Keith Urban

Keith Lionel Urban is a singer-songwriter and musician proficient in playing electrical and acoustic guitars, piano, drums, mandolin and banjo. He has won many awards including Male Vocalist of the Year, Top Male Vocalist, Entertainer of the Year and numerous others. All questions concerning Keith Urban can be found here.

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Is the song sweet thing by Keith Urban about a girl or car?

The song is in fact about his car. He had a yellow mustang which is seen in the video, and it is what inspired the song.

What is the meaning of Urban sprawl?

As human populations increase, they spread out and interfere with the ecosystems that are vital to the health and survival of the planet. As our population grows it consumes more of everything-land, water, species' habitats-while producing ever-increasing amounts of environmental waste (

Basically what this is is the rapid growth and spread of big cities where the consumption of land is faster than the population growth. The rapid growth of population causes environmental problems such as loss of farmland, increase in pollution, smog, pollution (from vehicles and the use of natural/unnatural resources), increased water usage, increased energy consumption, industry damage, and the deficiency of farmlands, animals and their natural habitats. This has become a very serious problem because these suburba areas take up a lot of land that could be otherwise used for agriculture. The agricultural produce would be more beneficial if they were used to generate food, grain and other resources for the inner cities.

What is Keith Urban's real name?

his real name is Keith Lionel urban and he was born in Whangarei, New Zealand on October 26, 1967. His name is NOT Keith Urbanski, that's a load of you-know-what. :)