Luhya Language and Culture

Luhya is the language of the Luhya people (Abaluhya) of Kenya.

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What is the Luhya translation of services?

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What is the English term for alogbate?

Since alogbate doesn't grow in England, there's no word for it. I can't for the life of me think what's wrong with "alogbate". Why do so many people want to use English instead of the proper word?

What is the English term of the word tambay?

it will tell you more about.

A Term in the Philippines that connotes "people (usually males) who hangout in a regular spot or place." The word originated from the English word " stand by" to local tongue "estambay" to the now tagalog slang "tambay"

What does the African word sabu mean?

The term "Msabu" is a Kikuyu rendering of "Memsahib"--an Indian and Swahili address form for "Mistress."

It should be noted that the word was adopted by the British who required that Africans use it as a word of respect when addressing white women, a respect that they did not reciprocate by using it to African women.

What is the English term of tambis?

Tambis is the term used in the Philippines. And it is also known as "Watery Rose Apple" "Java Apple" Rose Apple" or "Wax Apple".

What is English term for samacheer kalvi?

Common school system or Uniform system of school education

What is the English term of the word lalo?

Lalo is a diminutive (nickname) of the names Gerardo and Eduardo. There is no English "term" for Lalo. It's like asking, "What is the Spanish term for Hank?" There is no Spanish term. Hank is the diminutive of Henry.

What is the English term of barangay?

A barangay (Filipino: baranggay, [baraŋˈɡaj]), also known by its former Spanish adopted name, the barrio, is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward.

What stategies do you use for translation?

Much depends on the language, but generally start by looking for the verb. That should give you insight into where other words should be placed in the sentence.

What is the English term for habagat and amihan?

"Habagat" is southwest monsoon and "amihan" is northeast monsoon.

English term for an-an?

AN - AN means a white spot. its a kind of skin disorder