The capital of Israel, Jerusalem is situated in the Judean Mountains between the northern edge of the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a holy city to the three major religions –Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The city has a population of 780,200 as of 2009.

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What were the long term accomplishments of the Jerusalem council?

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Acts 15 in the New Testament outlines the meeting of the Jerusalem Council. The council was called because Gentiles were being told they had to be circumcised (as part of the law of Moses) to be saved. The result or "accomplishment" of the council's meeting is known as the apostolic decree (Acts 15:20, 29; 21:25). It is a list of requirements for Gentiles.
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Where can you send a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu?

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I would like to send a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show my support for his leadership and to also let him know he has my support and prayers for Israel.
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What part of Jerusalem is the heart of the city?

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Is The Dome of the Rock a religious holy site for Christians,Muslims ,or Jews
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How will Israel divide Jerusalem?

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I do not believe that Israel would willing divide Jerusalem. If such a division did occur, because of some peace treaty negotiations, the city would likely be divided between West Jerusalem (to Israel) and East Jerusalem (to Palestine) and the Old City of Jerusalem would be under some sort of Israeli or international aegis. After the failure of the Taba Summit Agreement, the Israeli populace would not get behind a Palestinian-controlled Old City.
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Is Israel a city that is inside Jerusalem?

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No, its the opposite. Jerusalem is a city within Israel the country. In fact - Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Read more about Jerusalem at:
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What was the Dome of the Rock used for?

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Basiclly, the dome of the rock was used for praying
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Where is the dome of rock mosque?

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It's located on Temple Mount - in the old city of Jerusalem.
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Where is the dome of rock mosque located?

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The mosque itself resides on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.It's the distinctive golden dome that's featured prominently in virtually every photograph that includes the Old City of Jerusalem. As I write this, there's a beautiful photo of it displayed right here, at the top of this web-page on .
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How long does it take to London to Jerusalem?

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The distance between London, England to Jerusalem, Israel is 3613 km (2246.9 miles), with a flight time of approximately 4 hours 40 minutes.
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What was Josephus of Jerusalem known for?

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Titus Flavius Josephus, was also called Joseph ben Matityahu but generally known as Josephus of Jerusalem. Josephus was most well know for being the scholar who witnessed the sack of Jerusalem.