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In our constantly changing world, new jobs are constantly being created and older jobs are being phased out. Retraining prepares individuals for new careers in response to the old jobs disappearing and new fields opening up.

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How do you impress a aunty?

Well, you could start by using the right word. The indefinite article for aunty is "an" not "a."

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What is the take off measurements for 45 degree pipe fittings?

what size and style? If it is butt weld you half the pipe size 3 times and take the 2nd and 4th number and add together. 6 inch example below....

1] 6"
2] 3" add this
3] 1 1/2"
4] 3/4" and 6 inch 45 would be 3 3/4"

you also can use this formula.. pipe size times 0.625 [ 5/8 ]

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Apakah tugas jururawat masyarakat pelatih?

1)menjaga kebajikan pesakit

2)membantu penolong jururawat

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Coal (fuel source)

What is the process for producing sponge iron in coal based rotary kiln process quantitatively?

midrex technology for gas based DRI for coal based

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What jobs require keyboarding skills?

Any job that requires a computer, which is pretty much most jobs these days.

Some examples:

* Receptionists, secretaries, administrative assistants

* Any job that requires reports, documents, records

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What two things are most important in a job?

Belonging to a team of people who believe in each other and share communally. There is no "I" in team and I believe a company that shares it's success with all the people who contributed makes for a better work environment and builds group morale.

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How can I contact movie director I have so many ideas about making movies.?

You can get in touch with the production agency that is listed in the rolling credits of the movies that a particular director worked with in the past. Alot of them have their own. You also can get in touch with a well known agent and have them seek the director out for you. You will need an agent anyway to negotiate a deal, directors usually dont work directly with a writer until after they have established themselves. I dont know what type of movies you would like to get involved in but be sure to narrow the field down to the type of movie it is to find the proper director.

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What is the Formula for pipe fitting take off?

For 90 degree fittings divide the diameter by 2 then add quotion to original diameter

for 45 degree fittings multiply .625 X the diameter on 3r 45's multiply .625X diameter then X 2

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Write an application for leave of absent for sickness?


With due respect I would like to inform you that I have been suffering from fever for the last two days the temperature running high I am not in a condition to attend school. I had been advised to take rest for one week.

I, therefore, request you to kindly grant me leave for one week, i.e. from August 5th to 12th. I will produce my medical certificate the day when I rejoin the school.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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What jobs pay over 300000 dollars per year?

neurosurgery, anesthesiology, plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, private practice emergency medicine physicians who work at least 4-5 days per week, investment bankers a few years into their jobs, some dentists and dental subspecialties.

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What is the Formula for pipe fitting take off for 45degree fittings?

There is no one formula for fitting take offs. The general rule used for gal and black malleable fittings is on a center to center measurement to take off the ID of the pipe you are using on each end of the pipe. Example if center to center measurement is 10 feet between a 1 inch tee and a 1 inch 90 ell. The end to end measurement would be minus 2 inches for a total of 9 foot 10 inches. If you are a industrial pipe fitter there is a pipe fitters blue book that covers all this and a lot more,but the formula we use is take the size of the fitting and break it down 4 times add the second and forth dimension together and there's your take off,ex. 10 inch 45 degree carbon steel would be like this,,,,,10-5- 2.5-11/4=6 1/4 take out.......

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What qualities should a good engineer have?

A software quality factor is a non-functional requirement for a software program which is not called up by the customer's contract, but nevertheless is a desirable requirement which enhances the quality of the software program. Note that none of these factors are binary; that is, they are not "either you have it or you don't" traits. Rather, they are characteristics that one seeks to maximize in one's software to optimize its quality. So rather than asking whether a software product "has" factor x, ask instead the degree to which it does (or does not).

Some software quality factors are listed here:

Understandability--clarity of purpose. This goes further than just a statement of purpose; all of the design and user documentation must be clearly written so that it is easily understandable. This is obviously subjective in that the user context must be taken into account: for instance, if the software product is to be used by software engineers it is not required to be understandable to the layman.

Completeness--presence of all constituent parts, with each part fully developed. This means that if the code calls a subroutine from an external library, the software package must provide reference to that library and all required parameters must be passed. All required input data must also be available.

Conciseness--minimization of excessive or redundant information or processing. This is important where memory capacity is limited, and it is generally considered good practice to keep lines of code to a minimum. It can be improved by replacing repeated functionality by one subroutine or function which achieves that functionality. It also applies to documents.

Portability--ability to be run well and easily on multiple computer configurations. Portability can mean both between different hardware---such as running on a PC as well as a smartphone---and between different operating systems---such as running on both Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

Consistency--uniformity in notation, symbology, appearance, and terminology within itself.

Maintainability--propensity to facilitate updates to satisfy new requirements. Thus the software product that is maintainable should be well-documented, should not be complex, and should have spare capacity for memory, storage and processor utilization and other resources.

Testability--disposition to support acceptance criteria and evaluation of performance. Such a characteristic must be built-in during the design phase if the product is to be easily testable; a complex design leads to poor testability.

Usability--convenience and practicality of use. This is affected by such things as the human-computer interface. The component of the software that has most impact on this is the user interface (UI), which for best usability is usually graphical (i.e. a GUI).

Reliability--ability to be expected to perform its intended functions satisfactorily. This implies a time factor in that a reliable product is expected to perform correctly over a period of time. It also encompasses environmental considerations in that the product is required to perform correctly in whatever conditions it finds itself (sometimes termed robustness).

Structuredness--organisation of constituent parts in a definite pattern. A software product written in a block-structured language such as Pascal will satisfy this characteristic.

Efficiency--fulfillment of purpose without waste of resources, such as memory, space and processor utilization, network bandwidth, time, etc.

Security--ability to protect data against unauthorized access and to withstand malicious or inadvertent interference with its operations. Besides the presence of appropriate security mechanisms such as authentication, access control and encryption, security also implies resilience in the face of malicious, intelligent and adaptive attackers.

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How does buying under risk differ from buying under uncertainty?

A risk is a compound estimation between an impact severity (if the risk concretizes) and the associated probability of occurrence (its uncertainty). As an example, the nuclear risk is composed of its impact severity (i.e. Tchernobyl) multiplied by its probability of occurrence (hopefully very low in the developped countries, where nuclear plants are operated under adequate security policies), thus the nuclear risk is judged acceptable. Compare this to the risk associated with a water dam, where the impact is much reduced compared to a nuclear accident (a single region overflooded instead of a whole continent), but with higher probability (much more water dams have broken in human history than nuclear plants). Other useful points to take into consideration: If the probability of occurrence associated to a risk is 0, this is not a risk anymore: it's a no-case. If, on the other side, the probability is 1, this is not a risk either. It's a problem that must immediately be dealt with as such, and not managed as a risk anymore. What can be done to directly reduce a risk ? There are essentially two axes of action:

- Reduce the impact's severity

- Reduce the probability of occurrence For exemple, in the maganament of fire risk inside a building, these two axes are envisioned:

- Put a fire detector in every room and firewalls between building aisles

(this clearly reduces the impact in case of fire, since the fire is detected earlier)

- Forbid smoking inside the building (this contributes clearly to the probability reduction, since it's a proven insurance fact that nine fires out of ten are due to improperly out-put butts) Besides these direct actions, there are also indirect ones, like for exemple having a rescue plan ready to reduce the number of victims in case the risk concretizes, and delegating (part of) the risk to a third party, typically by taking an insurance, but this has more to do with the side-effects than directly with the risk itself.

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What are the highest paying careers with least qualifications or training?

Career training programs can give you specific training in profitable careers without the long-term commitment or expense of college.

We have created program profiles to help you make that final decision on your new career. We have compiled employment facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job titles from employers, and personality traits, so you can find which one fits you now and later. Send me a message and I'll send it to you.

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Is Dyrdek enterprise hiring?


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How much is 900 centillion times 900centillion?

810,000 centillion -_- duh


Answer #2:

Answer #1 above, with or without the "duh", is way off the beam. To understand why,

you only have to notice that 9 hundred times 9 hundred is not 81 hundred.

One "centillion" is a very large number. It's either 10303 or 10600, depending on the

system used. Canada and the US use the so-called 'short scale, where it's 10303,

so let's stick with that.

900 centillion = 900 x 10303 = 9 x 10305

(900 centillion) x (900 centillion) = (9 x 10305)2 = 81 x 10610 or 8.1 x 10611 if you like.

That kind of a number may have a name. But frankly, it's not worth the effort

to look for it. You will never, ever have any use for that number.

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How much money does a dental technician earn?

it depends on a few things...the state you live in and the office you will be working in. If you work for a office that does VERY well, that will refelct in your paycheck...I am from Ohio and I have seen anywhere between 30, to 40,000 per year in salary.

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How long does it take for a contractor to pay a subcontractor after a job?

I used to work in the credit dept at Sherwin Williams and always dealt with subcontractors who were late on payments because of contractors. Each contractor is different...some will only pay after the job is final and others will pay as phases of the job are finished; some pay within 30 days (which is rare) and some take as long as 90-120 days. My suggestion to you is ALWAYS find this information out BEFORE you start a job for any contractor and ALWAYS do research on the contractor because some of them can be very shady...make sure the contractor has been around for a while and has an established reputation. I had many subcontractors that were sent to outside collection agencies because the contractors never paid them or they went out of business during a job...either way the subcontractors were the ones borrowing the money therefore, were responsible for paying us. If you are borrowing money for a job with a contractor see if you can pay lenders back by joint check...this way, the lenders are usually more lenient with the subcontractors.

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Which is the most frequent speaking language in the world?

"Mandrin" the Chinese language is the frequently used language in the world .

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What education or training do you need to become a children's counselor?

There are several routes to go here. It depends on your state's laws, what type of organization you want to work for, and the type of counseling you want to practice. Sometimes, for specific types of counseling, all you need is a certification, such as CDC (Chemical Dependency Counselor). If you want to work for state government you probably need a Master's in Social Work. The best start to this is a bachelor's degree in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work etc. But people with unrelated bachelor's degrees are commonly admitted to graduate programs in Social work by taking a few extra hours of pre-requisite courses. A degree in Education with an emphasis or minor in psychology is best if you plan to work as a guidance counselor in a public or private school. Many church run and non-profit organizations offer opportunities to be involved in guiding the lives of children without any degree at all. They may provide their own specific training session to prepare you for your work. These positions are often volunteer and may not pay an actual salary. Finally, if you want to run your own private practice, you will need a PhD in Psychotherapy. Otherwise you can work under the supervision of another PhD. hope this helps.

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Disadvantages of job rotation?

A disadvantage for job rotation is that because staff members would be performing different tasks, if they discover it as a weakness, the task wont be performed as well as by someone that is strong at it. Another disadvantage is that staff could be rotated away from a task that they enjoy, or perform very well to a high standard which could lead to other staff members not performing the same tasks as well.

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What education or training do you need to become a substance abuse counselor?

== == You have to take classes in substance abuse and counseling for drug abuse and addiction and depending on the state you live in you have to be certified and/or licensed as a counselor to deal with substance abuse counselor. Most people who are substance abuse counselors have degrees in Sociology and Psychology so having a degree will get your foot in the door as a substance abuse counselor a lot faster since most community colleges have short programs roughly a year to provide the coursework and certification, but you have to contact the state about licensure depending on the state you live in.

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