Luke Benward

Luke Benward is an American actor. He gained recognition in the movie, "How to Eat Fried Worms."

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Does Luke Benward play in Dear John?

Yes he does, he was Alan who was Tim's son .

Why do girls look at you?

girls look at you most likely because they like you or they think that your cute or a really good friend

Whos Luke Benward?

luke benward is a actor/singer. He was born to aaron benward and kenda benward may 12, 1995. He is mostly know because of his song get up ( and his performance in how to eat fried worms (billy) and in minetemen (charlie tuttle)
No, but he's Christian.

Does Luke benward have a girlfriend?

Yes, He does.... His girlfriend is so Cute... Her name is Christina... She has Blonde Hair.

Does Luke Benward have any barefoot pics?

Yes, quite a few. Most of them are with him in the summer on a boat or on a dock with his dad. He's pointing to the left side of the picture.

Where does Luke Benward live?

Luke Benward lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

When is Luke Benward birthday?

Right now he's 14

he was born in 1995 on May 12

Does Luke Benward likes some body?

dose luke benward like some? dose luke benward love some one?

How old is Luke Benward?

Luke Benward is 22 years old (birthdate: May 12, 1995).

What is Luke Benward mail address?

His E-Mail address is luke checks it 3times a week for fan letters

Does luke benward has a CD?

Yes, Luke Benward's CD was recently released onto iTunes and Amazon and is a 5 song EP titled LET YOUR LOVE OUT

Where in dear john is luke benward?

Luke Benward is the autistic boy, Alan, at 14.

Does Luke Benward has a song in his website?

No. If you want to hear his song, 'Get Up', go to Type in Luke benward singing and it will probably be the only result.

Is Luke Benward in like with someone?

I think he does, but I'm not going to stir up any drama!

Okay, but like every girl is "in luv" with him so like, I really don't know. You should ask him yourself. You don't have to go so far as to post it here in WikiAnswers.

Hey guys it's Luke and um... I do like someone her name is Kaylee Nielsen and we kinda have an on again off again relationship and right now we're on so yeah. love y'all! -Luke B.

How old is Luke Benward right now?

Well some people say today hes 17,16,15 or14 or maybe 13 in this year[2012] . Some people say hes whatever age just so they can have the same age.My opinion would be 17 if i did the math right.He was born on 1995 if you dont believe me do the math yourself.

Who does Luke Benward like as a girlfriend?

okay guys this is the real deal I AM LUKE and my current gf is a redhead (she was born blond) she 124lbs 5'4" shes really funny she loves to sing and loves video games. shes a christian (like me) and she is completely tattoo and body piercing free! Her name is Kaylee Nielsen Ive known her since I was 6 and she was like 4 so we are REALLY tight! Well later guys love ya! -Lukey B.

Does Luke Benward have a brother?

he does not have a brother but he has 2 younger sisters

Does Luke Benward sings?

Yes, Luke Benward does song. He sang the song 'Get up". Listen to it on youtube. It is really great.

What movies has Luke Benward had been in?

Luke Benward was in 5 movies, one to come. List as follows:

"We were soldiers" as David Moore (2002)

"Family Affair" as Jody Davis (2002)

"Because of Winn-Dixie" as Stevie Dewberry (2005)

"How to Eat Fried Worms" as Billy Forrester (2006)

"Miutemen" (on Disney Channel) as Charlie Tuttle (2008)


"Diamond Dog Caper" as Owen (2008)

and ''Mostly Ghostly''as Nikki (2008)

"Dear John "as Alan

7 movies with Luke Benward: