Lord of the Flies

Questions and answers relating to William Golding’s allegorical novel about a group of schoolboys marooned on a tropical island and their descent into savagery.

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Lord of the Flies

Quotes from Roger in Lord of the Flies?

"kill the pig, slit her throat, bash her in!"

Lord of the Flies

What rules are made in Lord of the Flies?

You cant talk unless you are holding the conch.

Lord of the Flies

Roger's quotes from Lord of the Flies?

Roger, who was described as being a furtive boy who kept to himself with an inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy, said very little. Porbably his most characteristic remark was when Jack began to poke Sam rhymically in the ribs after the twins were captured. Roger edged past Jack and said simply "That's not the way." The implication being that he knew (from experience?) a much more painful way of questioning the twins. Later when at least one of the twins had disclosed Ralph's hiding place in the thicket Roger was heard to say, and I quote... "If you're fooling us---" Immediately after this, there came a gasp, and a squeal of pain.

Lord of the Flies
Card Games

What does the Jack of diamonds represent?

The Jack of Diamonds represents Hector, the mythological hero of the Iliad.

Lord of the Flies

Where is Jack lord's grave?

jack lord was creamated

Lord of the Flies
Banned and Challenged Books

When was the book Lord of the Flies banned?

"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding was challenged at the Duval County, Florida public school libraries (1992) because of profanity, lurid passages about sex and statements defamatory to minorities, God, women and the disabled. It was challenged, but retained on the ninth-grade accelerated English reading list in Bloomfield, New York (2000).

Lord of the Flies was a thinly-veiled indictment against the Christian Church. It wanted to show that religion was not really a civilizing factor. As proof, the religious group of boys are the ones who turn their little paradise into hell by introducing superstition, and then violence based on supposed "rightness". It is the religious boys, not the public school boys, who create the conditions for havoc and cruelty.

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies what affected piggy?

All of the teasing from the other boys affected Piggy. He was the smart one with all the knowledge, but the other boys teased him and made him feel bad about himself. He could have helped the others get rescued faster, but he was held back by the teasing. He was very simple and rational in the way he thought about the future of the boys. He could have been better, but the effect of the teasing from the other boys held him back.

Lord of the Flies

Why does Piggy's aunt ask him not to run?

He has asthma

Lord of the Flies

What was jacks last name in lord of the flies?


Lord of the Flies

What was neglected while Jack and his hunters were out killing the pig in 'Lord of the Flies'?

The signal fire

Lord of the Flies

Who says the hunters are just boys armed with sticks in Lord of the Flies?


Lord of the Flies

Who is the antihero in the Lord of the Flies?

In this book the Antihero is Jack, because he leaving the group originally is what ended up causeing the deaths. Jack and Rodger were the first to go savage so they were the main antiheros.

Lord of the Flies

What was jack reaction when Simon gives piggy the meat?

Peeved, because Simon gave Piggy meat directly after Jack had said Piggy wasn't going to get any.

*Simon pushes meat to Piggy*

*Piggy takes meat*

*Sam and Eric giggle*

Jake yells, "Eat, God Damn You!"

*throws slab of meat at Simon*

Lord of the Flies

Who gets wounded in chapter 7 lord of the flies?

Robert Gets Hurt when the Boys Pretend he is a Boar.

Math and Arithmetic
Lord of the Flies
Wreck-it Ralph

Ralph likes 25 but not 24 he likes 400 but not 300 he likes 144 but not 145 What does he like?

Ralph likes square numbers.

Lord of the Flies

What unknown force has arranged the rocks?


Lord of the Flies

What was one signature quote of Jack Merridew?

Probably the quote which captures Jack's feelings and motivations the best is... "Bollocks to the rules! We're strong -- we hunt!" -p 82 Beast from Water

Lord of the Flies

What goes wrong in chapter 2 lord of the flies?

The main ominous even that occurs in Chapter Two is this: After lighting the fire on top of the mountain, a massive fire breaks out in the forest. The little boy with the cream colored birthmark had been in there looking around, and the others had not known. The fire creeps down and Piggy makes the terrifying discovery and realization that that boy is not around but indeed in the flames. It is implied that he had perished in the flames, the first grotesque event of the book.

Lord of the Flies

How is the island a microcosm of adult society in Lord of the Flies?

In basic terms, there is a war on the Island, as there is an atomic war in the "adult" world. Also, Simon represents Jesus and Jack is used to represent the bad people, which occur in the adult world. Ralph represents the democratic leaders.

Humor & Amusement
Lord of the Flies

Ralph likes 25 but not 24 he likes 400 but not 300 he likes 144 but not 145 Which does he like 10 50 124 200 1600?

Ralph likes squared numbers and doesn't like non-squared. The square of 5 is 25, 20 is 400 and 12 is 144. The numbers 24, 300, and 145 are not square numbers. Of the numbers 10, 50, 124, 200, and 1600, Ralph will like 1600 because 1600 is the square of 40.

Lord of the Flies

What does jack break in Lord of the Flies?

Piggy's glasses.

Lord of the Flies

Tell how Ralph's and jacks opinions of the conch are quite different?

Ralph views the conch as a hope for regaining civilization, while Jack just sees it as power.

Lord of the Flies

How does Jack use the beast to control the other boys in Lord of the Flies?

Jack uses the belief of the beast to instill fear in his tribe thus he can provide a feeling of security. Some may say that Jack being only 12, may actually believe in the beast and think he is providing real security.

Lord of the Flies

Describe Sam and Eric in Lord of the Flies?

They are not given much description, but this is it: They are both intelligent twins, and are quite clever and playful. They are humurous in the sense that they like to "tease" the others about who is who. They are white, and have fair hair.

Lord of the Flies

Flaws of authoritarianism in Lord of the Flies?

The major flaw of authoritarianism is that it sows seeds of dissent. In a system were all power is concentrated in the hands of just one person eventually someone else will challenge that person in an attempt to gain dominance for themselves. In Lord of the Flies Jack apparently holds total and unchallenged power over his tribe but Roger manages to instill fear in boys who are older than himself (Roger is mentioned in the book as being in the disputed area between biguns and littluns so he is probably only aged 8, 9 or 10). It would be logical to assume that at some point, if the boys had not been rescued, that Jack would have been forced to kill Roger, for his own protection, or Roger would have disposed of Jack. Authoritarianism also hampers progress and creativity. When all power is vested in one person the ideas and contributions of others are overlooked or ignored. The decisions of the leader are followed blindly, whether they are good decisions or bad decisions.


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