MacBooks are notebook computers produced by Apple Inc. The MacBooks were launched in 2006, replacing the iBook computers, and were originally marketed to educational institutions. The original MacBook spawned the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, currently on the market today.

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Will Time Machine still backup if my MacBook is closed?

The original design for the MacBook family is to have the machine at least sleep when the lid is closed to preserve the battery.

The part of the Mac OS called Time Machine is designed to backup software specified by the user of the machine when the machine is running.

Sorry but.

My MacBook Pro has a firewire port. Can I use a firewire to hook up my MacBook Pro Laptop to the TV?

A few older TVs did have a Firewire port but a recent HD TV will probably have an HDMI port which you could connect to a MacBook Pro via its mini display port. You will probably need to chain a couple of cables together (See links below) but it will depend on the connections available on the TV.

What features are included with least expensive MacBook?

The least expensive MacBook has all of the features of a regular MacBook, but only comes with an i3 processor. This means the computer will run a bit slower than a more expensive MacBook. If you don't get a MacBook Pro, you will not have access to any "pro" versions of the applications such as QuickTime. You will have to buy those separately :)

As far as I know, the only MackBooks available to the general public are the Air, the Pro, and the Pro with Retina. All models come with either an i5 or an 17 processor, and either 4GB of RAM or 8GB of RAM. The major differences between all models boils down to storage and graphics cards. The Airs have Solid State drives in 64GB or 128 GB for the 11" model to 128GB or 256GB for the 13". The MacBook Pro gets a serious graphics card (for CAD, 3D design, hard-core gaming) in the 15" model. If an advanced graphics card is what you're after, I suggest going for the 15" Pro with the 8 gigs of RAM and the 750 gig hard drive.

Can you use a mac book air charger with pro?

No, you cannot use an Air charger with a Macbook Pro. It has a different power rating (watts). New Macbook Pros and Airs also feature a different, smaller connector for power (Magsafe 2).

When will the MacBook Pro come out in 2012?

The MacBook Pro is already 'out'. the successor of the Macbook Pro is the recent 2012 Macbook Pro with retina with upgraded performance and screen resoulution and display.

Will Skyrim run on a MacBook Pro?

Yes, Skyrim will run on a MacBook Pro with Windows installed via BootCamp or a virtualization software such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Virtualization software, however, means simultaneously running Windows and its programs (such as Skyrim) at the same time as the Mac OS, which may result in poor performance during gameplay.

You can also run it through a Cider wrapper or WineSkin, however, that isn't as easy.

Using BootCamp (included with your Intel-based Mac) for Windows is the easiest method.

How do you find Microsoft Word on a MacBook?

It isn't installed with the Macbook, so you have to buy it.

But once you've installed it, you can find it by going to Finder (which should be on your doc) and just searching it.

How many GB can the MacBook Air hold?

It depends what macbook air you have purchased the most GB a macbook air can store is 256GB

When will the next MacBook come out?

Macbooks have been discontinued. Macbook Air and Macbook Pro are now the only models available. Apple also does not normally announce the release dates of its products.

How do you put a heart on facebook using a MacBook?

you dont need a macbook you just do this <3 on facebook and it comes out as a hear

Do MacBooks ever get slow like pcs?

Macs running Mac OS X are not susceptible to the viruses and malware that blight computers running the Windows operating system and so do not consequently suffer the slow downs and associated problems. If you were to run the Windows operating system on a Mac then it would be open to the same threats and would need protecting accordingly.

Over time any computer will be slow compared to current standards. As computers improve and get faster, a once "fast" computer is now considered slow, and this is true for all computers. For example, my PowerPC G5 iMac now seems pretty slow, but was super fast back in '05.

A computer (Macs too) often slow down when you run out of hard drive space. This is one of the main factor held responsible for slowing down a Mac. The boot volume must also have the appropriate free space required to operate smoothly. That's why it is recommended to cut down the size of hdd by uninstalling any unwanted apps, software and applications (even widgets). Timely removal of caches, temporary files, log files and emptying the trash folder help Mac get good amount of free space.

Why doesn't soundflower work on my MacBook Pro?

mac only works with certain things.

if you have downloaded it on a windows computer or click download for windows and then transfered it to a mac you will haev to download it again but this time click for mac or it could just work if you downloaded it again anyway.

and put on the discussion section what it comes up with

How much memory do I need in the MacBook Pro?

in mac pro system minimum memory 4gb we need to run mac OS. because mac pro build of designing, HD resolution.

What do you do if your MacBook Pro gets wet?

Immediately turn it off, disconnect the power, and if it has a removable battery, remove it. Allow the laptop to fully dry, both inside and out, then you can power it back on. The key is to not have electricity running through the circuitry while water is present.

Can you play League of Legends on a MacBook?

Yes you can. You no longer need an emulator or anything of that nature. League of Legends recently launched its Mac client, which is available for download at their official page. See you on the fields of justice!

Should I buy a MacBook Pro now or wait?

If you are in no hurry and are going to buy a brand new Macbook versus a Refurbished model then I would wait until the sometime in June or July 2016 when the new MacBook Pro comes out. It will have some nice innovations and will no doubt have the new Intel Broadwell processor which will be faster and use less energy which means longer battery life.

How do you download IMVU or Oz World on a MacBook?

Actually, at the moment you are not allowed to.. hopefully soon they will release the program for macs. maybe it will work or crash im qoinq to try it qood luck!!

Who invented MacBook Air?

The MacBook Air was created by a team of engineers and designers at Apple Inc.

How much does MacBook Air costs?

The 11" 64GB macbook air costs $999(£849), the 11" 128GB costs $1199(£999), the 13" 128GB macbook air costs $1299(£1099) and the 13" 256GB macbook air costs $1599(£1349).

Does a 17 inch MacBook Pro seem too big for a laptop?

Not at all, a 17 inch macbook pro is a great size and if you can afford it go for it, a macbook pro is definitely not as heavy as a regular 17 PC laptop so it will be great for all your needs, i was also thinking this and was considering 15.4 but im glad i got the 17 it is great and i love it i am never going back down in screen size!

Does Selena Gomez have a MacBook that's white 13 inch?

yes, she has a white macbook.

you can proove it in this video.. (which was recorded on Sel's macbook) you can see back in the mirror the WHITE macbook

More proof: