movie was released, with that name, but this film was also not based on Ludlam's book. Ludlam has not written any other Bourne novels, but another writer, Eric Van Lustbader, has written three Bourne books: The Bourne Legacy 2004, The Bourne Betrayal 2007, The Bourne Sanction 2008. So there have been TWO 'The Bourne Identity' films, one being a tv/video/dvd version in 1988, and the other as a general release cinema film in 2002. Two Jason Bourne sequels have also been made, as listed above. For more information see 'Related Links' below

What jacket does Matt Damon wore in the Bourne Ultimatum?

The jacket was custom made as they couldn't find exactly what they wanted, but it is a zip-up canvas take on a Bikers Jacket with two deep pockets. They made two versions, a light one and a lined version.

What is the name of the Bourne theme song the one that plays at the end of The Bourne Identity?

Moby - Extreme Ways But The Remix At The End Of Ultimatum Is Called Moby - Extreme Ways (Bournes Ultimatum)

Who are the cast in Bourne Identity?

The cast in Bourne Identity (in the same order as credits) are as follows;

Matt Damon -- Jason Bourne

Franka Potente -- Marie

Chris Cooper -- Conklin

Clive Owen -- The Professor

Brian Cox -- Ward Abbott

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje -- Wombosi

Gabriel Mann -- Zorn

Walton Goggins -- Research Tech

Josh Hamilton -- Research Tech

Julia Stiles -- Nicolette

Tim Dutton -- Eamon

Orso Maria Guerrini -- Giancarlo

Denis Braccini -- Picot

Nicky Naude -- Castel

Demetri Goritsas -- Com Tech

Reussell Levy -- Manheim

David Selburg -- Marshall

Anthony Green -- Security Chief

Hubert Saint-Macary -- Morgue Boss

David Bamber -- Consulate Clerk

Gwenael Clause -- Deauvage

Emanuel Booz -- Taxi Driver

Vincent Franklin -- Rawlins

Philippe Durand -- Morgue Attendent

Paulette Frantz -- Concierge

Roger Frost -- Apfel

David Gasman -- Deputy DCM

Thierry Rene -- Wombosi Counselor

Harry Gilbert -- Alain

Delphine Lanson -- Alliance Secretary

William Cagnard -- Davies

Kait Tenison -- Bank Receptionist

Joseph Beddelin -- Zurich Cop

Rainer Werner -- Zurich Cop

Katie Thynne -- Claudia

Aaron Lilly, Ronald Benefield, Bradley J. Goode, Troy Lenhardt, Joshua McNew, Joe Montana, John Pawlikowski, Michael Rix, Brad Rizer, Andrew Webster, Houston Williams -- Marine

Alain Greelier -- Salvi

Arnaud Henriet -- Wombosi Bodyguard

Jean-Yves Bilien -- Wombosi Bodyguard

Daniel Kobby Erdkine -- Wombosi Bodyguard

Elwin 'Chopper' David -- Wombosi Bodyguard

What actors and actresses appeared in Untitled Jason Bourne Sequel - 2015?

The cast of Untitled Jason Bourne Sequel - 2015 includes: Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross