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This category is for questions about the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are a NFL football team. They were established in 1960, and won Super Bowl IV in 1970.

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Who wore number 82 for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007?

It was Dwayne Bowe who entered the NFL draft in 2007 as the 23 overall pick for the Kansas city chiefs.

How many times have the Kansas City Chiefs played in the Super Bowl?

Once, that being Super Bowl IV when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

INCORRECT. The Kansas City Chiefs have played twice in Super Bowl.:

The very First Super Bowl was played by the Kansas City Chiefs against Green Bay Pakers. The National Football League (NFL) champion Green Bay Packers (12-2) scored 3 second-half touchdowns en route to a 35-10 win over the American Football League (AFL) champion Kansas City Chiefs (11-2-1).
Technically, two. (One, if you want to be extremely rigid in the definition of what is called a "Super Bowl.")

They appeared in the first ever "AFL/NFL Championship" in 1967, before the two leagues merged and before the championship game was called the "Super Bowl." Instead, it was simply called the "World Championship."

The Chiefs lost 35-10 to the Green Bay Packers. (Note, this game is now referred to as "Super Bowl I," but at the time it was played, it was not given that moniker.)

Super Bowl winners are awarded with the Lombardi Trophy, in honor of the winning Packers Head Coach, Vince Lombardi, whose coaching victories dominated the late 1960's, winning 3 of the last 5 "NFL Championships" and the first two "AFL-NFL World Championships."

However, three years later, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 on January 11, 1970 in Super Bowl IV - in only the 2nd game referred to as "The Super Bowl" (at the time it was played.)

In the Chief's victory, they represented the AFL, the last team to do so, before the AFL and NFL merger was completed.

Interestingly enough, it was Lamar Hunt, owner of the Chiefs who initially suggested calling the championship game the "Super Bowl."

After Super Bowl IV, the AFL and NFL officially merged in 1970, thus creating the conferences we now know - the AFC and the NFC. The winners of each conference championship game advance to play in the "Super Bowl." (Since the 1971 Super Bowl, there has been no confusion or disparity as to what the game is called.)

Prior to "Super Bowls" and "AFL/NFL Championships," the Chiefs appeared in the AFL Championship games of 1962 and 1966, winning both games, making them AFL champions twice. As of 2010, the Chiefs have not played in a Super Bowl since 1970.
Through Super Bowl XLII, the Chiefs have played in two Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl I on January 15, 1967 and were beaten by the green bay packers 35-10 and super bowl IV on January 11, 1970. The Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 23-7.

Since 1994 how many times have the Denver Broncos played the Kansas City Chiefs and who won which games?

Since the 1994-1995 season, the Broncos and Chiefs have played twice each year, they also met once in the playoffs in 1997. Grand total as of the 2004-2005 season = 23

10/17/94 KC 31 DEN 28

12/04/94 DEN 20 KC 17

10/22/95 KC 21 DEN 7

12/17/95 KC 20 DEN 17

09/22/96 KC 17 DEN 14

10/27/96 DEN 34 KC 7 08/31/97 DEN 19 KC 3

11/16/97 KC 24 DEN 22

01/04/98 DEN 14 KC 10 *PLAYOFFS

11/16/98 DEN 30 KC 7

12/06/98 DEN 35 KC 31

09/19/99 KC 26 DEN 10

12/05/99 KC 16 DEN 10

09/24/00 KC 23 DEN 22

12/17/00 KC 20 DEN 7

10/07/01 DEN 20 KC 6

12/16/01 KC 26 DEN 23

10/20/02 DEN 37 KC 34

12/15/02 DEN 31 KC 24

10/05/03 KC 24 DEN 23

12/07/03 DEN 45 KC 27

09/12/04 DEN 34 KC 24

12/19/04 KC 45 DEN 17


Updating with scores from the 2005 and 2006 seasons:

2005: Denver 30, KC 10 and KC 31, Denver 27

2006: Denver 9, KC 6 and KC 19, Denver 10

In what year did the Kansas City Chiefs become an official NFL team?

The Chiefs became an NFL team in 1967 when the AFL merged with the NFL to become one league. They were one of the original AFL teams.

They were still in the AFL until 1970, they won the Super bowl IV in 1970 as the last AFL team, the following year they joined the NFL as part of the AFC

The Chiefs were originally named The Dallas Texans and was founded by Lamar Hunt as a member of the American Football League(AFL). The Chiefs relocated to Kansas City in 1963 and took the name that they have now. They then joined the NFL during the NFL-AFL merging in the year 1960.

Who wrote the song 'Horse' used during Kansas City Chief games?

The song that was used during the late 1960's for the K.C. Chief's when a touchdown was scored was written by Harry Stonum. I never learned the name but I worked with Harry's wife, Joan Dunham in 1969 and she was explaining how much money Harry made on the song since it was played frequently during every game. Perhaps another song (Horse) was later used, or that might have been the name of Harry's song. I only heard it a couple of times since I'm not a football aficionado. Signed:Don Dolan

What rookie kicker made a 32 yard field goal to beat the Cowboys in Super Bowl V?

Jim O'Brien hit the winning field goal in Super Bowl V, leading the Baltimore Colts to a 16-13 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Who were the Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks since 1970?

Quaterbacks on the roster since 1970 Adams, Tony Barnes, Pat Beathard, Pete Blundin, Matt Blackledge, Todd Bono, Steve Carlson, Dean Clements, Tom Collins, Todd Dawson, Len Elkins, Mike Flores, Tom Fuller, Steve Gagliano, Bob Gannon, Rich Germaine, Joe Grbac, Elvis Green, Trent Huard, Damon Huarte, John Hudson, Doug Jaworski, Ron Jaynes, Dave Kenney, Bill Krieg, Dave Livingston, Mike Matthews, Steve McManus, Danny Montana, Joe Moon, Warren Nott, Mike Osiecki, Sandy Pelluer, Steve Quinn, Jonathan Seurer, Frank Shaw, Dennis Stevens, Matt Tolliver, Billy Joe Vitali, Mark Vlasic, Mark Whitehurst, David To clarify punctuation probelwm with the first answer-Last name first Adams Tony,Barnes Pat,Beathard Pete,Blundin Matt,Blackledge Todd,Bono Steve,Carlson Dean, Clements Tom, Collins Todd, Dawson Len, Elkins Mike,Flores Tom,FullerSteve,Gagliano Bob,Gannon Rich,Germaine Joe,Grbac Elvis,Green Trent,Huard Damon,Huarte John,Hudson Doug,Jaworski Ron,Jaynes Dave,Kenney Bill,Krieg Dave,Livingston Mike,Matthews Steve,McManus Danny,Montana Joe,Moon Warren,Nott Mike,Osiecki Sandy,Pelluer Steve,Quinn Jonathan,Seurer Frank,Shaw Dennis,Stevens Matt,Tolliver Billy Joe,Vitali Mark,Vlasic Mark,Whitehurst David

Have the KC Chiefs ever won a Super Bowl?

The Chiefs have won one Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl IV when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

How many Super Bowls did the Chiefs win?

One. The Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Viking, 23-7, in Super Bowl IV.

Who is a better football team huskies or cougars?

Honestly, after this year's Apple Cup, both schools really need to get their acts together. It was a close game, Cougs lost at the very end, but the problem is the assaults that happened. Throwing chunks of ice at both bands, not cool.

Who wore number 84 for the chiefs in 1991?

Wide receiver Willie Davis wore the number 84 for the Chiefs in 1991, which was his rookie year.

Do Kansas City Chiefs have a fight song?

Yes. here's the words. I've never heard it though.

Give a cheer for Kansas City,

Loud and clear for the red and gold,

As the Chiefs march on to vict'ry

Like Our mighty teams of old.

Beat the drum, here they come

Warriors, brave and strong.

In the stands, loyal fans

Cheer their team along.

Who was number 99 on the patriots?

Mike Wright a defensive end and nose tackle currently wears number 99 for the Patriots.

Who coached the Kansas City Chiefs in their first Super Bowl win?

Hank Stram was head coach of the Chiefs when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 23-7, in Super Bowl IV.

When was the last time Oakland Raiders beat the Chiefs?

Prior to the 2007 season, the last time the Raiders beat the Chiefs was December 28, 2002 in Oakland when the Raiders won 28-0.

What will be the record of the KC Chiefs in 2007?

I believe that the Chief's 2007 record will be 10 - 6 or 11 - 5. Once they get their sync and build some confidence, they will be a very solid team.

Did Steve Young ever play for the Kansas City Chiefs?

No. Young spent 1985-1986 with Tampa Bay and 1987-1999 with San Francisco. You may be thinking of Joe Montana who, after 14 years (1979-1992) in San Francisco, was traded to Kansas City and spent the final two years of his career with the Chiefs.