Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette ruled as the Queen of France during the reign of Louis XVI and the French Revolution. When the Revolution brought an end to the French monarchy, Marie Antoinette was executed by guillotine. She has become a popular historical figure due to her outrageous fashion sense and supercilious attitude, commemorated through many books and films.

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What was Marie Antoinette accused of?

In modern terms it can be said that they threw the book at her. She was charged with conspiracy to murder the Duke of Orleans, sending million to Austria, organizing and participating in orgies at Versailles, incest, declaring her son to be the King of France and the murder of the Swiss Guards, The trial was a travesty of justice and what would be called today a Kangaroo Court. She was found guilty of treason.

Was Marie Antoinette a good queen of France?

That is a very difficult question.

France had very strict etiquette rules for Queens. Queens (or queens to be, called "dauphines") did not have any rights. They were not allowed to meddle with politics and it was considered unladylike for them to even talk about politics. They were to be obedient to their husbands all the time, they were to be beautiful (but not too beautiful, they had to be very religious and attend mass every day (!), they had to live very secluded and quiet lives, knitting and sitting up straight and their main task was to produce heirs.

Marie Antoinette was the first very young dauphine to come to France in a long time (she was 14, being a teenager) and she was drop dead gorgeous. Most of all.... she was Austrian. So no matter what she did of said, everything was talked of in a very ill matter. Everything she did and everything she said was turned into scandal. The French never wanted an Austrian woman as their Queen, so they figured that if they could not make them divorce and have her sent back, they would gossip her to death.

Gossip and rumors have it that she was a bad queen, but in fact, she was a very good one. When her husband fell into a deep depression, she was the one that tried to save the French economy by meddling into politics. Only because she couldn't bare the country to go bankrupt. When the people accused her of overspending and living an extravagant lifestyle, she tried to show them how much she had spent, which was twice as little as former Queens of France! She also gave a lot of money to charity, but this the people conveniently forgot.

Did Marie Antoinette invent something?

Only the stupidest quotation ever recorded in history. "Let them eat cake!"

How many children did Marie Antoinette have?

Marie Antoinette had 4 children:

Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte in 1778,

Louis-Joseph in 1781,

Louis-Charles in 1785,

and Sophie-Béatrix in 1786.

Only one of them, however, survived the revolution and moved on to have children.
She had 4 children with her husband King Louis XVI:

  • Marie Thérèse (20 December 1778 - 19 october 1851)
  • Louis Jozef (22 october 1781 - 4 June 1789)
  • Louis Charles (27 march 1785 - 8 June 1795)
  • Sophie Beatrix Hélène (9 July 1786 - 19 June 1787)

What hobbies did the queen of France Marie Antoinette have?

Marie Antoinette loved horse riding, and learnt and liked playing cards ,she also liked playing with younger people playing with toys, decorating interiors etc.

How did Marie Antoinette die?

Marie-Antoinette, wife and Queen of Louis XVI, was executed by guillotine on the grounds that she had committed treason by corresponding with her relative who ruled Austria, a country at war with France. She was also accused of a number of other crimes, from wasting the national treasure (which was partly true) to quite ridiculous items like incest with her son.

Why was King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette married?

It was an arranged marriage. Such marriages were common among royalty. In this particular case the two families wanted to strengthen an existing alliance between Austria and France.

Why was Marie Antoinette important?

Marie Antoinette was born November 2,1755 in Austria, the daughter of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor and Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. She was also born on the same day as the famous earthquake of Lisbon. She was the queen of France at the outbreak of the French Revolution. In 1770 she was married to the French Dauphin, who 4 years later ascended the throne as Louis XVI. The personalities of the two rulers were very different while Louis XVI was phlegmatic and withdrawn, Marie Antoinette was strong, but care free. Marie Antoinette was imprudent in her actions and choice of friends. She soon became unpopular in the court and the country, making many of the nobles furious, including the King's brothers and those Frenchmen who regretted the recently concluded alliance with Austria, long regarded as the traditional enemy for the population. As a whole, she became the symbol for the extravagance to the court.

What you have to understand farmost about Marie Antoinette is that she was a young girl, a very young girl, who's only education in life was how to be an aristocrat. She wasn't even raised to be a queen, her mother, the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, was far to busy ruling the country and left Marie Antoinette's education in the hands of her governesses who spoiled the girl (after all, she was very pretty & charming, and was the youngest of the girls in the family), doing her homework for her so Marie Antoinette did not have to do it herself.

The poor girl had a hard life in France. First as the Dauphine (the wife of the next King of France), she had little knowledge of France and it's customs. She was not accustomed to the size, riches and amoral values that was the court of France at this time. Not to mention that her relationship with her husband, Louis XVI was a rather odd one. It took quite some time for the marriage to be consummated, and for them to produce a child (8 years). During that time, the Dauphine had to listen to all the rumors that the court and the country were spreading about her (her marriage was a sham and her husband was an imbecile and impotent). She was also extremely homesick (she missed her sisters and mother greatly).

Marie was well-known to have spent wildly as a young queen before tempering things as she matured. The daughter of Francis I and Maria Theresa, Emperor and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, Marie left Austria for France in 1770 to marry the prince of France. In 1774 the prince became King Louis XVI and Marie became queen. As revolution swept Paris in 1789, the king and queen tried to flee but failed. While the revolutionaries were trying to hash out a new system of government, Marie and Louis XVI were stuck as prisoners at the palace Le Tuileries. They tried to get help from royal supporters in England, Prussia and Austria, but in 1792 they were arrested and charged with treason. Louis was beheaded 21 January 1793 and Marie was beheaded 16 October 1793.

One of the first things to remember about Marie Antoinette is that for most of her life she was bored. Raised at one court and married into another at fourteen. Also when she was born she had already been promised for marriage.

Marie Antoinette's last words were an apology to the executioner after accidentally stepping on his foot…

Marie Antoinette was played by Kristen Dunst in the 2006 film of Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola.

Why was Marie Antoinette beheaded?

Marie Antoinette was beheaded because she was Queen of France during the unfortunate period of the French Revolution. The French people regarded the ancien regime, the system of monarchy and aristocracy that had been in place in France for hundreds of yeras, as evil and responsible for all the hardships that they had been forced to face over the years, which was largely true. The French monarchy was self-indulgent and spent vast amounts of money (i.e. the Palace of Versailles). People regard Queen Marie Antoinette as the embodyment of all that was wrong with the government, with her ridiculous expensive fashions and extravagance. In the Revolution, and above all in the Reign of Terror that encompassed the time during which Marie was beheaded, all the aristocrats, characterized as "enemies of the republic" were sent to the guillotine. Marie was the very height of the monarchy, so she was destined to die. Her life may have been spared if her brother Joseph II of Austria or her mother Maria Theresa were still alive and they could have sent her help, but they were not and so she went to the guillotine.


Because she suffered from a fatal birth defect. She was born an Austrian and that alone was adequate to demand her death during the French Revolution.

Why was Marie Antoinette killed?

In short, the French revolution was to overthrow the monarchs, because the bourgeoisie had enough of the luxurious and privileged lives of the royals and nobility. The revolutionists wanted everybody to be equal. So they fought to overthrow their royals and to rid themselves of the "tyrants" (their monarchs, who were in fact far from tyrants).

Marie Antoinette was the last Queen ever in France. Since then France has had an emperor (Napoleon Bonaparte), some Kings in name (so not really Kings at all) and eventually Presidents.

Marie Antoinette was an Austrian archduchess and since the French had been at war with Austria for ages, her mother and King Louis XV designed this marriage to be a political statement: peace. She was used as a political pion. The French already hated her before she set foot in their country, just because she was Austrian. She was literally pamphletted to death by vicious rumours. (a small example: the sentence "let them eat cake" was never uttered by her at all!) the example at that time was the Affair of the Necklace, something which she had absolutely nothing to do with.

Marie Antoinette was not part of any suppression of the French people. She should have been exiled to her home country of Austria.

Why did they hate Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI?

they were probably cruel and wicked or they just didn't get respect from the peasants.

What is Marie Antoinette remembered for?

She is mainly remembered for causing the French deficit to grow and bankrupting France. She is remembered for her lavish life style and the quote "Let them eat cake." She is also remembered for being guillotined during the French Revolution

Who was Marie Antoinette?

Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) was born Maria Antonia to her mother Maria Theresa, the Empress of Austria. She was the Empress' youngest daughter out of many children. At a young age, a marriage contract was signed. Archduchess Maria Antonia would marry the Dauphin Louis Auguste (later King Louis XVI). Her name was changed to Marie Antoinette, the French version of Maria Antonia. She became the queen of France, had four children and was killed with a guillotine (beheaded) during the French Revolution.

She lived in the late 1700s at a time when the French court at Versailles was becoming very frivolous. The monarchs and aristocrats were oblivious to the needs of the common people. Marie may have been especially disliked since she was from the rival country of Austria.

Folklore has it that when told that the people had no bread, she replied "Then let them eat cake." Whether true or not, it accurately expressed the schism between the rich and the poor in France, as many of the wealthy showed apathy, if not disdain, toward the conditions of the populace as a whole. Many, including Marie and Louis, lost their heads after the revolution.


Marie Antoinette was the wife of King Louis XVI of France, and therefore Queen of France. She was born Austrian and lived there until she was 14 years of age, then she was sent of to marry her French husband and lived in Versailles, France for the rest of her life. She lived from 1755 until 1793.

She was born an Archduchess of Austria and later became Queen of France and Navarre. At fourteen, she was married to Louis-Auguste, Dauphin of France, the future Louis XVI. She was the mother of Louis XVII, who died in the Temple Tower at the age of ten during the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette is perhaps best remembered for her legendary (and, some modern historians say, exaggerated) excesses and for her death: she was executed by guillotine at the height of the French Revolution in 1793 for the crime of treason.

How did the captors of Marie Antoinette treat her?

Marie Antoinette's captors were the revolutionaries who believed that her extravagence and Austrian-ness was the cause of the poverty they suffered. They clearly would have treated her terribly, but alive so they could try and execute her.

Should Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have been executed?

probably not. They didn't exactly rule exceptionally well and Marie Antoinette's constant spending which earned her the nickname "Madame Deficit" didn't help the countries every growing debt, but all in all, they didn't do enough to earn the death penalty.

When did Marie Antoinette get married?

Marie Antoinette married to Louis XVI of France in 16 May 1770