Kevin James

Kevin James is an American comedian and actor. After gaining popularity on the sitcom, The King of Queens, James went on to act in several movies. He was a lead role in movies like Zookeeper, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and Grown Ups.

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What was Kevin James real name?

Kevin James was born Kevin George Knipfing. He most likely changed his last name to James when he started stand-up comedy as a way to make his name easier to remember. His brother Gary Valentine, was also born Knipfing, but changed it for the same reason.

Are Kevin James and Gary valentine related?

Yes, they are brothers. They both changed their last names.

How tall is Kevin James?

5'8" to 5'9 Definitely is not 5'10" or taller. Saw him standing next to David Spade (about 5'7") and Christ Rock (5'10"-5'11") and he was taller than Spade but definitely shorter than Chris Rock.

I'd have to say Kevin James (aka Doug) is only about 5'7" (5ft 7in) tall with his shoes off. Because he looks about 5'8" when he stands next to people, objects, and settings. So I'd had the extra inch due to his shoes. Also he seems to be the same height as most women he stands near (not saying that in offense but rather as a reference point). Since the average hieght of women is around that same height I'd have to say he's only about 5 ft 7 in shoeless.

Are Kevin James and John James related?

I am soo bored ... so I thought about this question and the answer is No they are not related!!!There you got the answer!lol :)

What is Kevin James net worth?

Kevin James is the actor from "The King of Queens" (1998-2007).

Whomever previously answered this question, I suspect was thinking of LeBron James (the NBA basketball player who currently plays for the NBA team in Miami (Miami Heat), and therefore listed his net worth at over $400 million, when in actuality, his net worth is only listed on as $90 million!

Kevin James, the actor, is listed on as being worth $40 million.

How many children does Kevin James have?

Two daughters. Sienna Marie and Shae James. He is expecting a third child later this year.

What was Kevin James first movie?

Comedian Kevin James' first feature film was Hitch(2005), in which he starred alongside Will Smith and Eva Mendes.

Are Kevin James and Billy Gardell brothers?

No. He has one younger brother named Brian.

Does Kevin James have a brother?

Yes. His name is Gary Knipfing, or Gary Valentine

Is Kevin James right for kcas?

yes, he is funny (the major thing needed to be a kca host)

Where did Kevin James go to high school?

Kevin James went to Ward Melville High School in Setauket, NY

Is Kevin James Jewish?

I'm told he is catholic or christian. Did you know Leah remini (Carrie)(King Of Queens) is a member of the church of scientology

How much does Kevin James weigh?

He weighs about 290-375 pounds. Go to youtube and you will find his video talking about his weight!

Have fun!

Does Kevin James wear a wig?

yes indeed Kevin does wear a hair system.

What is Kevin James favorite baseball team?

Kevin James LOVES The New York Mets. He also has the hats too