Jeep Wrangler Sport

The Wrangler Sport was a sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by the American automaker Chrysler for its Jeep division. This SUV was powered by a 4.0 L 242 CID I6 engine.

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Where is the transmission fluid dipstick located on a Taurus - Sable and how do you refill the transmission fluid?

AnswerOwners Manual will have illustrations and detailed information regarding transmission fluids, specifications, location, how-to read the dipstick, etc.

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Step-by-stepWith the Sable parked on flat, level ground, run the engine until warm. With transmission in park, the emergency brake on and the engine running, open the hood, pull out the transmission dipstick (not the engine oil dipstick) that has a yellow handle. Wipe off the dipstick with a rag, re-insert into the dipstick tube all the way down, then pull it out again. Hold the dipstick in a vertical position so the oil does not run along the stick. Look to see where on the stick the red transmission fluid covers. It should be covering the two tiny holes at the bottom of the dipstick, but not higher than that. If it is between the holes, check regularly to see if it goes down. If below the holes, have an attendant add up to a quart as needed, after turning off the engine. AnswerFor fluid recommendation, refer to the Owners ManualAND the Ford Technical Service Bulletin - TSB linked below.

For all Taurus / Sable, the TSB basically states that Mercon V is now the specified transmission fluid.

AnswerThrough the dipstick tube if automatic transmission.

Through a removable plug on the side of the transmission if standard/manual.

AnswerClose to the driver's side of the engine compartment, back close to the firewall. If you are standing in front of the car, it will be just a bit to your left of the brake master cylinder, down low. 1995 Mercury Sable Transmission DipstickThe dipstick is located in the back of the engine compartment on the driver's side toward the middle. It's down low and you might have to move some wires to find it.

The transmission dip stick (fill) is a few inches from the power brake booster near the firewall.

You actually have to put it into the transmission fluid dipstick hole using a long funnel. I just did this tonight after speaking with my mechanic.

AnswerIf you are facing the engine with the hood up it is on the right (drives side). The trans stick is a bit hard to see as it is down in a bit just to the left of the brake fluid reservoir. Will have a yellow handle. Pull the stick out and add the fluid. I would however suggest that you check the fluid lvl before you add to it.

Start car let it run until car is warm (temp gauge is in the middle of cold and hot). or you can drive car until it is warm.

The fluid should be a light red color and be in the hash mark area on the dipstick. wipe dipstick and check a couple times to make sure.

AnswerGet a very long tube that attaches to the bottles of transmission fluid, or a funnel with a very long, narrow, flexible tube and stick that into the dipstick pipe. That's the only way to get stuff in there, without getting it all over the place.

Under the hood, behind the engine on the left (driver's) side. It's also the transmission dipstick tube. Best not fill it all - up but the transmission checker tube is generally close to the firewall and you best find it quick or get someone to show it to you. If you're having tran problems get the fluid and filter changed but not by a transmission repair shop.


You put fluid in the same place you check it. Make sure the car is parked on level ground and you check it according to the instructions in your owner's manual or what is written on the dip stick. DO NOT OVERFILL!!!!!


Transmission "dip' sticks most of the times are located in front of engine (marked) trans. oil or spelled out transmission oil remove stick use funnel ,place it in hole of dip stick add transmission oil, remember to check trans oil when car is on at idle speed. turn car on, wait 6 to 10 minutes, then check trans oil level make sure car is on park with parking brake on(safety)


The dipstick tube for the '95 Taurus 3.0 is located on the driver's side near the firewall (about 6" in front of it) nearly below the master cylinder. When filling the trans simply place a funnel for transmissions into the tube (after removing the dipstick) and pour about 1 pint at a time into the tube, waiting about 10 minutes between pours to check the level. The 10 minute wait allows the fluid to drain fully from the tube so you won't get false results.

Answer12-21-09 Madmat wrote:

The dipstick tube for the '95 Taurus 3.0 is located on the driver's side near the firewall (about 6" in front of it) nearly below the master cylinder. When filling the trans simply place a funnel for transmissions into the tube (after removing the dipstick) and pour about 1 pint at a time into the tube, waiting about 10 minutes between pours to check the level. The 10 minute wait allows the fluid to drain fully from the tube so you won't get false results.

Same place you check the fluid level.

Transmission at full operating temperture, engine running at idle, in park. Pull the dipstick and check the level. The add mark indicates 1 pint low. Caution: Do not overfill!!
towards the firewall, there is a red handle dipstick that says tranmision fluid, the same place that you check it. This is also where you fill it. Its a long skinny tube with the dipstick in it. You can buy a funnel at an autoparts store such as checker, schucks or kragen that is long and skinny for this purpose. They cost like $1. This is well detailed and illustrated in the Owners Manual - See "Related Questions" below for more

What is x package Jeep Wrangler?

The x package is just under the Sahara package. It's a nicely equipped jeep, without the plastic body cladding and painted fender flares. The ones I have seen have air, tilt cruise power steering abs( sometimes) a lot also have the desirable Dana 44 with limited slip. Good platform for building a great jeep.

Where can you find the 4 wheel drive vacuum schematic for an 87 Jeep Wrangler?

Try JCWHITNEY.COM they have manuals that might show them. It took me quite a while to finally figure out the vacuum diagram for the '87 Wrangler front axle system. If I can help, please contact me at My 91 Wrangler has same vacuum system and they are prone to problems. As long as your transfer case is shifting into 4WD (mine is), a better solution is a manual cable that replaces the funky vacumm motor on the front axel. It seems a bit pricy (around $200 if I remember correctly), but since I have already replaced the motor once several years ago, rather than spend the money to fix the now broken again funky set up, I think better money is on a cable to eliminate that weakness. I have seen several aftermarket suppliers carry it. Amazon or EBay might also be good sources.

What are your responsibilities and rights when leasing a car?

Leasing a carThe following information assumes you're talking about a closed-end lease, the most common type of vehicle lease. With a closed-end lease, you may return the vehicle at the end of the lease term, pay any end-of-lease costs and walk away.

When you lease a vehicle, you have the right to use it for an agreed-upon number of months and miles turn it in at lease end, pay any end-of-lease fees and charges, and "walk away." You may buy the vehicle if you have a purchase option. Take advantage of any warranties, recalls, or other services that apply to the vehicle.

When leasing a car you may be responsible for:

  • Excess mileage charges when you return the vehicle. Your lease agreement will tell you how many miles you can drive before you must pay for extra miles and how much the per-mile charge will be.
  • Excess wear charges when you return the vehicle. The standards for excess wear, such as for body damage or worn tires, are in your lease agreement.
  • Substantial payments if you end the lease early. The earlier you end the lease, the greater these charges are likely to be.

What does tj in jeep mean?

TJ is not an abbreviation for anything, its just Jeep's designation for the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler. After World War Two, Jeep made vehicles for non-military use. They were designated "CJ" for "Citizen's Jeep". In 1987, Jeep had a major renovation of the Wrangler and designated it "YJ". Again a major design change took place in 1997, and the new Jeep was called the "TJ". The letters don't mean anything though.

How could water get into your car on the floor of the driver's side?

Vacume up all the water, even in the matting underneth, dry it completely dry towels will pick most of what is left after vaccuming, then dry it in the hot sun for a day so real dry. Then get in the car and have someone with a water hose run osts of water over all the suspected areas if no water enters then tray running your A/C on high for 20 minutes and checking to see if water is coming out of the drain pipe under the car.

I had an Accura 2 years ago with this problem on the passenger side floor it turned out to be three leaks! The moon roof & drain, windshield seal and the body seal between the firepanel and fender apron (car was in anccident but repaired)

Let us not forget clogged sunroof/moonroof drains, improperly grommeted wiring for aftermarket electrical accessories (radio equipment, extra alarms, etc.) corrosion in the floor or fender wells and leaky windshield seals.

3 possibilities,1-the air conditioner has a water drain off hose which could be blocked.2-the heater core could be leaking.3-the windscreen seal could be leakin-only wet when raining

the weatherstripping(the rubber stuff around doors, windshield and such)

i had this problem mate, check the door sill rubber for any holes as it will cause it to leak if not then take off your wing mirror an check the rubber sill behind it as this is a common source that is often over looked.i hope this solves your problem,good luck


I had this problem on my wife's 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertable. It turned out to be the drain holes on the bottom of the chassis, under the door`. The drains fill up with dust and dirt, then when it rains, it turns to mud and clogs the drain holes. I fixed it by using a paper clip, straightened out, and jamming it up into the drains until water ran out. It seems I've had to do this about once a year or so.

. I also had this problem on a Chevy Corsica. Turns out ther was a crack in the firewall so water running off the windshield that normally would be channeled down the body panel found its way into the car and settled on the driver's side floorboard. Once the crack was located, a little rtv sealant fixed it right up.

Could possibly be a leaking heater core as well!! Use a radiator pressure tester to pressure the system, if the pressure drops, look for the leak, or listen, some times leaks can be heard as escaping water/air.

Can a soft top jeep survive snow?

It absolutely can. I live in Michigan and we get a lot of snow here! I've parked my 2000 Jeep Wrangler outside year round for the last 10 years. The soft top was pretty dull after about 5 years, because I've always lived on dirt roads and the dirt tends to scratch the plastic up, especially when you take the top up and down as often as I do. I finally broke down and replaced the soft top this spring because I couldn't see through the rear window anymore, but the soft top was still completely water-proof after 10 years.

You can buy replacement tops with or without the hardware (it's cheaper if your hardware is intact and you only replace the skins). I replaced only the skins and it was quite an easy job.

Happy Jeepin'!!

Is the drivers side considered the left side or right when it comes to parts saying RH side?

the left side of the car is the nearside and the right side is the offside

the left side is the driver side in the US

the left side is on the left when sitting in the car faceing forwards!

the right and left sides of an automobile or the engine are determined faceing forward from rear of object as in cross mounted engine stand in back of engine and face towards the front of engine the left bank will be on the front bumper side while the right bank will be on the cowl side of auto

If you are still in doubt just explain drivers side of vehicle or passengers side of vehicle the mechanic will know which side.

Positions are given as if you were sitting in the drivers seat, your left,is the car's left, etc.

How do you replace a clutch in 1991 jeep wrangler?

simple, but involved.

You'll need to remove the transmission and transfer case ( do it separately as they are quite heavy together )

You 'll see the clutch attached to the flywheel still on the engine, remove the bolts holding it on ( pay attention to it's orientation as well as the clutch disk, hole placement as it will be easier to line up the new one )

Once the old one is removed, line up the new clutch ( use an alignment tool, your new clutch may come with one, this makes sure the clutch disk is lined up with the pilot bearing and the center of the clutch springs.

tighten the clutch to torque specs, remove the alignment tool, and reinstall the trans.

One note, I suggest replacing the throw out bearing ( this may include the clutch slave cylinder too ) before reinstalling, you don't want to do this again soon.

Why would a 2002 jeep wrangler leak water from the tailpipe when you start it up first thing in the morning?

That is condensation and nothing to worry about. Once the exhaust reaches temperature, it will evaporate any moisture in the system.

Does the Jeep Wrangler have a solid axle?

Yes, at least all the JK's have them the rubicons have front and rear dana 44's and the saharas and sports have D30 front and D44 rear.

Why does the brake lock during braking?

Gunk build up inside the brake lines, gunk get stuck right where the line has a bolt on clamp,fluid pressure will only go to the clamp on the hose to the brake caliber but not back to the master cylinder.Two ways to check :have someone press the brake pedel,take off master cylinder cover and have them release the pedal look at the fluid return into the reservoir,it should fill fast,if it's slow most likely the line,if no flow at all it's the caliber. Or jack the front wheels up press the brake petal when release spin the wheels if its hard to spin it's the lines,if no spin it's the caliber.Please note if your car is front wheeldrive take it out of gear regardless of make and model use Wheel Chokes and emergency brakes when checking and repairing!Do not bleed the brakes flushing is alot better.

Contaminated brake shoes or pads or an ABS (Anti Lock Brake) sensor, could cause one of the wheels to lock while braking.


If by "lock," you mean the wheel suddenly stops turning, there can be several causes:

In general, static friction is greater than dynamic friction. (Static means not moving and dynamic means moving) An example of that would be when you push something across the floor. The force needed to move the object generally decreases once that object starts moving. The same is true for your tires in contact with the road. When they are rolling, the surface of the tire is not moving relative to the road. When the tires begin to skid, they are moving relative to the road. Skidding actually slows the car less than braking just slightly below the traction threshold of the tire.

Locking due to mechanical problems: If a brake disk or drum is not uniformly shaped (warped), the braking force will not be uniform as the wheel rotates. In this case, you may find that the brakes pulse or even lock the wheels when traction is low. The solution is to resurface or replace the disk or drum.


You have a pinched brake line. Inspect them all.


Pull the wheels and look. I would expect to find a leaking wheel cylinder(s). When they leak, the fluid gets on the shoes and cause a lock-up situation. As you drive more the fluid spins out and the lock up is less severe. Are you losing fluid?


Well if you pedel goes almost all of the way or does go all the way to the floor then the master cylender is bad.

you might have a leaking wheel cylinder or a caliper that sticks and does not release properly. or if it is panic braking, its just because you may not have ABS.

Where is the wiper motor on a 91 Jeep Wrangler and is it hard to get to?

If you look at the VIN plate that is directly in front of you, by the windshield, when you're in the driver seat, it's underneath it. There is a series of Torx bolts you need to remove to fold down the windshield to access it.

1.) Three Torx bolts on each side at the top where the roll bar attaches


2.) The flat metal plate that bolts to the bottom of the windshield frame and the metal dash. (Also 3 bolts on each side)

Where is the jack on the 2003 Jeep Wrangler?

The jack is stored under the passenger seat and the rods for the handle are between the seat and the door in a pouch velcroed down.

What is the Jeep Wrangler x?

It is the base model. It will have a Dana 35 rear and Dana 30 front axle with anti-spin and either 3.07 or 3.73 gears. Not a bad Jeep if you don't do much offroad driving. If you do or plan to the Rubicon will be a better package and you get HD Dana 44 axles with locking differentials. This is an out of the box offroader.

Where is the ignition switch location on 1997 Jeep Wrangler?

first you must tilt the steering wheel to the up position then take the casing off of the bottom of the steering column. the ignition switch will be located right behind the actual key.

Can i get a 1994 jeep wrangler stereo wiring diagram?

Car Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Red/White

Car Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: Purple/White

Car Radio Ground Wire: Black

Car Radio Illumination Wire: Blue/Red

Car Radio Dimmer Wire: Red/Black

Car Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A

Car Radio Amp Trigger Wire: N/A

Front Speakers Size: 4″ x 6″

Front Speakers Location: Dash

Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Gray

Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Yellow

Right Front Speaker Wire (+): White/Red

Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Brown/Red

Rear Speakers Size: 4″

Rear Speakers Location: Rear Roof

Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Gray/White

Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Brown/White

Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): White/Black

Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Brown

Can you take a softtop through a car wash?

It is not recommended for a laser wash. But a regular car wash that doesnt have alot of pressure behind it should work.