Lovebirds are a common household pet. Small and colorful, these birds got their name from the way the snuggle close to each other. Lovebirds can be chirpy, playful, and affectionate pets.

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Why do love birds kick out their eggs?

They sometimes do this to get attention.

What stores sell love and grow suzie?

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What symbolizes love?

A heart, Wedding Rings, and A Rose which smbolises enternal Love.

Can female lovebirds lay eggs eventhough there is no male lovebirds?

Yes but they will not be fertilized and so will not hatch.

Which type of farm bird gobbles?

turkey! =) turkey! =) turkey! :-) turkey! :-)

How do you tell if a love bird is male or female?

It depends on the species, as some are sexually dimorphic (visual difference between male and female). Also, if the bird carries a sex-linked mutation, it can be visually sexed. For example in Peach-faced Lovebirds, a female ino and a male pallid will create pallid females and pallid ino males. These are sex-linked mutations. The Lovebird species which are sexually dimorphic are the Madagascar, Abyssinian, and Red-headed Lovebird. Non sexually dimorphic species are the Peach-faced, Masked, Fischer's, Lilian's, and Black-cheeked Lovebirds. Current sex-linked mutations in Peach-faced Lovebirds are Cinnamon, Ino, Pallid, and Opaline. In households with single Lovebirds that are not sexually dimorphic, the only way to know without DNA testing or probing, is whether or not any eggs are laid. Though that is not a guarantee as many females do not lay eggs if there is improper care. Females do tend to be more aggressive, males tend to be more vocal as well, though that isn't always the case. The pelvic bone in females who have laid eggs previously will be split, whereas a males will be fused. Young females do not always have a space, though their pelvic bone is more rounded. Without a comparison it is not reliable. The best way to be sure is through DNA testing, though if you don't plan to breed, it shouldn't really matter.

Will you remember your love one's when you die?

Most certainly we will, though whether we will be together as a family depends upon how we have been as a family here, how we have behaved as a family member. The rewards we receive in heaven are determined by ourselves.

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Do lovebirds have ears?

Yeah, most birds do, hidden under the feathers. Same for Lovebirds.

What does the love life loyalty tattoo symbolize?

This popular tribal design symbol was designed by Jonathan Harris. The cross like shape is an ankh symbolising life, the ring at the top right of the ankh symbolises loyalty and the top of the ankh is shaped like a heart symbolising Love.

So this symbol is just an artists interpretation in a tribal fashion of the popular phrase life, love and loyalty.

It was then perfected by Michael Wanjohi. By putin a complete ankh on the loyalty and embossing the Egyptian gate of Life.

How will i know if my love birds have eggs if i can't check the nest box?

the female will be sitting in the nest box all day and the male is out side the cage garding the eggs from outside the breeding box.

Are love birds asexual?

how ever asked this question has huge issues. asexual means the ability to reproduce by ones self so no need for to genders. of course they can't do this making them non asxual

Can birds throw up?

Yes. birds may throw up as much as they can .They also can have diaria i think. really i dont know if they can have diaria.

How many eggs do love birds usually lay?


They usually lay between 4-6 eggs per egg laying periods.

Should you put paper towel shreds on bottom of cage - lovebird laid 2 eggs?

You do not have to but there has to be so0mthing like that it could be paper, newspaper, sandpaper or anything like that. i hope that helped.

What to feed a juvenile parakeet?

You can feed parakeet food just make sure the food is dry and not wet. Make sure you put water in a cup for a parakeet. And check whether it is a male or female then you will need to give your parakeet a partner that will love each other. And make sure that the parakeet has a warm place to live but not very warm or else the bird will die.

Will a love bird kill her eggs if a human touches them?

Birds believe that once something has touched their eggs, the eggs are no more clean, so they throw them off. This is not just with Love Birds but with all kinds of birds.

If your lovebird lay an egg last night how long do you leave the cage before cleaning it out as the egg is at the bottom of the cage where she sits on it and are there likely to be anymore eggs?

If this bird is a single female lovie (no mate), she may lay up to 6 eggs...1 egg every other day. The eggs will be infertile if she hasn't mated with a male bird. Just leave the eggs where she has laid them until she abandons them on her own. If you remove them as they are laid, she'll continue to lay and lay, and you don't want this to happen as it could affect her health. If these eggs will be infertile, you can pick them up and clean out the cage anytime you want. If this bird is with a mate and there's a possibility these eggs are fertile, and you want them to hatch if possible, then you need to purchase a nesting box and attach it to the bird's cage. Then place the egg(s) inside the nesting box, and then let the parents take it from there. You could also just leave the eggs where they are laid, however, the chances of them hatching are about 50/50. Also, the babies won't have much protection, etc., if left on the cage bottom. If you need more information, come back.

How long does it take for a birds eggs to hatch?

it takes 13 to 28 days for eggs to hatch!

It depends greatly on which animal the egg is from.