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Literature and Language

What is a 'happening' and give an example of a happening today?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"'Happenings' are a form of participatory new media art, emphasizing an interaction between the performer and the audience."

"Happenings take place anywhere, from basements to studio lofts and even street alley ways..."

An example of a modern happening would be the popular interactive comedy "Shear Madness", in which, after an introductory sequence that leads up to an unseen murder, the audience takes part in questioning the actors and ultimately takes a vote to determine "whodunnit". Whomever the audience declares is the murderer assumes the role of murderer, confessing to the crime and explaining how it was perpetrated as if it were a written role (when in truth any of the actors could have been the murderer, by how the audience voted). The show is based heavily in improvisation, and is defined primarily by the audience.

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Literature and Language
Greek and Roman Mythologies
Hades (Pluto)
Demeter (Ceres)
Persephone (Proserpina)

Demeter vows that she will not let fruit grow on the earth until Persephone is returned?

Yes. That was why there was a giant famine.

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Prefixes Suffixes and Root Words

What does the root word onymna mean?

it means name

Literature and Language

Sir Roger at the theatre Joseph Addison?

i think it mean that sir roger gonna theatre with his friend joeseph to watch

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Baby Names

What are good nurse names?








Literature and Language

What do you call a person who cannot speak?

an idiot

Correction: People who cannot or who do not speak are said to be "mute."

The word "dumb" is an older term for "mute," which shows up in the now-reviled expression "deaf and dumb" (does not hear or speak) and in the old term for silent movies and for a show in pantomime: "dumb show."

In the days when terms such as idiot, imbecile, and moron were official designations for people of low intelligence, an "idiot" was technically a "feeble minded" person whose mental age did not exceed three and who would not, therefore, have had much speech, if any at all.

Literature and Language
Sentence and Word Structure

What is a word formation made up of?

verb and a noun

Literature and Language
Authors, Poets, and Playwrights

What contributions did Alexandre Dumas make?

Alexandre Dumas contributed to literature in the Romanticism and Hostorical Fiction movements. Some of his notable works include The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.He also wrote the Marie Antoinette romances.

Literature and Language
Manners and Etiquette

How do we reply to the statement Thanks a lot?

Don't overthink it!

Responses such as "you're welcome", "no problem", "of course", "no worries", "anytime" or even just a smiley face works great. Some of these are more formal of course, but it's up to you to decide when to use them.

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Literary Terminology

What is the purpose of dramatic foil?

A foil is a character placed beside the protagonist to bring out his or her qualities. For instance, if one character (the foil) treats someone poorly and the protagonist treats the same person well, the compassion of the main character is more noticeable.

Literature and Language

What does in Comanche native tongue a ha alonney cha mean in the movie Mclintock mean?

It's from the John Wayne movie Mc Klintoc , It means live in harmony with the sun .

Literature and Language
Idioms, Cliches, and Slang

What does cold as a wedge mean?

It is an expression or a phrase used to describe unconsciousness, dead or unfeeling, basically anything that is "cold"

Literature and Language
Famous Quotations

Who said the evil that men does live after them?

The words were said by Mark Antony in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, speaking at Caesar's funeral. Julius Caesar had been assassinated by conspirators who felt he wanted to overturn the Roman Republic, and make himself King.

This is part of the famous speech that begins: "Friends, Romans, Countrymen - lend me your ears".

"The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones.
So let it be with Caesar..."

Mark Antony began by seeming to agree with the conspirators, then turned the crowd against them.

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Literary Terminology

What is the difference between Gothic and grotesque literature?

Gothic literature is usually a combination of horror and romance, begun in the mid 1760's. It can also refer to literature from that time period. Grotesque literature features horror as well, but could be from any time period, and might contain different elements than Gothic.

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Environmental Issues

How do skyscrapers affect the environment?

They affect the environment lots of ways, for example, building a skyscraper where you can plant a tree can definently affect the environment or a controlled demolitions can cause debris and dust take away some fresh air.

If we build up rather than out, thereby increasing the population density of an area, some of the effects are:

(1) Land is available for use other than housing the people who live or work in the skyscraper and for businesses that are quartered there.

(2) Some services, such as water supply, waste disposal, food delivery, retail goods, and repair services, are more efficiently provided.

(3) Mass transit--if that goal is sought--is feasible, as it is not in rural, sparsely populated areas.

(4) Health facilities and educational services can be more advanced, more varied, and more accessible than they are in rural areas.

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English to French

What is 'party' when translated from English to French?

"Party" in English is fête or soirée in French.

Literature and Language

What does hanaca mean?

, the written form of the Catalan language word is hanaca

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Word Games

How do you call something that comes twice a year?

bi means two and annual means year so biannual is twice a year. __ As distinct from biennial which means every two years.

Literature and Language

Is culture the foundation of communication?

What comes closer to being true is that communication is the foundation of culture.

I think cultures shifts the communication because culture constitutes traditions, location, beliefs, history, and many other factors that impact the way people communicate. When i was studying international communications, I was amazed how much your culture effect your communication styles. Also, I'm married to Russian lady, and when we just started chatting on dream'marriage, I was shocked how much collectivist cultures dependent on relations and connections cuz in the US it all about individual rights and perspectives.

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Languages and Cultures

How does your language reflect who you are?

It obviates your level of education, state of mind & emotions. For starters, that is...

Literature and Language
William Shakespeare

What conventions did Shakespeare use when writing his plays?

Very few. The only convention which he adheres to strictly is the convention that an actor should not exit at the end of one scene and enter at the beginning of the next. When the action is continuous, you can see how that might be useful.

Literature and Language

What is the meaning of precipitating incident?

Human emotions were considered in classical period due to humors in the human blood which had to be purged. The Greeks also believed in purging the human emotions in catharsis as in a tragedy, to move through hamartia to precipitate or in purging the emotions.

Literature and Language
Literary Terminology

What is another name for a long detailed account?

Another name for a long detailed account is a saga.

Literature and Language
Books and Literature

When is the fry chronicles coming out in paperback?

I was in Waterstones in Belfast yesterday (20 Sep, 2010) and they were selling a paperback version. It was one of the larger paperbacks, however, and cost around £15 - though they had signs saying it was half price.


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