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This category is for questions about the Super Mario spinoff, Luigi's Mansion, as well as the sequel, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The games are about Mario's brother, Luigi, as he explores haunted mansions and catches ghosts.

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How do you get to test room in Luigi's mansion?

You Need Action Replay, The Ultimate Game-Enhancer For Gamecube.

Sorry, But I Don't Have The Code :( But Hey, I'm Looking For It To XD

Can you get Luigi's Mansion on Wii?

Nintendo GameCube games can be played on Wii using a GC controller and memory card.

What is the game over to luigi's mansion?

The screen says 'Good Night!' in creepy letters and Luigi spins once, falls over, and you have to start over from when you last saved or caught a Boo.

When is luigis mansion 2 released?

there is no specific date yet, but it comes out in 2012

When does luigis mansion 2 come out?

I think it will come out on December 17, 2011

Do you have to beat the blackout on luigi's mansion?

You have to defeat Uncle Grimly. To get there, do the following:

go to the foyer (bigging room)

go up the stairs

go in the door straight ahead

keep going through the rooms until you get to the wardrobe (room with three closets)

Uncle Grimly (ghost) will appear and disappear and when he says "Boo" and lifts up his arms you shine the light on him and suck him up like any other ghost

Go to the breaker room in the basement and flip the switch-the lights will come on

How do you beat Nana in luigi's mansion?

step1: go to Nana's room(she's still nitting her scarf!).

step2: knock over the balls of yarn.

step3: suck up the balls with your vacum cleaner.

step4: (just like baby's room)aim, and fire at her!if your lucky, she'll still be there, if she disappers( this is normle),go outside her room and go back in.

TIPS: aim all three balls at her without her disappering, then you can suck her up. if she escapes, stay in the room, she'll come back!:D

Will luigi's mansion play on Wii?

All Gamecube games play on the Wii, however, you have to use a Gamecube controller,

How many levels does luigis mansion have?

There aren't really any levels but there are 4 areas.

Where can you find a luigi's mansion figure?

online websites like ebay. because i think it was only buyable with nintendo power back when it was made

What was the hidden safari room boss in Luigi's Mansion?

He was supposedly a Australian Hunter type of ghost. He was suppose to have a rifle that he shot you with, and the dialogue for him was that he wanted to kill you and mount your head on a plaque, like he did for the other animals.

Souces : Google and Youtubers. (Chuggaaconroy)

Is luigi's mansion real?

No, Luigi's Mansion is not real (based on what I know).

Is Luigi's mansion in Super Mario 64?

video gamers say that the mansion in sm64 is not luigi's mansion but it actually is.

Where do you find Mario's glove in Luigi's Mansion for the GC?

in the laundry room inside the washer. you should shake it.

thats bull. the washer is where you find his hat.

Where is the first boo in luigi's mansion?

Just go into any lit room and look at the Boo Radar. So i'd start in the room where you first meet Prof. E. Gadd. Hope this helps!

When was luigi's mansion game room of doom come out?

there will be a luigi's mansion 2 but it won't be called room of doom/ room of doom is a fan made trailer on sorry

How do you get into the breaker room in luigi's mansion?

It is normally unlocked. When the lights go out you have to go into the wardrobe room (the third room of the game) and suck up uncle Grimly. He gives you the key to the breaker room.

In Luigi's mansion how do you get out of the mirror room?

heres what you do first use your gameboy horror(press x or y)point it at a mirror and press A and you will be warp out of the room automatically!

How do you enter god mode code on luigis mansion?

unfortunatly, you have to beat the game 15 times. then go to options menu and choose god mode.