Jihad (جهاد) is a tenet of Islam and a religious duty to strive in the way of God. There are two general ways to do this, the Greater Jihad and the Lesser Jihad. The Greater Jihad is an introspective journey to conquer your internal demons and follow the Divine Laws more closely than previously; this kind of jihad should be entirely peaceful. The Lesser Jihad refers to conflicts and confrontations between Muslims and Non-Muslims or other Muslims, which often erupt in war, but can also be performed through non-violent protests, debate, and advocacy.

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Why do Jihadists want to exterminate the Jews?

Definition of Jihadism
First, let us formulate a definition of what Jihadists are so we can proceed to talking about the same issue. Islamism is the political belief that Shari'a (Islamic Law as codified by Islamic Jurists called Faqihs) should be implemented as the national law in all places, but especially in places with a Muslim-majority. (Note that this is different from Islam, which is a religion - making arguments about the nature of God and how man should worship Him.) A Jihadist is an Islamist who specifically believes that the method of implementing the Shari'a is through violence and warfare against those governments (and their civilians) that do not implement it. ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is probably the most notable Jihadist organization, but there are numerous others like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Al-Shabaab, the al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda, etc.

Jihadist Desire to Exterminate Jews
While it is notable that Jihadists wish to exterminate ALL who do not agree with their beliefs, including more Moderate Muslims, never mind Non-Muslims, there is a specific fascination and hatred of the Jews in Jihadist circles which is unique and unbridled compared to their hatred of everyone else and this difference is worth both noting and explaining.

1) Anti-Semitism: There are six major reasons that people and countries harbor Anti-Semitic views and often these exist in contradictions (i.e. one group will hate them for one side of this reason and another group at a different place and time will hate them for the exact opposite reason): (1) Perceptions of Jewish Economic Power, (2) Perceptions of Jewish Ethnocentrism/Chosen-ness, (3) Religious motivations for Jew-hatred (both in Christianity and Islam), (4) Otherness, (5) Genetic/Racial Inferiority, and (6) Perceptions of Disloyalty. It is worth noting that the seventh most common reason, Ease of Scapegoating, only makes sense if at least one of the other six is in play, otherwise we could simply scapegoat the unicyclists for the world's ills. These issues and views are not unique to Jihadist Muslims but embraced, quite openly by Jihadists.

1A) Jewish Economic Power: The common Anti-Semitic canard here is that Jews control the banks. Of course, this is not true as most banks are not chaired or owned or controlled by Jews; many banks operate independently or are controlled by Non-Jews. For example the Big Four US Banks are all run by Non-Jews: Jaime Dimon (JP Morgan Chase), Chad Holliday (Bank of America), Michael O'Neill (Citigroup), and John Stumpf (Wells Fargo).

1B) Jewish Chosen-ness: The common Anti-Semitic canard here is that Jews believe themselves to be a superior ethnicity in the vein of the ubermensch or "White Pride". This is contrary to the Jewish understanding is that the Jewish people were charged with a distinct mission/task that the rest of the world was not assigned and this is to elevate the spiritual character of the world. The Anti-Semites then argue that because Jews believe themselves superior to Non-Jews that Jews take advantage of Non-Jews and feel no remorse for it.

1C) Religious Anti-Semitism: While Christianity and Islam are not inherently Anti-Semitism, their doctrines are easily to meld to an Anti-Semitic world vision and historically have been melded in such ways. Islam has several Anti-Semitic thrusts. In addition to the crucifixion of Jesus the Messiah (which is not deicide in Islam since Jesus is not God in Islamic theology and because Jesus eluded the attempt to crucify him), Muslims have made the argument that Jews are the killers of the Prophets plural, even though Jesus was the only one of the 35 prophets in the Qur'an who Jews attempted to kill (per Islamic teachings). Additionally, Muhammad and the early Muslims had negative political and military relationships with Arabian Jews which led to Anti-Semitism having a greater prominence in the early Islamic tradition.

1D) Otherness: The common Anti-Semitic canard here is that Jews are somehow different from other people and are, therefore, incapable of properly assimilating into the dominant culture. The argument went that their culture and beliefs were too odd for civil society and the Jews needed to be removed due to this customs incongruence. In the Islamic World, since Jewish Emancipation came hand-in-hand with Imperialism, the Jews who assimilated were deemed to be imperialist infiltrators.

1E) Racial Inferiority: The common Anti-Semitic canard here is that Jews are somehow genetically inferior or lesser than other humans. Interestingly, in Arab and African-American communities who practice this form of Anti-Semitism by arguing that Jews are a European offshoot of Khazaria and not as racially developed as Semites or Africans.

1F) Disloyalty:
The common Anti-Semitic canard here is that Jews harbor more loyalty to each other (or, since 1948 to Israel) than to their fellow countrymen. Military defeats have been framed on Jews, such as the Ottoman defeat in the Egyptian-Ottoman War in 1831-1833, even though Jews did not even fight in this war. The evidence, however, is to the contrary. In nearly every case where Jews have been permitted to join the militaries of their host countries, they have enlisted in excess of their percentage. Throughout the Middle Ages, Jews were more loyal to the sovereign, especially since the sovereign would protect the Jews from rabid Anti-Semitic hordes of peasants.

2) Islamism: Islamism wants to create a government that falls within their stringent and puritanical view of Islamic moral standards. In the Islamist conception, only Muslims should be in power in the State and any non-Muslim minorities should have a secondary role if they should have one at all, whereas Jews are too "uppity" in having created a state where they are in the dominant position. Second, Israel is situated in territory which used to be governed by Muslims for nearly 1300 years (with a century-long break under the Crusader States). As a result, Israel is considered a usurpation of historical Islamic authority whereas European countries (for example) never had Islamic authority before. Islamists have talked about reintroducing the jizya tax, a symbol of humiliation for Non-Muslims in both the Gaza Strip and in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). At present, since no Jews live in either area, the primarily target of these laws would be Christians, but they do intend to subject the Jews to at least the jizya, if not outright execution and genocide, if they had the chance.

3) Islamic Supremacism: Jihadism calls for a continued conquest of Non-Islamic Countries to be ruled by Muslims and to become part of a worldwide Islamic Empire. These groups believe in using violence to as well as politics to overpower and frighten Non-Muslims into accepting their school of thinking. As a Jews are Non-Muslims, they are naturally inferior to Muslims in the Jihadist conception.

4) Qur'anic Injunctions: Of course, different Muslims interpret the Qur'an differently, but there are certainly Qur'anic verses that can be read by those seeking to be intolerant, like Jihadists, of good grounds to do so. Q: 3:19 claims that the only religion that is acceptable to God is Islam. Q: 3:110 claims that Muslims are the best people in all history. Q: 8:55 claims that those who disbelieve are the worst of animals. Q: 9:29 argues for the repression and inequality of Jews and Christians before Muslims. -- There are numerous other verses that promote the view that intolerance and inequality between Muslims and Non-Muslims is Divinely Supported, creating difficulty in rejecting it. Additionally, the Qur'an has numerous verses that are specifically Anti-Semitic such as the famous "monkeys and pigs" verse, Q: 5:60.

5) Community Reinforcement: The Muslim Community generally has internal reinforcement of the notions that the Jews are eternal enemies of Muslims, are descended from apes and pigs, kill Muslims for enjoyment, and many other forms of commonplace Anti-Semitic rhetoric. There are numerous rallies where Muslims declare their unending support to the eradication of the Jewish people and will occasionally praise Hitler's "achievements" in this regard. There are some center-line Muslims (in addition to more liberal Muslims) who oppose this like Yusuf Hamza and Tariq Ramadan, but polls among Muslim communities show deeply-ingrained Anti-Semitic attitudes and a lack of knowledge about actual Jewish customs, beliefs, and history. Jihadists capitalize upon this to create a degree of legitimacy for their Anti-Semitism.

6) Systemic "Religionism":
In the US South in the 1980s, segregation was no longer legal, but the imprint of segregation was still felt in the south. Miscegenation between Blacks and Whites was not really accepted and Whites generally had a negative attitude toward Blacks, even though they were legally equal. This is called Systemic Racism. It is is much the same situation in most Islamic Countries, but with religion instead of race. Historically, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus under Islamic governments were second-class citizens and so the transition to making them truly equal partners suffers from this history. Conversely, very few Muslims (prior to the last 50 years) lived in minority-Muslim countries, preventing the development of an Islam without Systemic Religionism. Jihadists argue that this Religious Discrimination is desirable and should be reimplemented.

7) Israel's Existence: Jihadists believe explicitly that Jews do not have the right to self-governance since they are considered to be wicked people cursed by God. As a result, the existence of a country where Jews do govern themselves (and even some Muslims) is a grievance of theirs.

8) Palestinian Indigenous Rights: The indigenous Palestinians and their descendants are aggrieved that people from abroad would come to the land that their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents had lived on and worked for as long as they could remember and buy that land from the Ottomans without consulting them. Moreover, these people had a particular agenda to establish a state on the land they called their own. Understandably, the Palestinians, and those who support them, are opposed to the Zionist project and the Jews who realized it for these emotional and political considerations. Additionally, the Israeli Military Occupation of the West Bank Territories and the Blockade of Gaza represents a true legal and humanitarian crisis for Supporters of an Independent Palestine and the Palestinian People. To many in the world community, the Palestinians must have the right to go back to their homes (although it is doubtful that the Arabs would have permitted that right to the Jews should the Arabs have been victorious in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9).

9) Fifth Column:
Jews, especially, but also Christians and Hindus are seen by Jihadists as fifth columns in Islamic countries supporting foreign powers. Jews are usually accused of being "Zionists", a term which is never properly defined, and supporting Israel. Christians are usually seen as supporting the West against the Islamic countries. Hindus are often seen as spies from India against Pakistan. This makes these minorities untrustworthy to the Jihadists even when they clearly disavow any association with the country/ies to which they supposedly have allegiance instead of the Islamic State.

10) Facelessness: Most people around the world, and especially in the Islamic World, have never met a Jew and only see Jews through the media portrayals of Israeli military actions or Jewish politicians in Western countries. As a result, "the Jews" are a people upon whom any claim of impropriety can be laid without a counterfactual relationship to see a Jew's humanity.

What does Jihad mean?

Answer 1

There is, perhaps, no term today that is more misunderstood than the term "jihad". Nowadays, the word jihad has solely come to signify "holy war", terrorism, or the mass murder of innocent people. However, what is jihad really about and what is its correct meaning? The term jihad is in fact derived from the Arabic verb "jahada", which linguistically means to strive or struggle. In Islam, however, jihad means to exhaust utmost effort striving to please God. This, unsurprisingly, includes fighting, as fighting is a form of struggle. In fact, majority of the time the term jihad is mentioned in the Qur'an it means "fighting in the way of God" (for His sake), and to make His Word the highest. The one who engages in jihad is called a mujaahid; the plural is mujaahideen.

Jihad is a very important part of Islam. Unlike Christians, Muslims do not believe in the idea of "love thy enemy" or turning the other cheek when we are attacked. Instead, we believe in the divine principle, "fight those who fight you." This general guideline and rule agrees with our human nature and survival instinct. That is because it is only natural for one to retaliate against aggression and defend one's life, property and wealth from any external attack.

Sadly, this basic human right - the right to defend oneself - is nowadays denied to Muslims by modern-day democracies and so-called free nations, such as Britain and the USA. This is clearly evident in the fact that Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir who are resisting the brutal occupation of their lands are continually branded and portrayed as terrorists and violent extremists by Western powers.

On top of this, any Muslim in the West that has the fortitude to condemn the evil actions of Coalition forces is similarly branded as a "terrorist sympathiser" or accused of "glorifying terrorism" for believing in the right of Muslims to defend their land from occupation. It is not even allowed for us to discuss the causes of 9/11 or 7/7 - in order to gain lessons - without fear of being labelled a terrorist fanatic.

The irony of this situation is that if tomorrow Britain is under occupation, every Briton would consider it their right, without any question, to fight for their country and defend their land, even if such actions were deemed terrorism by other nations.

So, in summary, jihad does not translate as "holy war" or the killing of innocent people. It is to strive, with utmost effort, to please God and fight in His way. It is famously reported that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "The best form of jihad is to speak the truth in the face of a tyrant ruler."(Abu Daawud and Al-Tirmidhi)

The greatest tyrants today are those who prefer the rule of man over the laws of God (Sharia law). Jihad and the establishment of Sharia law on earth are the only two things which will unite all people, of all races, and rid the world of oppression, poverty and corruption for good.

Answer 2

Jihad is a part of the religion Islam. The word means 'struggle', even though many parts of the media report that it means 'holy war' or similar things so that they have something to write stories on.

Jihad is completely different from terrorism. Even though organizations like al-Qaeda claim that they are following the Jihad rules, they are not.

Answer 3

There are two forms of jihad. One is an internal struggle to be true and faithful to Islam amidst all of the struggles and difficulties that the world presents. The second is the command to rise militarily in defense of Islam when Muslims are under attack, especially from non-Muslims. This second form of jihad is popularly considered the "holy war" type of jihad.

What are the two types of jihad in Islam?

Jihad, that means in English striving or struggling, is of two types:

  • self Jihad (or oneself struggle and is called the greatest or major Jihad), and
  • military Jihad (or struggle with others and is called the smallest or minor Jihad)

Self Jihad is that any Muslim should practice Jihad or self struggle to avoid doing wrong deeds and/or committing sins that are forbidden by Islam and by his community. It is also doing good things that Allah wants you to do, such as following the morals of Quran and prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), reciting the Quran, helping the poor, striving to fulfill your family requirements, learning and studying useful sciences and arts, etc.

Regarding Military Jihad, it is licit only in two cases:

  • First: to defend home land and home people against any invaders.
  • Second: to provide help and support to other people who are oppressed and unable to practice their own will and freedom of choice.

In both cases, Muslims (as in all other faiths) are commanded, by their religion, to be fair and just. They are forbidden; by Quran and prophet Muhammad teachings; to kill a woman, child, or an old man or any civilian. They are commanded not to be excessive in using force and not to terrify civilians. They are forbidden from spoiling the nature, cutting a tree, or polluting/poisoning air or water.

The above is general view about what is called Jihad (especially in Islam) and about those who are practicing Jihad and are called, recently, jihadists.

Are Hamas members Sunni or Shiite?

Hamas claims that they are a SUNNI Jihadist organization. It is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimin) and, as a result, has the same religious policies as the rest of the Brotherhood, which is Sunni-oriented. While Hamas continues to be primarily made of Sunni Muslims, but the largest percentage of their funds comes from the Shiite Islamist government of Iran.

Where is Hamas located?

Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, which is part of the Palestinian Territories. However, the organizational headquarters are in Damascus, Syria so that they will be outside of Israeli attack-range.

What is the Jihadist movement?

It is a movement made of people who are not true Muslims, however, they are portrayed by much of the media as being part of Islam. They allegedly try to hurt and terrorize civilians in various ways.

How might Jihad be interpreted as waging a holy war or terrorist attack?

Jihad has nothing to do with war or terrorist attack. Jihad is absolutely something different. Jihad is an Arabic work that means 'struggle'; struggle and strive for a cause that could to get better job, better income, better health, better social position, better life standard for your life, better morals in you life, etc...

Refer to question below for more information.

Was the work of Syed Ahmed Barelvi the most important factor in the revival of Islam in the period 1700-1850?

The work of Syed Ahmed Shaheed Barevi was crucial in the period of his lifetime in reviving Islam, however the likes of Shah Waliullah and Haji Shariatullah also contributed to a vast extent in this category.

Syed Ahmed Barelvi's work took him to numerous military expeditions all over India. Before leavign for Hajj, he scouted all of India, as well as Afghanistan for people willing to take up the cause for Jihad. Upon returning, he immediately set his eyes towards the Sikh ruler of Punjab, Ranjit Singh, who had been accustomed to oppressing Muslims. The dismissal of Syed Ahmed Barelvi's ultimatum led to him defeating the Sikhs at Okara and then Hazrothe. These victories rekindled the dying embers of hope in the Muslims and united them in a singular cause of armed struggle against those who treated the Muslims with hostility.

Upon being established as an 'imam', he also ensured that the Muslims would not fight against each other and succumb to the strategy of the Sikhs', who had been exploiting the fact that Syed Ahmed Barelvi's army was made up of different communities, something they rendered 'un-Islamic'.

He further anulled any chances of fighting of fellow Muslims fighting one other when he moved his headquarters to Balakot, so as to avoid fighting with Yar Muhammad's brother and his army. Even when was betrayed and ambushed upon, he and his army fought to the very end, regardless of the consequences. The principles he believed in were very rare. He disregarded worldly luxuries and inspired all those around him to be a sincere and devout Muslim.

Another prominent leader in this period was Shah Waliullah. His works were numerous, but very decisive. According to him, the Muslims in India were deprived of a deep understanding of their religion. So, he availed himself as a role model, accessible to all those who sought help in understanding Islam. Furthermore, he also wrote 51 books, many of which were important and helped the Islamic community. For example, his account of the lives of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs was written in such a way that it was acceptable to both the Sunnis and Sh'ias. This helped in soothing the religious differences between the two.

Furthermore, Shah Waliullah translated the Qur'an into Persian, a widely spoken language in the sub-continent so that the Muslims could understand what the message of Islam really was. It was on this basis that the two sons of Shah Waliullah translated the Qur'an into Urdu, making it even more accessible.

The efforts of Shah Waliullah to unite the Muslims against the ever-offensive Marathas was also crucial in this period. Even though many nobles declined, he managed to persuade Ahmed Shah Abdali of Persia to defeat the Marathas in 1761 further prolonging the short-lived freedom Muslims had. Besides, the 'madrassa' run by Shah Waliullah was also to play a pivotal part in the live of Syed Ahmad Barelvi as it was here that he learned of the Islamic teachings and principles, under his sons.

As for Haji Shariatullah, his work was based on the Faraizi Movement. His continuous urging to Muslims to stand up for their rights led to them no longer bearing the down-trodden chains of the Hindu and British landlords. His work led to unity within the Muslims in Bengal, they now realized their rights and that they too could work for their own cause.

His work, to some extent, raised the spiritual and economic situations of these Muslims and it was he who acted as inspiration for his son, Mohsin-ud-din, who was to later further his work and establish the Muslims as a united force who helped one another, as brothers-in-arms, according to the principles of Islam.

To conclude, each and every leader played a very crucial role in their own way, however some played it better than than the others, namely, Shah Waliullah. His work in reviving Islam was spread all across the subcontinent and his work was very diverse. However, as compared to him, Haji Shariatullah's work was confined to East Bengal, and his movement died after a short life. As for Ahmed Shaheed Barelvi, his work, though essential, was met with failure. He was unsuccessful in his original goal; to establish Muslims rulers and ultimately died a noble death.

*Written as per CIE O' Levels standards, as required.

Should you still believe that Islam is a religion of peace when Islam terrorist Hamas initiated the bombing of Israel?

Islam is a religion of peace.

Extremist Islam is not a religion of peace.

There is a difference between Islam and Extremist Islam.

Extremist Islam are followed by Islamic terrorists.

Those who choose the path of Extremist Islam will claim that they are following true Islam, when in fact they are not.

You should not see a whole religion as terrorists just because a faction of followers choose the path of terrorism.

IRA terrorists are Catholics. But nobody calls the Catholics "terrorists". So what right do we have to call all Muslims "terrorists"? - None.

Why are some Muslims violent?

Answer:Not all Muslims are violent. Not all Blacks are violent, nor all White people are violent. Some people want to prove points, they choose to do so with violence; but, to say all Muslims are violent is profiling. You need to consider what you are asking. And, no, I'm not Muslim; I'm Canadian. Answer:I guarantee you that not all Muslims are violent. There are just a few Muslims that are violent, and they don't know the true teachings of Islam. Islam means peace and kindness. Our religion is based in kindness and equality to everybody and we respect all religions. Interpretations:There are those who take verses out of historical and literal context, or mistranslate the text, and arrive to false and violent conclusions about the Quran. Others use Islam as a mask while committing violence for the sake of political power or monetary gain.

What does the Qur'an teach about jihad?

Jihad is of two types:

  • self Jihad (or oneself struggle and is called the greatest Jihad), and

  • military Jihad (or struggle with others and is called the smallest Jihad)
Self Jihad is that any Muslim should practice Jihad or self struggle to avoid doing wrong deeds and/or committing sins that are forbidden by Islam and by his community.

Regarding Military Jihad, it is licit only in two cases:
  • First: to defend home land and home people against any invaders.

  • Second: to provide help and support to other people who are oppressed and unable to practice their own will and freedom of choice.
In both cases, Muslims (as in all other faiths) are commanded, by their religion and by Quran, to be fair and just. They should not kill a woman, child, or an old man or any civilian. They are commanded not to be excessive in using force and not to terrify civilians.

As a simple evidence of correctness of these arguments: Compare when Muslims came to Egypt (on request of the Christians there) and when the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea was invaded by the Westerners claiming to liberate Jerusalem. Those who are seeking the truth can refer to Western and Christian historians themselves to recognize that Muslims were never violent or aggressive in practicing Jihad but were always fair. Another example, compare what Muslims offered to Spain when they were in control of Spain and how they didn't even cut a tree or destroyed a house or killed a single woman or destroyed a single church. It was the opposite. They spread civilization, peace, and development. Compare this by the Westerner's doing with Muslims (and Jews) when they got control of the country. It is said Westerners and not Christians. it is believed that true Christians never, also, divert from being just and fair.
Quran, Muslims Holy book, says (English meaning translation):
"... O ye who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealings, and let not the hatred of others to you (and oppression practiced by others on you) make you swerve to wrong and depart from Justice. Be just: that is next to Piety and fear Allah (God)..."

[Quran, chapter 5, verse 8]

Those who think that Islam and Quran are justifying Jihad against other religions can refer to the Quran sayings (meaning English translation):
".... You will find the nearest in love to Muslims those who say "we are Christians'. That is because amongst them are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world and they are not arrogant. And when they listen to the Quran revelation received by the Messenger (Muhammad), you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of the truth they have recognized. ... So because of what they said, Allah (God) rewarded them ...."

[Quran, chapter 5, verses 82-86]

Jihad was licit only for the reasons above and never was to force other non-Muslims to be Muslims. God explains in Quran that he caused the different nations with different beliefs only for them to compete in doing good deeds that bring them closer to God, but not to stay in conflict. Quran says:

"... If Allah had willed, He would have made you one nation (one belief), but that may test you in what He has given you; so compete in good deeds; then God will inform you about that in which you used to differ"

[Quran, chapter 5, verse 48]

and the Quran Golden Rule says (Meaning English translation):

"There is no compulsion in religion..."

[Quran, Chapter 2, verse 256]

Also, God commands Muslims to maintain friendly and cooperative relations with people of other beliefs. In the Quran, Holy book of Islam, God has said:

" God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers."

[Quran, chapter 60, verse 8]

The above is general view about what is called Jihad (especially in Islam) and about those who are practicing Jihad and are called, recently, jihadists.

However, those who explode themselves and losing their lives are not doing the Quran justified military Jihad, as commanded by Islam and other religions, unless they are doing it against military occupants or invaders. Those who explode themselves among civilians are not practicing the justified military Jihad, as commanded by Quran and other religions. They are not true jihadists. To the opposite, they are against Islam, and other religions, commands. They are terrorists, and not jihadists, for endangering and killing civilians and terrifying them. Islam and all religions are against terrorism. Those terrorists lose their lives against wrong cause.

Why is the organization Hamas commonly referred in the media as a militant group while Al-Qaeda is referred to as a terrorist group?

Answer 1

The militant wing of Hamas is more traditional of other paramilitary groups like FARC in Columbia or the IRA in Ireland. It has rockets, guns, and a military-style command structure. It does not operate in cells or primarily use bombs as a method of attack like Al-Qaeda does. Additionally, like the IRA, Hamas has a political wing and performs civil administration.

Answer 2

For Israelis, hamas is a terrorist organization because it terrorizes them by targeting non-military targets. For the world at large, they are not terrorists (yet) because they have not (yet) executed acts of terror targeting anyone but Israelis (and Jews). Al-Qaeda is defined world-wide as a terroist organization because it has executed terrorist acts around the world.

Hamas is also a militant organization because it sees itself as engaged in war against Israel. It has attacked military targets, not only civilian ones. Al-Qaeda - although it sees itself as ideologically at war with the west - has not really "done battle" in what one could define as a "military sense". it has never initiated a military battle, but is being sought by military forces, though not as a combatant; its status at present is probably more that of a fugitive from the law.

Answer 3

Because the main stream media is extremely liberal, and does not recognize a terrorist organization when they see one. They are both terrorist organizations, who use terror to accomplish a goal.

Answer 4

Possibly because Hamas is a political party in a sovereign nation while Al-Qaeda is not a government entity.

The middle class is the name given to the group known as middle America.

How does jihad relate to the Islamic religion?

Jihad is different than the known English words war and/or terrorism (or terror).

Jihad is an Arabic word that means struggle for a cause. Struggle to earn money, struggle with illness to get recovered, struggle to get higher scientific degree or higher post, struggle to marry with whom you love, ... etc.

In Islam, Jihad comes under two categories:

  • greater (major or self) jihad, and
  • lesser (Minor or military) jihad.

Greater or self Jihad means self struggle to obey the Creator and avoid sins as well as working for the benefit of yourself, your community, your religion, your family, your neighbors, your environment, etc.

Lesser or Military jihad is licit only when you fulfill the following conditions:

o - Fight only in self defense or against oppression

o - Never Kill Innocent People

o - Never Injure Prisoners of War

o - Never Kill Animals

o - Never Destroy Crops or Infrastructures

o - Never Mutilate Bodies of Enemies dead or alive

o - All Prisoners Should be Given Fair Treatment

o - Women & Children Should be Protected From Harm

o - Always Bury the Dead With Respect

If the above conditions are met, then the lesser or military jihad is licit and justified. The lesser Jihad means fighting for a just cause. A just cause is defined in Islam as a person who protects:

1- His life

2- His family, honorable justice and collective wealth and/or welfare

3- His Religion and country.

Jihad is a very important part of Islam. Unlike Christians, Muslims do not believe in the idea of "love thy enemy" or turning the other cheek attacked. Instead, Muslims believe in the divine principle, "fight those who fight you and be fair. However, if your enemy tends to peace, Muslims should go for peace."

Does Al-Qaeda like Hamas and Hezbollah wage campaigns of national liberation?

No, they seek to murder every one who wants to live their life in peace and take away humanity's God given right to freedom and free will in the guise of holy war, they make me ashamed to call myself human. To their minds yes they do but all they are are instruments of chaos aimed at causing as much misery as possible before they die.

What was jihad movement?

The Jihad Movement was a uniting force for Muslims. Jihad means fighting for Islam.And it was Successful.

Why did the US provide weapons to the mujahideen rebels in Afghanistan?

For their own to defeat Russia.simple.bye the way they gave weapons through Pakistan government.

What is the difference in global warming and global jihad?

global warming is an environmental phenomenon and Jihad is holy war. So there is no relation between them.

How does jihad relate to Muslims and their personal struggles?

Jihad is a word that actually means struggle or striving. It is not related to what is called by the west as holy war. It is a deeper personal meaning for Muslims that means a struggle for spiritual discipline. In Islam it can mean the on-going internal struggle to become a better person and to work to submit to the will of Allah.

refer to the related question below for more information.

When was Jihad created?

Jihad was created by start of mankind creation. refer to question below for more information.

What is the reason for Islamic Jihad?

In the early beginning of Islam, the nonbelievers in Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) tried to assassinate Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) and waged wars against Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) and his followers. That is why Islamic Jihad was legalized at that time to allow Muslims to defend themselves and their religion. Afterwards, when Islam religion accepted in the area and no more hostilities happened, Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) said what is meaning that 'finished the Minor Jihad (defending yourselves against enemies) and started the Major Jihad (defending yourself against the forbidden pleasures of drinking alcohol, gambling, prostitution, cheating, terrifying the innocents, stealing money and properties, false witness, etc..) '

"Jihad" means to struggle or strive, and Islam means submission to the will of God.

The struggle to submit to God's will has existed about as long as man has.

Jihad has the literal meaning of exerting our best and greatest effort to achieve something. It is not the equivalence of war (or 'qital' in Arabic). Jihad has a much wider connotation and embraces every kind of striving in God's cause. A mujahid is one who is sincerely devoted to his or her cause; who uses all physical, intellectual, and spiritual resources to serve it; who confront any power that stands in its way; and, when necessary, dies for this cause. Jihad in the way of God is our struggle to win God's good pleasure, to establish His religion's supremacy, and to make His Word prevail.

However, there should not be confusion between Jihad and terrorism. See related question below on terrorism to understand the difference.

Why is Hamas attacking Israel?

In Hamas' Jihadist conception, only Muslims should be in power in the State and any non-Muslim minorities should have a secondary role if they should have one at all, whereas Jews are too "uppity" in having created a state (Israel) where they are in the dominant position. Second, Israel is situated in territory which used to be governed by Muslims for nearly 1300 years (with a century-long break under the Crusader States). As a result, Israel is considered a usurpation of historical Islamic authority whereas European countries (for example) never had Islamic authority before. Hamas believes that all of Israel should be eliminated and there should be a single Palestinian State from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. They further harbor intense Anti-Semitic views and actively promote the idea of ethnically cleansing the Jews out of Israel.

It is for these reasons that Hamas consistently attacks Israel.

What did the Islamic Jihad attack with a suicide truck bomb in 1983?

The Islamic Jihad Organization was a Shiite Militant group in Lebanon. Their deadliest attacks were in 1983, when they carried out bombing of the barracks of French and U.S. Multinational Force Peacekeeping Troops, and of the United States Embassy in Beirut using suicide truck bombings.

Whether or not we wish to discuss if the organization is truly "Islamic" is another matter, but it remains that this organization calls itself the Islamic Jihad Organization.

Why is jihad often misunderstood?

Because some people get confused and think by mistake that Jihad is the sane as terrorism or war. Jihad is an Arabic work that means struggle. Every one in this world strives to have better life, secure income to raise up a family, or to get better position in society, .... Refer to questions below for more information.

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