Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It is a drama TV show on ABC Family that follows the life of gymnasts trying to make it to the Olympics. The gymnasts train and compete, with distractions like boys and injuries. The main characters are Kaylie, Emily, Lauren, and Payson.

523 Questions

Does Cassie Scerbo do nude sceens?

NO, and she never ever will.. She has been asked in interviews about it..

When does make it or break it season 4 start?

i think their will be another season bc cuz they cant pull emily out like that. we r wondering if damon found her n what about her baby who agrees with me??

Does payson have her back fixed on make it or break it or not?

Yes Payson has surgery to fix her back and rejoins gymnastics.

Who dies on make it or break it season 3?

Kaylie's friend Maeve from rehab dies from a heart attack in episode 13 season 2 the buddy system

Is Payson Keeler from Make It or Break It a real gymnast?

No, the actress of Payson Keeler is not a real gymnast. She can do basic things, but she uses stunt doubles for the most part.

Does 'Make It or Break It' play on Tuesday at 9?

It currently airs on ABCFamily Mondays @ 9/8 pm central time.

How to make labor come tonight?

A good foot rub and sex could definitely trigger labor or long walk spicy food can't hurt. Having an orgasm with sex has been known to help and nipple stimulation believe it or not

Does kaylee get high in make it or break it?

no Laureen stops her and takes her out of the room at the party. Kaylee does get drunk though at the first party, the kegger.

Is Emily kmetko a real gymnast?

no she is not a real gymnast she was a dancer.

Does Chelsea hobbs come back on make it or break it?

the date is still unknowen. but as for chelsea to return its a 50/50 chance. she should for her storyline to contuine.

Why is Emily not returning to make it or break it?

The actress who plays her, Chelsea Hobbs, is pregnant in real life so she couldn't do the show any longer.