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Literature and Language

Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature. Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. We invite you to ask and answer questions about languages and literature; including pronunciation, grammar, definitions, examples, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.

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What are the kinds of novelty leads?

punch or astonisher lead,direct quotation lead
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Example of kumintang?

the example of kumintang is Marvin salminao
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A moralizing example or a prop for an intellectual idea is referred to as an?

A moralizing example or a prop for an intellectual idea is referred to as an exemplum. ...
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Divide by two by francisco arcellana?

Divide by Two is a short story by Francisco Arcellana. It is about a married couple who live together but seem to inhabit different worlds apart from the home they share. ...
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What is the purpose of NSTP?

THE PURPOSE OF NSTP NSTP stands for National Service Training Program. It is embodied in Republic Act 9163 of the Philippines, known as the "National Service Training Program (NSTP) Act of 2001." The purpose of NSTP is stated in Section 2 of RA 9163. It says that the law was passed to: * promote civic consciousness among the youth * develop the youth's physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being * inculcate in the youth patriotism and nationalism * advance the youth's involvement in...
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How did the Holy Spirit use Luke to gather information for his Gospel and Acts?

Of course, Luke the physician and companion of Paul was unlikely to have been the real author of this Gospel or of Acts of the Apostles, both of which were originally anonymous until attributed to him later in the second century. Luke 1:2 gives us a summary of how our 'Luke' gathered his information for the Gospel: "Even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word." In other words, the information was delivered...
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What are the components of educative process?

Learner, which is the most important one, then the teacher and the school. ...
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What conflict is reflected in the narrator's relationship with her parents?

A conflict between her competing identities - APEX
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Who are the famous writer that was born in Caraga Region?

Mr. Florante A. More, the one who wrote the RED SUN OVER AGUSAN..
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Why does Artemidorus fail to get Caesar to read his warning in scene one act three?

In "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar," Julius Caesar didn't take the soothsayer, Artemidorus seriously, and saw his insistence that he look at the letter immediately a sign of the man's insanity. As a result, he didn't look at the letter that could have saved his life. ...
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Is Las Vegas common or proper?

"Las Vegas" is a proper noun.
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What is The summary of the Witch By Edilberto K Tiempo?

Stories say that a witch known as Minggay Awok (awok, meaning witch in Visayan language)resides nearby the creek separating the barrios of Libas and Sinit-an. Her strange appearance, solitary life and rare visits in the barrios feared the people. She has always been blamed whenever strange things happen. Thus, Minggay was often subjected to various killing attempts in order to stop the curse that she allegedly placed on them. However, their suspicions were never proven. One day, a boy who occasionally visits his...
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Example of interpretative reading?

Hes a hoadiac, Hoadic on the floor
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Uhusiano kati ya fasihi andishi na fasihi simulizi?

uhusiano kati ya fasihi simulizi na fasihi andishi. kwanza zote mbili ni kazi za sanaa zinazotumia lugha ili kufikisha ujumbe kwa hadhira yake. pili fasihi simulizi na fasihi andishi zote mbili zina tanzu kuu mbili ambazo ambazo ni fani na maudhui. ...
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What is the key distinguishing feature of a microprocessor?

the key distinguishing factor is balance designers constantly strive to balance the throughput and processing demands of the processor component, main memory, I/O devices and interconnection structure It could also be the fact that the CPU components are all on one single chip. ...