Kart Racing

Small 4-wheel vehicles that go by a variety of names: carts, karts, go-karts or gearbox/shifter karts. Their races take place on scaled-down tracks, and include all classes, circuits, championship, and winners.

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Is rotax the best go kart engine?

In terms of price and durability, this is the best professional engine.

What is the best kart chassis for minimax?

We run on a Gillard but it is what the driver prefers. Go out there and get some testing done on different chassis before you buy. In my opinion Gillards are good karts and spares are cheap. When you are buying try to get an 06 or newer kart so it will definitely be legal for racing (different sidepods)

How much is a 2001 hot wheels go kart worth?

The same amount that someone is willing to pay fot it.

How many people can fit in a go-kart?

Well it depends are there big people riding with you are small people?

How do you start your 100cc go-kart?

It all depends on the brand of the engine most are roll start but more expensive ones have a electric start Burton

What are safer go karts or dirt bikes?

Dirtbikes. Less weight and easier to get away from when something goes wrong.

AnswerI don't know. I'd go wit the go karts because often they actually weigh less or same as a dirt bike and it's quite hard to get in trouble with them (unlike any two wheeled motor vehicle). It's very, very hard to flip it, so the only big danger is hitting something, like a wall :)

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This really depends on the nut behind the wheel... or handle bars..^__^

i think go kart


Can you weld a go kart together with a stick welder?

sure but it will probably take longer than if you use a wire feed. you might have to cut the rod in half to get to tight places. and a stick welder might be to hot and burn through the pipe you use for roll bar

How do you get a go kart on gta san Andreas on ps2?

you go get one in wall mart and its located noeth of Africa

If your go kart is 90cc how much mph does it go?

it ttruly depends on how heavy and how aerodynamic it is

ANS 2 -When I was karting in the 1960's I had friends who ran 98cc engines of various kinds, all of them could easily exceed 60 mph. One had a Mac which ran at over 10,000 rpm and we never did get to record his speed, but it was way over 60. You need to work on and convert minor things in any engine to increase revs and power.

How fast does a 5 hp motor go?

It goes on a manco dingo go kart about 15 to 25 mph and it is really slow so I would get a 13 hp engine.

How fast will a 10 hp go-kart go?

Depending on if your engine has a restriction or a set speed, you can go as fast as 55 to 65 miles a hour.

Can kids drive go karts?


ANS 2 - In my area of Greater Vancouver, we have 3 Kart rental tracks where kids can rent and practice on large clunky karts with simple engines and centrifugal clutches. As long as you are 4 ft. tall you can ride for a small fee. All these karts will seat 2 people. My grandson learned there,and can now drive my car ( but not legally, he is 11)

How do you build a steering mechanism for a go kart?

buy a fusion scooter, and take off the steering mod and make a wooden angled mod then put the fusion steering mod in it. it is a crappy steering mod, but it works

How fast does a 15 hp motor go on a go kart?

It is greatly dependant on the weight of the cart, the gear ratio, and the tire sizes. on a race cart a 15 hp (if you could mount it) will do between 50 and 60 mph. I have never seen one on a yard cart (lie the one seaters you can get at tractor supply) but i would venture to say you could probably push 45-50 moh with the right gearing.

How fast would a gocart go if it had a lawn mower motor?

3hp with 150lbs. rider 25mph. 6hp 35mph with 150lbs rider 120lbs. gocart balloon tires hard geared right with centrifical clutch