Kate Middleton

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, also known as Kate Middleton, is the wife of Prince William of Wales. Their wedding was in April of 2011. Kate met William while they were studying at St. Andrews in Scotland. They had a long courtship - eight years - before they were engaged.

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Did Kate go out with Prince Harry at one time?

No. Kate and Harry never went out with each other. Kate and William met at St Andrew's University while Harry was still a schoolboy at Eton and it's not believed Harry ever met Kate before William's relationship with her began.

What is Kate Middleton's religion?

She was baptised into the Church of England.
She is Anglican/Episcopalian.

Who is Kate Middleton's husband?

Prince William of Wales, now the Duke of Cambridge. She is now known as HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

When was the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Friday, April 29, 2011Prince William and Kate Middleton got married on April 29, 2011 at 11 a.m. in Westminster Abbey in London.

Royal Wedding times around the world:

4 a.m. in Los Angeles

6 a.m. in New York

12 noon in Paris

2 p.m. in Abu Dhabi

6 p.m. in Hong Kong

8 p.m. in Sydney, Australia

The Royal Channel on YouTube

The Royal Channel on YouTube broadcast the event live, starting at 10 a.m., London time. (See the Related link for more information.)

What is the mystery in the four princesses poem by kate green away?

who do you think the princesses are and how will you explain their mystery

Where did national holidays originate?

National holidays sprang from a need to memorialize a significant person or event in a contrys history, especially anything that creates and stirs emotional responses.

What is Kate Middleton's sister's name?

Her sister's name is Philippa Charlotte, nicknamed 'Pippa', born 6th September 1983 (age 29).

What does the royal family signify in British culture?

They are our Monarchs. They symbolise England, they're everywhere, on our coins, shirts, news and even facebook. They symbolise England itself and everything in it (almost).

What is a Grace Kelly wedding stamp worth?

Will need more information including the country of origin, I'm guessing Monaco. You can consult a stamp catalogue at your local library to identify the year and condition of the item with an estimated value for it.

Post cards are listed as 'back of the book' items in the country of origin.

A set of 5 minted stamps issued in 1956 is retailing at USD5.00 on the Internet.

Is it true Prince William and Kate have split up?

No. They have not split up.


Can you be sued for expenses paid by your ex-fiance for calling off the wedding?

Of course you can. Becoming engaged is a form of oral contract -- it is an agreement to show up and get married. When two people become engaged, a great deal of money is put into the planning of the wedding. When one person breaches that contract, he/she is liable for the damages left to the other parties.

While it's okay to call off your wedding, it's not okay to walk away without consequence. Your ex kept up his/her end of the deal -- he/she was willing to show up and marry you, therefore your ex should not have to contribute to the financial burden of loss. Keep in mind that this is a very emotional type of case and chances are your ex is going to "go for the jugular". You should hire a really good lawyer if you're in a position to do so.

You simply need to call a lawyer in your state. Most first consultations are free.

Think of it like this: Is it cheaper and less damaging taking a chance to have to pay some fees legally for calling off the wedding, rather than going through a divorce, dividing assets, and possibly paying child support for one or more children for the next 18 - 20+ years of your life?

Is Kate Middleton's family now royal?

Yes once you are married to a prince or someone in the royal family you become royal. She will never have royal blood, her kids will be royal by blood she will never be royal by blood. She is a common person.

What is Kate Middleton's favorite song?

The Washington Post reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton's favourite song was 'I Like the Way You Move' by the Bodyrockers. This song was played at their wedding reception on April 29, 2011 at St. James' Palace.

How many kids do Kate Middleton and Prince William have?

Kate and Prince William have three children as of the birth of Prince Louis in April 2018, to join Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Has Kate Middleton been abroad?

Yes, she has been abroad a number of times. She lived in Amnam, Jordan when she was a small child and was engaged to Prince William of Wales in Kenya, South Africa.

What is princess daisy's last name?

In Mario Kart 8, it was revealed through the "Princess Orange" brand on the tracks that Princess Daisy's surname is Orange.

Where do Prince William and Kate live?

Kate Middleton and Prince William currently live in Kensington Palace in London. Kensington Palace is where Princess Diana raised William and Harry.

What did William Byrd II die from?

According to a study, published in February 2007, by Antonio Rodriguez Cuartero, Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Granada, he died of a heart attack caused by Reiter's Syndrome (also called reactive arthritis). According to his personal diaries and notes by contemporaries, the symptoms of this illness (burning pain during urination, pain and swelling of the knees, and conjunctivitis of the eyes) were clearly visible in his last three years.

Vaughan Williams - A Wedding Tune for Ann - where can I buy or download it?

A Wedding Tune for Ann by RVW [OUP 1964] is published in "A Vaughan Williams Organ Album" (Manuals & Pedals), Oxford University Press - ISBN 0-19-385014-1 @ £11-25 or $15-95. The Album's contents are: 1. A Wedding Tune for Ann, 2.Greensleeves, 3. Toccata "St David's Day", 4. Carol, 5. Romanza ("The White Rock" no.1. of Two Organ Preludes founded on Welsh Folk Songs), 6. Prelude "The New Commonwealth" Prelude from the from the film, "The 49th Parallel", 7. Musette, 8. Land of Our Birth (from cantata "Song of Thanksgiving"). [Brabo 21.08.08]

Will the future wife of Prince William of England be required to be a virgin?

Yes, she is suppose to be a virgin. Princess Diana was chosen because she was a virgin. The only reason I can see that this marriage took place so fast is because they were living together and she was not a virgin and might already be pregnant.
To answer this very important question,yes,she must be a virgin if she is to marry the future king of England.Preferably of royal lineage,not a commoner.