MapleStory is a fantasy, free-to-play MMORPG developed by Wizet. In the game, players can purchase gameplay enhancements and character appearances from the “Cash Shop” using real money. Players travel the “Maple World”, fight monsters and finish quests.

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How do you find Ligator Skin Pouches in Maplestory?

Ligator Skin Pouches are dropped by Ligators. You can find these in the Kerning City Swamps. Simply head into the subway station in Kerning City and continue along until you reach a portal that will take you to the map where you'll find a bunch of Ligators. :)

How do you get to Andreas in Maplestory?

Talk to Athena Pierce unless you already did 'cause if you did just open up the quest list and find something that says Andreas the Demon! and it'll tell you.

How do you get rat traps on maple story?

Go to ludibrium and go to Eos tower and kill (white) ratz

How much memory does maple story take?

for now, it is 3.6 gigabytes. but there are always updates and the new patches take up more space each time

Where can you find a peanut machine in Maplestory?

I think you can only get in by buying it in cash shop.

Where is Betty in Maplestory?

Before the Big Bang patch. She was in Ellinia, if I'm right, then she is still in Ellinia.

^stil in ellinia they just moved her near the bottom

How do you use erasers in maple story?

You use the erasers in Maplestory to exchange them for chairs. Theres a dude in Lith Harbor who will let you do that.

How do you get a epic item in Maplestory?

You use a cube on the item, which can be bought from the cash shop.

How do you use Maplestory with Windows 7?

You have to go to the Nexon or Maplestory folder and you will see a Game launcher. Put it on destop and name it Maplestory, then click on it and you will play. Do not click the one that says >Go to Website<.

How do you save your game on Maplestory?

You don't have to save your game! Just press Esc and click on Exit Game. When you get to the screen with the servers on it, click Exit at the left bottom corner. It automatically saves for you when you log out.

Where is elma the housekeeper in Maplestory?

go to the main orbis map, then go left 1 map and you'll b able to find her on that map ^^

How do you get helmet pepe helmet in maple?

It's frustrating to get a clean, no-dinks Helmet Pepe Helmet. It's a very rare drop from Helmet Pepes. Normally they drop Broken Pepe Helmets, but very rarely they drop a shiny, non-damaged one.

How do you play Maplestory without internet?

You can't. Maplestory requires a connection to a server which is a process that requires internet connection.

How long does it takes ems to deliver a package?

Duey takes 12 hours to ship a package. This is regardless of what server you are playing in, GMS, KMS, etc. You tagged MapleStory so I'm assuming you're talking about package delivery in that and not a real courier like FedEx :P

How do you hack?

HackingThere are at least three common meanings for the term "hack" (not counting the one regarding trees). The least common is widely used only within the programming community, and simply means programming for fun. It is possibly an onomatopoeia referring to the sound of a programmer's fingers on a keyboard. This is the most common objection to the below most common usage, and has further evolved to denote the rapid and skillful production of code. Instructions for learning such a skill are impossible to give, beyond the standard advice to take classes, read manuals, and join online communities.

A slightly more common meaning is a legitimate activity similar to "jury-rig" and just means that you are reappropriating something to do that which it was not necessarily designed to do. A notable example is the LifeHacker blog. Within programming, this type of hacking is generally considered poor practice and again there is no real way to give a three-step process to learn it.

The most common meaning, which this question seems to refer to, involves discovering vulnerabilities in computer software. Within the hacker community there are two main "camps" of hackers, named after a convention of old-west films: black-hat (outlaw) and white-hat (lawman). Black-hat hackers are malicious programmers who exploit vulnerabilities for their own financial gain or amusement, while white-hat hackers disclose them to the appropriate software vendors so they may be patched. Black-hat hackers are also known as crackers, but the general public simply calls them hackers.

Black-hat hacking, or cracking, is an illegal act and can get you into some serious trouble - not only with the law but with viruses attached to supposed cracking tools and resources which will crack your computer and data. White-hat hacking, while not illegal, is essentially the same skill and should not be taught to just any random person who wishes to learn it.

When does maplestory have maintenance?

There are updates in Maplestory whenever there are any updates for the game, or if there are any issues with maps, mobs, or anything in general. They seem to be getting more common because of new content.

Where is astaroth in Maplestory?

It's the demon dimension mirror in Sleepywood.

His common location is at Mini Dungeon: Astaroth Hiding Place.

How do you get to Resistance Headquarters Secret plaza?

Just go the the thing on the right side of Belle / Police officer

Where to find astaroth in Maplestory?

There is an Astaroth's Gate near every town on Victoria Island except Lith Harbor and Sleepywood. You must be level 40 or lower to enter, though.

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street who is Tommy?

A boy who is obsessed with aliens and things like that. He is the one that tells everyone about the aliens he read in comics.

What is the best Maplestory server?

I would highly recommend you not to make any of your characters on Scania because it's just way to over-populated. Even if you wanted to have a channel all by yourself in Scania, it's not possible. Everyday, there's people going on Scania and over filling the channels. I would recommend you make most of you characters on Glacia. People there are a lot nicer, too!

What pranks can you play on people when they sleep over?

Some fun pranks to try include:

  • This fun to do but you must have lots of empty cans (or what ever makes lots of noise when knocked over.)
  1. Cover the doorway in newspaper so that when the door is open all you can see is newspaper.
  2. Stack the empty cans on the other side of the door.
  3. When the person wakes up they will push through the paper and cause a massive crash of cans.
  • This will work out when you sleep with new friends.
  1. Make sure the one you want to disturb is sleepy and not slept.
  2. Dip your fore finger and the thumb with a bit of water.
  3. Move towards the person, you want to disturb, make the sound of a kiss and gently touch his/her lips softly with the wet fingers.
  4. Enjoy...
  • Put baby oil on their toes - it will make them while sleeping move their toes all night, so the next day they will be very tired and cranky.
  • Wait till they fall asleep, then tear a small piece of paper. Roll it and then tickle with it in nose and ears and watch them slapping themselves thinking that is a mosquito.
  • Wait till they're asleep then put their middle finger (either hand, try their writing hand, it works the best) in a cup of warm water, then watch the magic. Sometimes this prank doesn't always work but my friend did however wet himself (make sure they're not sleeping on your bed).
  • Silly string! lots of silly string! Spray it all over the person while there sleeping then use fake spiders and put them in the silly string (be prepared for a big clean up day though).
  • If you have a bag of potato chips and green nail polish then this is a wonderful prank to pull (this works better on boys and brothers):
  • Invite some friends over for a sleep over.
  • Wait till its real late.
  • Boys get hungry so they will want something to eat.
  • Bring them a bag of potato chips and say in a warning voice, "if you guys eat these, your nails will turn green in the morning after you wake up."
  • They won't believe you and they'll dig in, make sure you don't eat any, instead have an apple or orange.
  • Make sure it looks like you feel asleep first, then wait till the others have fallen asleep, go into the bathroom and wait 5-10 minutes then flush the toilet.
  • Make sure while you made your trip you got the green nail polish.
  • Go to your bed very quietly and pretend to go to sleep just in case someone woke up.
  • After awhile get up and get a flash light, make sure either you, your mom, or your sister is good at painting nails.
  • Get them to paint your buddies nails and then go to sleep.
  • You might get an early wake up call from your friends as they shockingly take in there newly green nails.
  • Laugh at them and say, "I told you so." They'll be owned and you'll have a good laugh. P.S. make sure that you later tell them is was only a prank and it can come off with nail polish remover(if your doing this prank on your brother just make sure you did steps 4 and 5 wait till he's asleep and make your move, it works just as good).
  • Classic pranks are always the funniest (and the most forgivable). Put shaving cream on their hand, and tickle their nose with a fake feather.
  • You can put their hand in hot water. You can spill water on their sleeping bags or beds so it looks like he/she drooled. Put makeup on them in the middle of the night. If it is the owner who slept earliest, you can pile his/her clothes like a wall so he/she cant move unless he/she knocks down ALL their clothing.
  • Just the classic paint all over their faces.
  • Best when it is boys: When you go to sleep over at a friends house wait until there is nobody in the boys room, go in and hide a very girly babyish animal/doll in an easily accessible area in the bed room. Wait until the victims are asleep (usually takes a long time with boys...) go in and get the toy. Walk over to your choice of one of the boys (usually the one you like the least) and carefully snuggle the toy next to him. When the guys wake up, get ready for a ROAR of laughter!!! Also, it might be a good comeback for some one who did something to you.
  • How to add to the fun: Pour a little warm water on the sleeping bag. Find a pacifier and add to the 'baby scene' (this might take some time) find a girly diary, write in it with your brothers hand writing, messages like "This really adorable girl looked at me"maybe one you don't like. or "My webkinz has a really cute outfit" Be creative! Its very easy to write embarrassing messages! Once the diary is filled up, put it in an area where the male guests might find it easily.
  • Have some balloons already blown up, and tied off so the air doesn't leak out, then hide them. After everyone is asleep, get the balloons and a pin, and start popping them real fast, one after the other. You will have people waking up, screaming and jumping all over the place. But be warned you may have some angry parents if it gets too noisy.
  • When they're asleep, pinch their nose. If their mouths are shut then they will splutter as they wake up. The reaction is SO fun to watch. And also, remember to pull your hand away when they're about to wake up or they'll know who did it.
  • With your friends (if you have siblings): t.p. your sibling's room! Make sure you have lots of toilet paper, put it all over the room & around them. But, be ready for a cranky sis/bro in the morning and you're probably gonna have to pick it up.
  • Prank on your friend(s): if you want to get back at a friend, wrap them up in toilet paper.
  • Can be for both sibling(s) or friend(s): while they are asleep take some markers (make sure they are washable, but never use hi-liters, they don't work well) and draw all over their face, it will look funny, but make sure to help them take it off in the morning.
  • For a group of friends of 5 or more, use a washable marker to write the name of the most hated person of the opposite gender on the people who fell asleep. Tickle their feet so they dream about spiders. Whisper this into their ear- "You are on a tropical island, drinking (put their fav drink in) with (crush/enemy, depends on your mood) and you (put something embarrassing here)"
  • Take a bag of ice and dump it on the persons feet then be prepared to run.
  • The classic whipped cream prank! Get some whipped cream (a spray can of whip cream is best) put it in their hand, tickle their nose or anywhere on their face, and they will hit their face with their hand and it will smear ALL OVER IT!!!
  • I just wanted to add this take some old toothbrushes and cut all of the bristles off of them and sprinkle them in their sleeping bag. They will be itching all night!
  • Take clear plastic wrap and put it under your toilet seat. Make sure it doesn't have any wrinkles. This works best on boys though. Everything will come back at them.
  • For this to work you need to have of something with a strong but pleasant smell and when the person is asleep put the sweet smelling thing under their nose for 1 or 2 minutes then ask them a yes or no question. They will answer sometimes vocally but usually by nodding. The best part is they won't remember it if they wake up. It really works.
  • Perhaps the oldest and certainly most harmless prank is the "short sheet." Make the bottom sheet as usual, but then place the top sheet over it, tucked in at the head. Bring the bottom edge of the top sheet up to where the top edge of it would normally be, and cover with the blanket. it will look like a normally made bed, but when the guest tries to get into it, they can't.
  • Put on some bright red lipstick, then while the intended victim is sound asleep, kiss them all over their face, leaving bright red lipstick prints all over their face, and what I did one time was while someone was sleeping one of my friends (we are all guys)jumped on me and then I jumped on him it was fun.
  • These might be fun, but be warned that some people aren't so forgiving. You could be repranked or lose the friendship/love of a sibling or get a very painful well deserved punch to the face.
  • If someone wears shoes to bed (weird I know) tie the laces together. They MAY notice if they wake up and sit for a while, but if they get right up they fall right down.
  • If you're camping, and its not winter, drag the target's sleeping bag (with them asleep in it) outside. When they wake up, they might not notice! This also works if they are about to wake up, its harder though. This also works if everyone is in a cabin.
  • You will need: One person asleep, one person awake as well as yourself, a pen, a big cardboard box big enough to fit yourself in. Wait until that person has gone to sleep. Then get a pen (preferably one that shows up well, but comes off) Then draw on their face how ever you want, but be careful they don't wake up.Afterward, get a big cardboard box and put it in the middle of the room and get in it, close the lid so no one can see you. Then get the person who is still awake to tickle the victim or something to wake them up. The victim will wake up and see a big box in the room. When you think the time is right, jump out of the box and scare them.This prank really works. I made it up and I thought I would try it. The victim didn't realize the pen was on their face until 10:00 am the next day because they were so scared by the box prank! She has never forgiven me but it was worth it!

How do you get a wooden tub in Maplestory?

Is that the one with the rubber ducky with it? Because I have that 1. I got mine from an event

Where is a dahlia in Maplestory?

a dahlia is on neglected park 3 in a portal on the top left where a up arrow is.