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In our constantly changing world, new jobs are constantly being created and older jobs are being phased out. Retraining prepares individuals for new careers in response to the old jobs disappearing and new fields opening up.

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What does Occupation mean?

An occupation is a job or profession. An occupation is someones job. For example, if you were to ask George Bush what his occupation was, he would say being President. It can also refer to the period of time an area is controlled by a foreign military power.

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What does CFA mean in Title-24 calculation?

it means conditioned floor area!

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Can breast growth cause itch?

im 12 and i get itching in my brests asell so i think it does cause itching

Yes, because the skin is stretching.

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Contus support interactive pvt ltd is a MNC? is multi national have a main branch in U.S

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Senaraikan tugas-tugas sebenar jururawat masyarakat pelatih gred u19?

Tugas-tugas jururawat ialah mesti menjaga kebajikan pesakit. Kita juga perlu melayan pesakit dengan sopan dan lemah lembut. di samping itu, kita perlu menolong jururawat merawat pesakit, serta menjaga makan minum mereka.

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When do you get a AIS in E1 modems Why?

AIS stands for Alarm Indication Signal

It is used to indicate that somewehere upstream of this port the signal is lost.

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What events activities or achievements have contributed to your own self development?

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How do you become an electrician?

According to the US Department of Labor, most people learn the electrical trade by completing an apprenticeship program lasting 3 to 5 years.

Apprenticeship gives trainees a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the trade and generally improves their ability to find a job. Although electricians are more likely to be trained through apprenticeship than are workers in other construction trades, some still learn their skills informally on the job. Others train to be residential electricians in a 3-year program.

The typical large apprenticeship program provides at least 144 hours of classroom instruction and 2,000 hours of on-the-job training each year. In the classroom, apprentices learn blueprint reading, electrical theory, electronics, mathematics, electrical code requirements, and safety and first aid practices.

Most apprenticeship sponsors require applicants for apprentice positions to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and be able to pass a skills test.

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Apakah tugas-tugas jururawat masyarakat di hospital?

menjaga dan melayan makan minum pesakit

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What are good high paying jobs for a 32 year old male?

Lawyers usually earn high salaries. However, it's necessary to attend law school and pass the bar exam first.

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What is a person that builds houses called?

Carpenters, or remodelers depending.

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What is the average wage of UPS truck drivers?

According to American job and career site Glassdoor, the average salary of a UPS truck driver is about $56,000 a year.

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What is a privy cleaner?

In the Middle Ages, a privy cleaner was a toilet cleaner.

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Are there free Practice questions for Nccer hvac exam?


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What is the Syllabus for SLET exam?

SLET Means State Level Eligibility Test, Which is Conducted by different universities in Tamilnadu. Syllabus for the different major subjects are available in the respective universities. For example. SLET syllabus in Bharathiyar University is available in website. k

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No apa toto kluar hari ini?


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What jobs pay over 400000 dollars per year?

basically anything involving specialization in medical for example, neurosurgeon, cardiologist etc. Other fields can too, but medical fields are the most fool proof

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What do you do when life does not go your way?

Realize that if there is anything that is steadfast and unchanging, it is change itself. Learn from the experience and build upon it. It's like throwing down a rubber ball. It will always bounce back. It may not bounce back in the same direction, but it will always bounce back. When the direction changes, look at it as an opportunity to learn from and build on. Your attitude will have a lot to do with moving forward even when the direction changes, and moving forward in a positive way. Attitude is everything!

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Apa tugas seorang jururawat secara keseluruhan?

Nagara bgom truag hald.

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What does running a tight ship mean?

to control a business or other organization firmly and effectively
everything is organized in its own place

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What job can you work if you have only one arm?

Pretty much any job that you might work with two hands. If some specific thing requires 2 hands, well, there's always some workaround.

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Kairali channel title song neela vaaninnu kizhilaye malayali?

neela vaaninnu kizhilaye malayali tan theerabhumiyay jalakam thuranneduka malayalamam drisya charuthe

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What are the disadvantages of a wok?

The wok is a venerable vessel handed over to us from the Chinese, and it's a versatile and easy tool to use.

The only disadvantage is that electric stove tops are not well suited to wok cooking because the flat electric burner does not transfer heat well to the round bottom of the wok. The flat bottomed woks designed for electric stoves help, but then do not cook the same as the traditional round bottomed woks. Luckily, if you have an electric stove it is easy and inexpensive to get a single burner portable gas burner like the 'Burton' units for you wok.

If you have a huge wok (bigger than 14 or 16 inches in diameter) you will need a lot of heat to cook in it properly - just as you would for any huge sized cooking vessel.


It depends on what kind of wok you're asking about:

  • Teflon covered woks are terrible -- you can't use them with high enough heat (food burns and the chemicals leach out of the teflon), and they get scratched.
  • Carbon steel are great. Some are made with a single sheet of steel, and these are tougher to use without burning the food. The double-sheet is heavier and much more consistent. The best is a hand hammered carbon steel wok. Seasoning using the salt seasoning method is very very easy.
  • Cast iron comes in two type -- the Chinese version is thin and probably the best by most criteria. The Western version is much thicker/heavier, which makes it hard to pick up and toss food with (you need to use a utensil, which isn't the classic way to do it). Also, because it's so heavy, the wok takes a LONG time to heat up and to cool, which is just inconvenient unless it's in a restaurant/catering scenario, where it's running long-term.

The wok cooking site at foodly wise explains all about seasoning a wok and caring for a wok - it is very easy.

The quick answer: the only disadvantage is to a wok is if you have no gas stove! Otherwise, there are none!

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What kind of questions can you expect to be asked in a job interview for a Restaurant supervisor position for hotel?

Hi, most of the question are really basic, such as: Do you or have you any experance in Hotel/Motel/Hospitle industry?
Can you work independently, without supervision?
Can you work well w/others?
Can you understand verbal instruction's and follow thru them all when given to you only once?
Can you work between the hours of 7:00am-5:00pm, on your feet?
Remember the most important thing for Hotel/Motel cleaning, is they like to know that you pay attention to detail, and if you can do Hospital corners on the bed's. This is a very easy task, if you've never had to do them..
In all Motel/Hotels they supply you w/flat sheets only for top & bottom, no fitted sheets..Pull the matress out away from headboard or wall, just enough to give you room to work. Take one flat sheet spred it out ontop of matress with at least 2-3inches of overhang at top and bottom of matress. Making sure your sides are even also. We'll start at the foot first, then once you get it down you'll always want to start at the top. At the foot of the bed, starting at the center of the sheet and matress tuck the end of the sheet in flat, move to eather side, you'll notice the bottom of the sheet hanging out at the corner, lift the sheet w/ your left hand and smooth out the overhang, then tuck in the corner from your left hand. When looking at it from the foot of the bed it should look like the end of a gift package when you wrap it. Do the same on the other side and at the head of the matress, do the same w/the top sheet and blanket, remember though not to tuck all of the side's of the sheets and blankets in(except for only the bottom sheet). Only tuck in up to about the center of the matress when standing on the edge or side of bed, this will make it easier for the guest to turn down, and not end up pulling it all out if they are going to be stay over's for another night. Also remember to clean the shower curtian rod's. Good Luck at the interview! Chow Silverlighting

Another area where questions will be asked deals with you trustworthiness. There will be questions about any possible criminal activity in the past, whether there are any things that could prevent you from being bonded.

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