Lamb and Mutton

Lamb and mutton is the meat from a sheep. It can be prepared in many ways, and is common in Mediterranean foods.

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Lamb and Mutton

Can you grill frozen lamb chops?

You shouldn't. Lamb chops tend to be small and should take very little time to defrost. If you're in a hurry, put them in a marinade:a few sprigs of rosemary, thyme or oregano, a couple cloves of garlic and wine or vinegar (of any kind) to cover them should thaw them in a lamb's shake (I know...). Lamb should always be served rare.

Lamb and Mutton

How many pounds of lamb roast per person?

About .5 to 1.5 but i know a guy who eats 3

Lamb and Mutton

What is boiled mutton?

Boiled mutton is the meat of a sheep that has been cooked in boiling water or other liquid.

Cooking Times and Temperatures
Lamb and Mutton

How long does it take to cook a leg of lamb and at what temperature should it be cooked?

The general rule for lamb is, for every kilogram of weight, cook for an hour at 190 - 200 degrees Celsius, depending on the efficiency of your oven, or 180 degrees for a fan-forced oven. Thus, a 2kg leg of lamb will take two hours. It is advisable to use a meat thermometer to check at about half an hour before the expected time of finishing.

Lamb and Mutton

What sauce do you serve with lamb?

I know two great really simple accompaniments to plain lamb.

For a roasted leg of lamb, if you didn't put anything on it while it was cooking, serve it with this sauce: get apple jelly if it's still around: it's a transparent light green. It may come with a mint flavor. If it doesn't, add some mint flavoring or leaves to it. I've seen other sauce recipes using pineapple or oranges, and they usually include mint.

For a nice lamb chop topping, broil the chops till almost done. Make a paste of butter and Parmesan cheese and spread thickly over the top surface. Finish broiling.

Joan P.

Lamb and Mutton

Is veal lamb or calf?

Veal is meat from a calf. It comes primarily from dairy bull calves that cannot be used as a part of the dairy operation since they, as males, cannot produce milk. Dairy bull calves are fed high concentrate feeds and milk replacer for a few months before being slaughtered at around 4 to 6 months of age.

However, veal can also come from dairy heifer calves, not just bull calves. Quite often there are chances that a heifer calf would be twinned with a bull, which could result in a heifer becoming a freemartin. Freemartins are sterile heifers and also add no value to the dairy herd, similar to a bull calf. They too would be culled along with the bull calves, fed in a similar fashion then slaughtered as veal.

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Lamb and Mutton

How much is lamb chop worth?

A lamb chop is worth the life of a mischievious, greedy, happy lamb who by luck of birth, has all his chops and still expects a handout, will still try to sneak in the house, if the backdoor is left open and still, as a young adult, likes to cuddle up to his elderly ewe mother, who still comes running if she thinks he's in trouble, even tho' he's 50% bigger than her. Cost of a lamb chop? TOO MUCH.

Lamb and Mutton

What animal is made into mutton?


Lamb and Mutton

Neck of mutton?

neck of mutton will be from a lamb or young lamb

No, that's lamb neck. Neck of mutton is from an older, mature, tough sheep.

The Difference Between
Lamb and Mutton

What is the difference between mutton and lamb?

Lamb is a sheep less than a year old, typically slaughtered between the ages of four and twelve months. Older sheep is called mutton and has a much stronger flavor and tougher meat that many find distasteful Contrary to conventional wisdom, in the USA any sheep under two years of age can be legally labled and sold as lamb.

Lamb and Mutton

Where is welsh lamb farmed mostly?

University of Phoenix offers some great photography programs. They are amongst the best.

Lamb and Mutton

Can dogs eat cooked mutton?

I suggest no sometimes it can be very toxic.

Lamb and Mutton

Is mutton good for heart patients?

LOL no. No red meat is good for the heart. You'd best stick to fish or tofu for protein.

Lamb and Mutton

What is the difference between veal and sheep meat?

The difference is veal does not come from sheep

Cooking Times and Temperatures
Lamb and Mutton

How long do you cook a 1 kg leg of lamb?

aproximately one hour at 180 degrees

Lamb and Mutton

Difference between goat meat and lamb meat?

Goat meat is from goats and is also called chevon or capretto.

Lamb meat is from young sheep. Meat from older sheep is called mutton.

Lamb and Mutton

Why does mutton have a bad taste?

Many people around the world enjoy mutton. People who don't like mutton may be reacting to the taste of the meat's fat. Mutton is from a more mature sheep and the fat has a strong flavor. If you want to try another type of meat from sheep, try lamb (or spring lamb). These animals are butchered while young and the taste is milder.

Lamb and Mutton

Is a doner sandwhich made with all lamb?

if it is a lamb sandwhich but you can also get chicken,pork or beef

Lamb and Mutton

What is the accompaniment for roasted leg of lamb?

Serve Roast leg of Lamb with with roasted new potatoes, or mashed sweet potatoes, a selection of vegetables such as fresh asparagus, or baby carrots, gravy or pan juices, and mint sauce.

Lamb and Mutton

Is mutton marrow soup bad for a pregnant woman?

It can induce a miscarriage.

Lamb and Mutton

If you substitute coriander for cilantro in lamb meatballs what is the conversion amount for a half cup of cilantro?

Corriander is the seed for cilantro, so it might be pretty strong. Use just a tablespoon.

Lamb and Mutton

Is mutton high in uric acid?

Most meat product are in the higher end of uric acid producing foods especially offal-meats as found in the organs , Liver , kidney brain e.t.s.

Lamb and Mutton

What is the best way to cook lamb leg?

There are many ways which you can use to cook the leg of a lamb such as grilling, oven roasting, boneless leg lamb roast etc. Here's one of the ways:

1. Oven Roasting Method : Start by preheating the oven to around 475 degrees F. Apply the desired seasonings on the lamb. Next, put the lamb in a nice pan and start cooking. Cook the first 15 minutes at 475 degrees F. After 15 minutes, reduce the heat to 350 degrees F. Continue to cook and let it cook for 20 minutes per pound. You can use a meat thermometer for more exact reading. If you want the lamb to be medium rare, you can stop cooking when it states 145 degrees F. After cooking leg of lamb, allow it to rest for 15 minutes beneath a foil.

Hope this helps.

Lamb and Mutton

Do sheep eat meat?

no they don't eat meat they eat grass and wheat.

Lamb and Mutton

What is mutton?


Mutton is meat which is harvested from a mature sheep, so it tends to be tough, with a more complex flavor than lamb, meat from younger sheep.


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