John Glenn

John Glenn (July 18, 1921) was a United States marine, and the first American astronaut to orbit Earth. After a full career and many NASA accomplishments, he went on to serve as the senator of Ohio from December 24, 1974 โ€“ January 3, 1999.

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Why is John Glenn so important?

John Glenn's SignificanceJohn Herschel Glenn Jr. (born July 18, 1921, in Cambridge, Ohio) is a former American astronaut, Marine Corps fighter pilot, and politician. He was the third American to fly around the earth in space. He was the first American and second person to orbit the earth. Later he served as a United States Senator from Ohio (1974 - 1999).

In 1998 he returned to space at the age of 77 on the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-95), becoming the oldest man ever to go in space. This was an 'experiment' to test the effects of going into space on an aging person. (It had been discovered that going into space showed signs of premature aging).

What was John Glenn first to do?

John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth.

How old is John Glenn?

US astronaut and senator John Herschel Glenn Jr. was 95 years old when he died on December 8, 2016 (birthdate: July 18, 1921).

Why was John Glenn important to the state of Ohio?

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How many times did John Glenn orbit the earth?

John Glenn orbited the earth just 3 times in his Mercury capsule 'Friendship 7' in 1962. The first-ever US orbital flight lasted just under 5 hours.

He also went back to space in the Shuttle, on the STS-95 mission in 1998. This time he added an extra 134 orbits to his record, resulting in a life total of 137 Earth orbits.

Where does John Glenn live?

He lived in cambridge,Ohio. He grew up in New Concord,Ohio

When did john glenn get married?

john glenn married to Annie Castor in 1943

How many times did John Glenn recieve the Distinguished Flying Cross award?

A fighter pilot in Worl War II and the Korean War, he received the Flying Cross 6 times.

How old was John Glenn in 1962?

Born July 18, 1921, Glenn was 40 years old when he became the first American to orbit the Earth, on February 20, 1962.

What high school did john glenn attend?

New concord High school in New concord Ohio. Now know as John Glenn High School

Where did John Glenn land?

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How old was John Glenn on his first trip?

John Glenn was 40 years old.

Glenn turned 90 years old on July 18, 2011. H.B. !

Where did John Glenn land on the moon?

John Glenn did not land anywhere on the moon. He was the first American to orbit Earth, in 1962.

Where did John Glenn go to college?

john glenn went to Muskingum University (BS)

Was John Glenn Jr an astronaut?

John Glenn, presently a US senator from Ohio, was one of the original seven astronauts in the Mercury program, and was the first American to orbit the earth in an artificial satellite.