Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was the only American artist to take part in the impressionist exhibitions in Paris. She was a friend of Edgar Degas. She was especially interested in portraying people, and today her many paintings of 'Mother and Child' are the best-known part of her production.

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Mary Cassatt

Were Leonardo da Vinci parents divorced?

Ser Piero da Vinci and Caterina, Leonardo da Vinci's parents, were never married. Leonardo da Vinci's father had many affairs with different women.

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Mary Cassatt

How many children did Bloody Mary have?

Bloody Mary had a little baby boy a year before she died. When she did dieher half sisterElizabethbecame Queen.

Mary Cassatt

What kind of clothes did Mary Cassatt wear?

she wore a bonnet

Mary Cassatt

What style of art did Mary Cassatt do?


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Mary Cassatt

What are the best known landscape paintings?

Currently, some of the best known landscapes may be Claude Monet's haystacks and water lily series. Landscapes by Paul Cezanne are also recognizable as are those of American painters Georgia O'Keeffe and Maynard Dixon. In the 20th century there was Soutine in France who painted rough and dynamic landscapes A current popular artist working in landscape is Thomas Kinkaid.

Mary Cassatt

What was the meaning of Mary Cassatt's artwork?

Do you need any other meaning than what you see in the lovely representations of mothers and children???

Mary Cassatt

What was Mary Cassatt's art movement?


Mary Cassatt

Did Mary Cassatt have kids?

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Mary Cassatt

What age did Mary Cassatt die?

She was 82 when she died in 1926.

Mary Cassatt

What was Mary Cassatt's style of artwork?

anything but mostly people and herself:) Answer 2: Her style was realistic with strong influences from Impressionism.

Mary Cassatt

When did Mary Cassatt start painting?

She started at the Pennsylvania Art Academy when she was 15.

Mary Cassatt

What some personality traits of Mary cassatt?

Independent, artistic, intelligent. Those are some of the words Mary Cassatt is referred to

Mary Cassatt

Who was Mary Cassatt's husband?

She was not married.

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How many paintings did Matisse paint?

215 paintings altogether

Mary Cassatt

What were the names of Mary Cassatt's siblings?

Her sisters were Lydia and Gardner.
Her brothers were Robbie and Alexander.

Correction: Gardner was a boy! Her siblings were: Lydia (1837-1882); Alexander (Alec) ( 1839-1906); Robert (1842-1855); and Joseph Gardner (Gard) (1849-1911). Mary outlived all of them.(Mary Cassatt: 1844-1926)?

Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was part of what art movement?

She exhibited with the impressionists.

Mary Cassatt

What did Mary Cassatt do for a living?

She came from a very wealthy family, so she had money of her own.

Mary Cassatt

How was Elizabeth Cassatt related to Mary Cassatt?

thay weren't related

Mary Cassatt

Was Mary Cassatt ever married?

No, she was not.

Mary Cassatt

What was Mary Cassatt's most notable accomplishment?

She was an influential and amazing Impessionistic painter. Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, and some others. She was also one of very few women in the art world at that time.

Mary Cassatt

What continent did Mary Cassatt live in?

She spent the whole of her working life in France (Europe), although she was born in Pennsylvania.

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Where is the painting 'The Romanian Blouse' by Matisse located?

Cincinnati Art Museum

Mary Cassatt

What art school did Mary Cassatt go to?

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Mary Cassatt

Did Mary Cassatt wear dresses?

Yes, she did.

This can be seen in her self portrait and in the paintings Degas did of her.

What she wore when painting we do not know.

Mary Cassatt

What inspired Mary Cassatt to be an artist?

why would you say that if you dont know the answer whoever said something really domb

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