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Marketing, advertising and sales are the fundamental necessities and key elements to the success of a business. Marketing is about a successful business prospects that involves promoting sales processes through advertising to reach and persuade the customers. Different strategies like public relations, interpersonal interaction and networking – all go into this category.

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What is the Product life cycle of dove soap?

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I think Dove soap is at the maturity life cycle stage. Would be good to know marketer's opinion...
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Do subliminal messages work, and are they in advertising?

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This one’s pretty tricky. First of all, subliminal messages are images or words that you’re exposed to so briefly or covertly that you don’t realize you’ve experienced them. Proponents of subliminal advertising claim that your subconscious is so deeply affected by these messages that behavior can change drastically, and it’s so subtle that you think you came up with the idea yourself. Sounds pretty nefarious, but don’t worry too much. The most famous study about subliminal advertising—the one where “Eat popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” was inserted for fractions of a second into movies and drastically increased concession sales—is a complete myth (the lead researcher later admitted the data was fabricated). So, if that’s what led you to ask this question, rest assured that this pretty alarming study is totally bogus. However, some more credible studies have shown subliminal advertising to be modestly successful. Those effects are mostly short-lived, though, and there’s no evidence to suggest that modern advertisers are using them in their ads. And even though it recognizes them as ineffective, the Federal Trade Commission does categorize subliminal messages as deceptive—and therefore illegal.
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What are the 5 significant traits of language that illustrates the advertisement?

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Advertisements use language to appeal to a certain demographic.
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Marketing warfare strategies?

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MARKETING WARFARE STRATEGIES · Offensive marketing warfare strategies - Attack the target competitor with an objective such as "liberating" some of its market share · Defensive marketing warfare strategies - Strategies intended to maintain your market share, profitability, sales revenue, or some other objective. · Flanking marketing warfare strategies - Operate in areas of little importance to the competitor. Guerrilla marketing warfare strategies - Attack, retreat, hide, then do it again, and again, until the competitor moves on to other markets.
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What do digital marketing agencies do?

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Digital marketing agencies' main aim is to use the best marketing techniques to increase your business awareness around the globe and convert online visitors to potential buyers, but according to the new technology, most of the companies are incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Bester Capital Media | Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency In Dubai is one of them.
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Types of stakeholders?

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There are two type of stakeholders which are internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Thank you
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What are the top ten direct marketing companies?

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Implications for business organizations for adopting marketing concept?

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what are the implication of marketing concept to a marketer? what are the implication of marketing concept to a marketer?
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What is the Availability and use of agency services in advertising packaging investments in saving schemes?

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Advertising packaging investments are either online or offline so it depends on the one of your interest. Offline include the print media whereas online include the internet, videos, ads and others.
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What is the role of cost accounting in marketing of businesses?

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cost accounting play a vital role in marketing businesses because it give the authentic value of the cost of goods and services.
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Four phases of international marketing?

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There are 4 phases of international marketing involvement; which are no direct foreign marketing, infrequent foreign marketing, regular foreign market and international marketing. In no direct foreign marketing stage, the company may not actively involve in international marketing. But yet there are still have possibility of the product to sell in oversea through the distributor or wholesaler without the knowledge of the producer. The next stage is infrequent foreign marketing, where company may involve in the international marketing infrequently depending when there are temporary surplus of the production. Company has no intention to maintain the international demand and only focus in domestic demand. When only there are surplus of product after distributing the domestic market then only the company would sell to oversea market. The next level is regular marketing. In this stage, the company has the intention to do international marketing and has permanent production capacity allocate to international demand. Company may has own sales subsidiaries in the foreign market. However the sales of the company still depend to the domestic market and the sales in foreign market is just a bonus for the company. The final level is international marketing, where company fully involved and committed in the international market. The company not only setting up sales subsidiaries but the production plant in the foreign country.
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Why should a foreign marketer be concerned with the study of culture?

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A foreign marketer needs to know the wants and needs of the culture that he is marketing to. By learning about their culture, a foreign marketer will design campaigns that target the right population.
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How can you drive traffic to your website?

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There are many ways to drive traffic to the website and the useful of them is to put the banner ads or the solo ads. The other option to increase traffic to your site is traffic exchange.
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Compare and contrast producers and consumers?

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Producers are organisms that make their own food through photosynthesis or other reactions and are a food source for other organisms (e.x. plants, extremophile benthos communities). Consumers are organisms that ingest other organisms, like plants, in order to gain energy (e.x. herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, detrivores).
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What is the meaning of secret needs in marketing?

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A "secret need" in marketing is a need that the customer does not want to disclose but still gives indication to have from seller.