Joseph Lister

Joseph Lister (1827-1912) was a surgical pioneer. He was one of the first surgeons to incorporate and help to further develop aseptic techniques. He helped make surgical patients safer by reducing their chances of post surgical infections.

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What do you refer to when talking about septic ferments?

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septic ferments as distinctly as we see flies or other insects with the corpord eye. If you can really see them in this distinct way with your intellectud .

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What college did Joseph Lister go to?

Joseph lister went to the university college in London

What was Joseph Lister do in his childhood?

Joseph Liter was an excellent student in several classes, including non-English languages, math, and science. He received a bachelor's degree in botany, followed by bachelor of medicine (the equivalent of an M.D. in the U.S.A.)

When Joseph lister invent antisepsis?

First of all, antisepsis is the concept of preventing contamination from external (i.e bacterial, fungal, protozal) organisms. In theory, washing your hands is a manifestation of antiseptic procedure.

One can not create "antisepsis," only apply it in new methods.

Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, first discovered the antiseptic properties carbolic acid as a means of sterilizing surgical implements in 1867. He published his findings in the British Medical Journal on the 21st of September, 1867.

FUN FACT!! The common oral debriding and sanitizing agent, Listerine, is actually named for Joseph Lister.

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What is Joseph Lister contribution in microbiology?

Joseph Lister introduced the first aseptic technique to surgery ( critical! Students and physicians scrubbed their hands with chlorinated lime instead of soap and water) because of the rates of childbed (puerperal) fever - a contagious disease caused by an infection passed to pregnant women by their doctors, who frequently moved from patient to patient, and even from autopsy to patient, without washing their hands.

What was Joseph listers accomplishment?

Joseph Lister developed antiseptic surgery, saving innumerable patients from the dreadful pain and death of post-surgical infection by ensuring that surgical wounds were sterile. He reduced the mortality rate of amputations from over 40% down to 5% by introducing asepsis to surgery. He also invented the use of catgut sutures (stitches) which could be sterilized before use and are absorbed by the body so useful for internal suturing. He was knighted by the queen after treating a problem she had in her left armpit



How do you know Joseph lister was right about antiseptic?

He used scientific method by first developing a theory based on the work of another scientist, Louis Pasteur. Then he proved the theory using experimentation. And now time has proven his theory even more so as over a century of medical science has further proven that he was correct. Before his theory half of those who underwent even minor surgery died from infection.

What did Joseph jacquard invent?

The punch card loom, considered to be an early form of the computer.

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Relationship between Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister?


Please do ignore the idiotic first answer. There wasn't really much of a relationship between Pasteur and Lister since they were in different countries and all that, but Lister did use Pasteur's work to help him with his whole antiseptic phenomena.

Through reading Pasteur's work on finding 'germs' in his beetroot beer, and how 'germs' affect other things, Lister applied this to septicemia that was common after operations or any other kind of cut and it made sense. He then used carbolic acid when operating, spraying everything from the instruments used, to his own hands.

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Why is Joseph lister important in science?

it was important because before him people were dying from surgery because the wounds got infected. so he invented phenol to clean the tools and wounds.

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Where did Joseph Lister discover listerine?

Joseph Lister didn't discover Listerine,because he was the father of antiseptics,they named it after him,it was first made by Lawrence and Lambert in 1879 in ST.Louis,Missouri.

How did Joseph Lister find antiseptic?

It's a long answer. To see it, click on the related link below.

Why is Joseph Lister famous?

Joseph Lister was a surgin who reduced the mortality rate of amputations from over 40% down to 5% by introducing asepsis to surgery. He also invented the use of catgut surtures (stitches) which could be sterilised before use and are absorbed by the body so useful for internal surturing. His name is where Listerine comes from. He was knighted by the queen after treating a problem she had in her left armpit. (yes seriously)

What contribution made by Joseph Lister?

Lister gained fame from his emphasis on sterile technique. This greatly reduced infections in hospitals, and those associated with surgeries and various other procedures.

What did Joseph lister do for science?

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What contributions did Joseph lister and Florence Nightingale make to medicine?

*simple ans. they advanced

lister - surgeries

nightingale - modern nursin

What did Joseph lister invent and when did he invent it?

Joseph Jackson Lister invented the achromatic microscope in 1826. His son, Joseph Lister was a surgeon who began the idea of antiseptic surgery. He wanted to kill microbes that caused infections such as gangrene in wounds. So he developed a technique where he sprayed phenol or carbolic acid to disinfect wounds and medical instruments. His contribution to sanitation in the medical field caused a decline in infection and death in his patients.