Jeff Kinney

Jeff Kinney is an author who wrote the hit children's book series "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". He has also created a child friendly website called Poptropica and is also an online game designer.

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How long have Jeff Kinney been married?

Jeff Kinney has been married for four years

What is the name of Jeff Kinney's siblings?

Patrick Kinney, Ann Marie Johnson (she got married), and i forgot his other brothers name.

Is Jeff Kinney dead and when did he die?

Whoever that ask this question gonna get beaten

up by fans of the Wimpy kid and JEFF KINNEY DID NOT DIE OKAY

What are some important people in Jeff Kinney's life?

The important people in Jeff Kinney's are the people who helped him make Poptropica, the people who helped him create Funbrain, and the people who read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid stories because they help his popularity rate of the story increase.

What is Jeff kinneys favorite color?

Jeff Kinney's favourite colour is blue.

Why Jeff Kinney books are popular?

It is popular because it's exciting to read and children can enjoy reading it and me also I like reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid...

What does Jeff Kinney look like on Poptropica?

He had a video message for new users about Cryptids Island. It may still be available at the Poptropica site.

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Does Jeff Bryan Davis have any kids?

No Jeff B. Davis does not have any kids and he isn't married either.

Is Jeff fyfe a good writer?

What Jeff Kinneys Wife named?

His wifes name was Julie. |I bhope this helps with what you are looking for!!