Lake Huron

Lake Huron is the second largest of the five great lakes and is bordered by Ontario and Michigan.

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What is the name origin of Lake Huron?

Lake Huron got named by French explorers for inhabitants in the area, Wyandot or "Hurons".

How did Lake Huron get its name?


It was named after the Huron Native Americans. They did live in the northern area, so it only makes sense.

How many states in Ontario?

Do you mean - how many US states border the Canadian province of Ontario?

How can a 12 year old get a job around Lake Huron?

I have this same question, I'm 12 and I want a job around lake huron. Since im on the beach i was thinking of selling petoskeys, but i want to hear everyone elses oppinion.

How many gallons of water are in Lake Huron?

Huron is the fifth largest lake in the world. It has 850 cubic miles / 3,540 cubic km. It has
2,872,320,000 acre feet which means 935,949,570,800,640 gallons.

Where is Lake Champlain located?

Lake Champlain is located in northeast New York, northwest Vermont, and southern Quebec, Canada.

Can ocean jellyfish live in fresh water lakes?

No, they cannot.

However you can find freshwater jellyfish in some countries e.g. Thailand

When was Lake Erie founded?

Lake Erie was never 'founded.' But - the earliest record of its discovery was recorded by Joliet around 1669, and was the last of the Great Lakes to be explored (Lake Huron in 1615 LeCaron & Champlain, Lake Ontario by Champlain 1615, Lake Superior around 1629 by Etienne Brule and Lake Michigan 1634 by Jean Nicolet). By 1755 Lake Erie was finally being charted, but mostly in the eastern end.

It may seem odd, but it lay in hostile territory guarded by the Iroquiois or Five Nations and travel from Ontreal, mostly by French missionaries and traders interested in the fur trade, took the route up the Ottawa River and across southern Canada.

What state is Lake Huron in?

It is not in any state. It forms the border between Michigan in the United States and Ontario in Canada.

Which port city lies between Lake Erie and Lake Huron?

The port city of Detroit Michigan lies between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Detroit was the historical city for the automotive industry, and later Motown became known for music. Today, Detroit has suffered from economic plight and unemployment.

What is a lake in a valley called?

The only thing I can think of is a tarn, which is a mountain lake. Maybe if you visit webistes of famous valley lakes, like Lake Valley and Salt Valley, they might give the proper name.