Ku Klux Klan

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or the "the Klan" is the extremist right wing secret society in the US that opposes black emancipation, asserts white supremacy, and democratic rule through terrorism and violence.

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Why did the KKK covered their faces?

They didn't in the beginning. They only began covering their faces when they were forced to do so for social reasons.

In the beginning, the KKK was seen as a benevolent force in parts of the racist south. Later, when the popularity of the KKK was waning, the members, who were occasionally high ranking members of society, did not want the public to know that they were in the Klan.

For example, Alan owns a business, and he is also in the Klan. If Bob knows that Alan is a Klansman, he will not want to shop in Alan's store. So Alan wore a mask so that nobody would know that he is in the KKK.

What is a list of the 11 states that seceded from the union?

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia

What Ku Klux Klan known for?

The Ku Klux Klan are well known in America for the racist acts that white Americans did to the Black Americans, because they would track down these people and torture them then eventually kill them because the white Americans believed that they were more superior than the black Americans so they did this to try and prove this point. Additionally, they harassed what they called white sympathizers.

On my own behalf its just a bunch of murderous idiots that didn't have anything better to do }=(

KKK is an abbreviation for a?

A group that was opposed to integration and civil rights for minorities known as the Ku Klux Klan.

What was the first KKK's goals?

The idea of the KKK was to intimidate former slaves to a degree where they would be reluctant to be come viable competition for the whites in the south who up to this time relied on black labour to further their interests. They were a group of frustrated people who had suddenly found themselves in a situation where the kidnapping, abuse, robbing, and raping of a considerable part of their society had become acceptable. Slavery is maintained by fear, and they were hoping to instill fear in the hearts of the former slaves and eventually their offspring in order to maintain some sort of advantage over them that did not involve actually earning the respect they felt was their birthright, by being white.

The original Ku Klux Klan was organized at Pulaski, Tenn., in May, 1866 by ex-Confederate elements to oppose the Reconstruction policies of the radical Republican Congress and to maintain "white supremacy." After the Civil War, Law enforcement and government in many parts of the south was weak to non existent. And keeping in mind the number of emancipated slaves white people became fearful of black revenge and even of an insurrection, vigilante organizations were formed in most of the southern communities such as The Men of Justice, the Pale Faces, the Constitutional Union Guards, the White Brotherhood, and the Order of the White Rose.

From a personal point of view if I had been a slave owner during that time I would not feel very secure especially knowing that slaves outnumbered whites by a considerable number. [Note: even after the deaths from the Civil War were taken into account, Whites outnumbered Blacks in the former Confederacy by over 2:1. However, this was very much subject to local conditions, with rural areas around the former plantations often having Blacks outnumber Whites, while major population centers have very few Blacks at all]

Essentially, the original KKK was form to resist Reconstruction, and return the Old South to as close to the pre-Civil War social order as possible, where Whites dominated and Coloreds served.

Does KKK own proctor and gamble?

Each generation has its own evil entity that owns P & G, usually with flimsy evidence that doesn't really stand up. I first heard this rumor when I was in high school. The story was that the company was controlled by Communists then.

From urban legends:

June 10, 1998

Here's proof that you can't stop an urban legend, not even in a court of law.

In 1997, Procter & Gamble filed the most recent in a series of lawsuits against Amway Corporation and several of its distributors for allegedly spreading rumors to the effect that P&G, maker of familiar household products such as Mr. Clean and Tide laundry detergent, is affiliated with the Church of Satan.

What are urban problems that still exist today?

Pollution, housing and crime. The Romans had these problems and we still have them.

How many people were killed by the Ku Klux Klan?

I'll divide the answer into several sections
Reconstruction 1st Klan (1865-1877)
1500 estimated by the Tuskegee Institute
1200 blacks 300 whites
100-200 killed in South Carolina
150 Florida

The rest mostly killed during black voting in Louisiana in the 1868 US Presidential Election
The Klan was also partially involved in the Colfax Massacre
Nadir 2nd Klan ( 1915 - 1944)
Klan was frequently involved in lynchings, killed mostly blacks in this era
Murdered Blacks returning from WW1
Killed Leo Frank (Jewish White)
Killed 6 blacks attempting to vote in Orange County Florida
Civil Rights 3rd Klan (1954-1968)
15 people (13 black)
These murders are well known and include, but are not limited to
1963 murder Medgar Evers
1963 16th street baptist church bombing
1964 Mississippi Burning
1965 Viola Luizo Shooting
1966 Vernon Dahmer Killing
Many of these murders were prosecuted ... in the 90s and 2000s
David Duke 4th Klan
1979 Greensboro Massacre 5 killed
5th Klan
1981 Lynching Michael Donald
Klan member electrocuted
Total 1937
Note these are only those killed. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured or intimidated by the Klan
+ Although the Klan hadn't been formed, Nathan Bedford Forrest, leader of the first Klan committed this atrocity
Fort Pillow Massacre 1864 277 blacks

Is the ku klux klan still active today?

yes, but not in the same sense as during the 60s.

They still have meetings and public rallies. Membership is actually growing.

Was the KKK started by democrats?

Uhhh of course they were ... the only folks saying NO are democrats ... lol joe Biden’s mentor was a kkk recruiter !! Hello...

What does Ku Klux Klan stand for in English?

It doesn't mean anything in English. The name "Ku Klux Klan" is a distortion of the Greek word for circle: kuklos.

Why did the KKK fail in the late 1920's?

Because, it was then when the blacks were starting to get rights.

Was the Democratic Party associated with the KKK?

Yes, the early Democratic party was associated with the KKK. However, the early Democratic party was also associated mostly with conservative causes. Many White and Black Republicans were lynched by the democrat party supporters because of their opposition to slavery. Republicans were the abolitionists from the start. They supported and promoted Civil Rights.

This changed late in the 20th century when the Democrats began to espouse liberal values. That happened because the American Communist Party disbanded and transformed the Democratic Party. This change in values also occurred in the Republican party though in reverse. The early Republicans' supported progressive and arguably liberal causes like emancipation and civil rights for African Americans. But then the disenfranchised Conservatives from the Democrat Party joined the Republican Party. Then more of the Klan members were Republicans. In short, the Democratic party during the heyday of the KKK bears little resemblance to today's Democratic party.

As for slavery, only the type of slavery has changed. It was once chattel slavery and forced servitude. Nowadays, it is slavery to handouts, party allegiance, and even corporations. The prison industrial complex is arguably a type of slavery.

During the 1800's did the Ku Klux Klan exist in New York or did it not exist in the North at all?

The following article was published in Workers Vanguard No. 722, 29 October 1999. WV is the biweekly newspaper of the Spartacist League/U.S., American section of the ICL.

New Yorkers came out in their thousands on October 23 determined to make sure the KKK didn?t ride in their city. They were mobilized by the call initiated by the Partisan Defense Committee, ?All Out to Stop the KKK on October 23!? Hundreds of working people, students and others joined in distributing 175,000 of the PDC?s mobilizing leaflet in workplaces, campuses and neighborhoods throughout the city.

Thousands came out in defiance of the efforts of the Giuliani administration, its cops and the courts to deny their right to mobilize to stop the Klan. They came out in opposition to appeals by the phony ?friends of labor? in the Democratic Party and self-appointed spokesmen for the black population who preached a ?demonstration for tolerance? for the ?rights? of the KKK. They knew this wasn?t an issue of ?free speech? but of stopping Klan terror and murder. They came out to drive the Klan lynchers off their streets. And that?s exactly what they did. :)

The above answer is totally out of context, as the question is about Klan activities in the 19th century, not the 20th!!!

To answer the question, YES, the KKK was active in the North during the period after the ACW, and the state with the most membership in the North was Indiana, with Ohio running a close second. In NYC the Klan was a annual part of many public parades and festivals, with up to 5,000 men marching and on horseback, in full regalia.

You have to remember that at that time, the prevailing attitude was against blacks, and there were not many Americans who would speak out for equal rights, that came about 100 years later, in the 1960's with the enactment of federal Civil Rights legislation, by President Lyndon Johnson.

In the years proir to 1917 the KKK organized itself against immigrants coming here that were illiterate...............In 1917 congress overrode a veto by Woodrow Wilson and it was inacted that there be a ''literacy test'' that immigrants would have to pass to enter the US.The reason being that the language barriors were exhausting as well as well as the impact it had on the competition of factories bidding for jobs..........Educated immigrants were more desirable as employees but the real reason behind it was that the bids of uneducated employees could be lower because they could be taken advantage of due to their demising situation..........the immigrants were taking Americans jobs and forcing the pay to be low so as it is today..........In 1952 this ''literacy test'' was abolished and now here we are losing jobs and factories...........not due to the government but because of the REMOVAL of this ACT OF CONGRESS...not everything the KKK has done has been objectionable........

Why does the KKK hate everyone not like themselves?

It's called xenophobia, which, as the 'phobia' suffix suggests, is an irrational fear and hatred of something or someone. In the case of the KKK it's fear and hatred of strangers, foreigners, or - as you say - those not like themselves.

As with all phobia sufferers, xenophobics are easily frightened by anything relating to their phobia. Many organizations similar to the KKK are led by people who aren't particularly xenophobic at all, but are greedy for power and wealth; this is sometimes achieved by gathering a following which is easily led.

An added inducement for those attracted to the KKK is the 'secret society' aspect, which gives many a feeling of belonging to something special, together with the feeling of superiority which all secret organizations induce in their followers. This appeals hugely to the basic feelings of inferiority which those such as xenophobics work so hard to conceal.

One only has to read some of the claims made by such organizations to see they are carefully-worded in order to attract exactly the type of people who truly want to believe such claims and won't question too closely their veracity, or ask for hard facts and real proof.

You'll find doubters and questioners and those who expect logic and verifiable truth in the information they are given are not welcome in organizations such as the KKK.

How successful was the Ku Klux Klan in reaching its goals from 1919 to 1929?

  • It is just not America with the KKK, but Canada also has members which most of us are strongly opposed too, but many Canadians are not aware of. It's more silent here than in parts of the States. None of us can say we are 100% American or Canadian. Our forefathers could have come from other countries and had the very religious beliefs the KKK abhorred. The KKK didn't just go after Black-Americans, but Jews and anyone else that dared to go against them. The KKK is broken down into 3 parts: FIRST PART: The KKK was organized by ex-Confederate elements to oppose the Reconstruction policies of the radical Republican Congress to maintain "white supremacy. After the Civil War, when local gov't in the South was weak or nonexistent there were fears of black outrages and insurrection, informal vigilante organizations or armed patrols were formed in almost all communities. They were linked together in societies such as "Men of Justice, "The Pale Faces," "The Constitutional Union Guards, The White Brotherhood and the "Order of the White Rose." The KKK was the best known of these and eventually absorbed the other organizations. It was organized at Pulaski, Tenn., in May, 1866. Their strange disguises, silent parades, midnight rides and mysterious language and commands were be most effective in playing upon fears and superstitions. The riders muffled their horses' feet and covered the horses with white robes and they, themselves, dressed in flowing white sheets, their faces covered with white masks and with skulls on their saddle horns, posed as spirits of the Confederate dead returned from the battlefields. Although the Klan often were able to achieve their aims by terror alone, whippings and lynchings were also used, not only against blacks, but also against the so-called carpetbaggers and scalawags. A general organization of the KKK was effected in Apr. 1867 at Nashville, Tenn. Gen. N.B. Forrest the famous Confederate cavalry leader was made Grand Wizard of the Empire and was assisted by ten GEnii. Each state constituted a Realm under a Grand Dragon with 8 Hydras as a staff; several counties formed a Dominion controlled by a Grand Titan and 6 Furies; a county was a Province ruled by a Grand Giant and 4 Night Hawks; the local Den was governed by Grand Cyclops with 2 Night Hawks as aides. The individual members were called Ghouls. The Klan was effective in systematically keeping black men away from the polls, so that the ex Confederate gained political control in many states. Congress in 1870 and 1871 passed legislation to combat the Klan. The order, founded in 1867 in Louisiana, is reputed to have had even more members than the KKK, but its membership was more conservative and it's actions less spectacular. THE SECOND KKK: Founded in 1915 by William J. Simmons, an ex-minister and promoter of fraternal orders; it's first meeting was held on Stone Mt., Ga. The new Klan had a wider program than its forerunner, for it added to "white supremacy" an intense negativism and anti-Catholicism (it was also anti-Semitic) closely related to that of the Know-Nothing movement of the middle 19th cent. Its appeal was not sectional and, aided after 1920 by the activities of professional promoters Elizabeth Tyler and Edward Y. Clarke, it spread rapidly thought the North as well as the South. It furnished an outlet for the militant patriots aroused by WW1, and it stressed fundamentalism in religion. Professing itself nonpolitical, the Klan nevertheless controlled politics in many communities and in 1922, 1924 and 1926 elected many state officials and a number of Congressmen. Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Oregon, and Maine were particularly under its influence. Its power in the Midwest was broken during the late 20s when David C. Stephenson, a major Klan leader was convicted of 2nd degree murder, and evidence of corruption came out that led to the indictment of the governor of Indiana and the mayor of Indianapolis, both supporters of the Klan. The Klan frequently took extralegal measures, especially against those whom it considered its enemies. As was the case with the earlier Klan, some of these measures, whether authorized by the central organization or not, were extreme. At its peak in the mid-20s its membership was estimated at 4 million to 5 million. Although the actual figures were probably much smaller, the Klan nevertheless declined with amazing rapidity to an estimate 30,000 by 1930. The Klan spirit, however, was a factor in breaking the Democratic hold on the South in 1928, when Alfred E. Smith, a Roman Catholic was that party's presidential candidate. Its collapse thereafter was largely due to state laws that forbade masks and eliminated the secret element, to the bad publicity the organization received through its thugs and swindlers, and apparently from the declining interest of the members. With the depression of the 1930s, due-paying membership of the Klan shrank to almost nothing. Many of its leaders had done extremely well financially from the dues and the sale of Klan paraphernalia. THE KLAN AFTER WWII: Dr. Samuel Green led a concerted attempt to revive the Klan, but it failed dismally as the organization splintered and as state after state specifically barred the order. Southern civil-rights activists during the 1960s gave the Klan a new impetus and led to revivals of scattered Klan organizations. The most notable of these were Mississippi's White Knights of the KKK, led by Robert Shelton. The newly revived Klan groups were responsible for violent attacks against blacks and civil-rights workers in cities throughout the South, including Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Fla., Birmingham and Montgomery, Ala, and Meridian, Miss. In spite of its efforts, the new Klan was not strong, and by the end of the decade its power and membership had declined to practically nothing. Altho a resurgence of support for the Klan was manifested in the surprising popularity in the early 1990s of David Duke of Louisiana, actual membership in Klan organization is estimated to be in the low thousands.

How was the KKK formed?

It was formed by a bunch of men who hated Jewish people and African Americans. Men would burn crosses and stick them into front yards of Jewish people's houses and African American people's houses and terrorize lots of people.

What was the main goal of the abolitionists?

Abolitionists wanted to abolish slavery.

To make black southerners return to be laborers and to get federal troops out of southern states were goals of the KKK.