Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a combination of art and science that provides a relaxing experience through artistic hand strokes on the body. It rejuvenates the body and mind, and it also eliminates stress. Massage therapy has become one of the most popular forms of health activity.

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What are the pressure points on the body?

The American Heart Association has distinguished 11 known pressure points on either side of the human body. In diagnosing Fibromyalgia, doctors check eighteen specific points on the body, if the patient has eleven of the eighteen causing them pain, then they are diagnosed as having fibromyalgia.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has defined hundreds of points on the body, though less than 100 are used in regular therapy.

There are also what are called endangerment points that are in areas that have nerves and blood vessels. These areas require special training in order to use them therapeutically or as a form of self defense.

There is no way to know how many pressure points are in the body.

Pressure points differ from each person. A muscular person would be more prone to pressure points than an obese person, and just striking or holding a pressure point might not be enough.

Self-defense Answer A pressure point can typically be found at any space between bones.

Pressure Points:

When a person is severely cut and begins to bleed, it is time for quick action. First air for severe bleeding involves applying pressure over the wound. Sometimes it is possible to press the artery above the wound against the bone behind it, and stop the bleeding. This place is called a pressure point. A pressure point is also an excellent location to take a person's pulse.

Understanding Pressure Point Strikes:

Striking to a hyel does not necessarily immediately knock a person out or cause a body part to become instantly numb, as has been propagated by many martial arts charlatans. Self-defense may be understood by the analogy of a body part that has fallen asleep, when proper circulation has been cut off from it.

When applying forced pressure to specific hyel, your goal is not to magically tender your opponent lifeless. What you are planning to achieve is both short term and long term interruption of your attacker's energy. A listening carefully pressure point strike is initially accomplished by focusing your energy.

The Important Pressure Points for Hemorrhage:

The loss of a small amount of blood will cause no problem for a healthy adult, but loss of one liter or more of blood is life-threatening. The first step to control bleeding is the application of direct pressure to the wound using a clean cloth. An assisting person should wear gloves to protect from blood-borne diseases. A bleeding extremity should be elevated above the level of the heart. In cases of severe, persistent bleeding, application of pressure where a local artery can be pressed against a bone slows the bleeding. The most important of these "pressure points" are the following:

  • The facial artery, which may be pressed against the lower jaw for hemorrhage around the nose, mouth, and cheek. One can feel the pulse of the facial artery in the depression about one inch anterior to the angle of the lower jaw.
  • The temporal artery, which may be pressed against the side of the skull just anterior to the ear to stop hemorrhage on the side of the face and around the ear.
  • The common carotid artery in the neck, which may be pressed back against the spinal column for bleeding in the neck and the head. Avoid prolonged compression, which can result in lack of oxygen to the brain.
  • The subclavian artery, which may be pressed against the first rib by a downward push with the thumb to stop bleeding from the shoulder or arm.
  • The brachial artery, which may be pressed against the arm bone by a push inward along the natural groove between the two large muscles of the arm. Hand, wrist, and forearm hemorrhage will be stopped by this pressing.
  • The femoral artery, which may be pressed to avoid serious hemorrhage of the lower extremity.

It is important not to leave the pressure on too long, as this may cause damage to tissues, including nerves supplied by arteries past the pressure point.
Um, another good question. Well there are a lot of them so it depends on the person you are striking and how precisely you hit their pressure point. For example there is one called ''stomach point nine'' you have to hit this point with your finger with over 20 pounds of force to activate it properly.

What is nuru massage?

Nuru Massage, also called Body Slide is a massage performed with a special kind of massage gel called Nuru Gel. The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and it means "slippery", but we tend to believe it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used in it, called "Nori". The nuru gel is very cool and comfortable when you apply it to your skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse will rub your entire body with the nuru and slide on you for a perfect body to body massage.

The nuru gel is made from deep seaweed (Nori) and is transparent, tasteless, odorless, extremely slippery and smooth. The gel is cool when applied to the skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse/masseur rubs the body of the client with the nuru gel and slides on it for a sensual body to body massage.

From my research, a nuru massage is a massage where the masseuse would use a special gel and she would use her whole body to massage the client's body. They often both do it naked and sometimes this massage form may end in a form of sexual activity.

What is homeostasis and how does massage effect it?

Homeostasis is when your body is in balance. Massage helps improve circulation, lymph flow, calm your muscular and nervous system, and helps balance your hormones. All of this helps your body bring itself back into a state of balance.

What does CTP mean in massage therapy?

In health massage therapy, CTP stands for Certified Thai Practitioner Program. It involves extensive training of students wanting to learn Thai Yoga Massage. This massaging technique is an interactive yoga therapy that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts immune system and promotes body balance.

Can deep tissue massage cause muscle spasm?

Any massage that is done improperly can lead to muscle spasms, sore muscles, and bruising. This is especially true if the person receiving the massage does not feel good about the pressure and speed.

What is an aqua massage?

Aquatic Massage is a gentle type of health massage therapy that takes advantage of the anti gravity featured by most therapeutic pools. The therapy is done whilke the client is floating or soaking in a pool. The pool provides the almost wieghtless sensation to the patient's body. The water is kept at a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to promote further relaxation. And a skilled therapist uses a variety of massage techniques, spine softening movements, opening stretches, and dynamic stillness. The therapist and the water work hand in hand together to activate and empower the body's innate movement towards balance. This type of treatment is dieal for people suffering from muscular ailments (e.g. arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism).

Did you saw my massage and did you see my massage which one is right?

In general, hand tools are not usually required for a massage, especially not carpentry tools like saws. Massage therapists do not "saw" their clients in half, like some magicians are known to do. The right massage is the one that feels good and is safe. That is why massage therapists prefer to use their hands.

Is tea tree oil good for dry skin?

While, tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral benefits, it does not help dry skin. Part of its benefits come from it's ability to dry the skin out in order to help a person medically.

What does geriatric massage do?

Geriatric massage uses the same basic massage techniques as general massage. It is, however, tailored to the specific health conditions and needs of the elderly population.

What are math skills for massage therapy?

As long as you can count money and know what time you start and what time you need to end then you have no worries with math.

Do paralyzed patients benefit from massage?

Massage helps the circulation of paralyzed limbs. Neurologically, it can also relive the tension on the nerves causing paralysis. Not always but on some occasions. Just be sure to get Dr. approval.....

Can you apply tea tree oil to an open wound?

Tea tree oil can be used to treat and disinfect minor cuts and abrasions by killing S. aureus and other bacteria that can cause infection in open wounds. Visit for natural tea tree oil

List 20 contraindications to a facial massage?

eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, fresh bruising, open sores, bleeding, tooth abscess, broken jaw or other facial bone, facial cancer, head lice, recently consumed alcohol, under the influence of drugs, unstable blood pressure, recent head injury, recent neck injury, fever, contagious disease, recent hemorrhage, recent scarring, severe acne

What nationwide stores sell essential oils?

Michaels is a sure bet. You could also try other craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics. WAL*MART and Target sell fragranced oil, but it's lower quality.

Answer 2: for true essential oils go to a natural food store such as whole foods, or a beauty supply store such as Sally's

When was massage therapy first used?

the first recorded use of massage was about 3000 BC in china. the Chinese called there technique amma. the Japanese, the Greek's, and the Romans's, also used massage, then in modern times Per Henrik ( 1776-1839 ) was from Sweden and the massage he used is now known as Swedish massage

Where do you purchase tea tree oil?

  • Tea tree oil (from Australia) is usually available in health food stores; a 1 ounce bottle can cost about $10. It's a natural antiseptic. We've used it with good effect on cancer sores. There are also several natural deodorants containing tea tree oil.
  • In Canada I have seen it in drug stores like Shoppers Drugmart, even in Wal-Mart in the pharmacy department. You can also get it on an online store.

    In America, you can get it at any Walmart, grocery, pharmacy, or health food store.

  • In the UK, you can buy tea tree oil in health food stores, pharmacies and many supermarkets.
  • In California, you can get Tea Tree Oil at Henry's Markets, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's.

Answer2: In addition to the above, check out many online stores, Target, TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshall's and Burlington always have on hand.

Why is hyper sensitive skin contraindicated?

That skin gets hurt or itchy easily, so you shouldn't be rough with it or put stuff on it.

Where do you find a tantric massage parlor in NC?

There is no such thing. There ar massage parlors and there is tantric yoga, but the two are very different things and are found in totally different settings. A massage parlor is involved with prostitution and tantric yoga is used for the develpment of health and consciousness.

Is Massage for clients with frequent heartburn contraindicated?

A person with frequent heartburn, or gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disease (GERD), is not contraindicated for massage. What would be appropriate is to wait at least two hours after their last meal, and then massage as usual with less pressure on the abdomen and a focus on relaxation.

GERD can be a result of a cardioesophageal sphincter that is not closing tightly enough to hold the contents of the stomach from regurgutating up into the esophagus. Or, it can be as a result of a hiatal hernia, or both. In either case, the treatment is the same, as mentioned above.

Is it okay to get a massage from your boyfriend as a teen?

Well, that depends on several things. How long have you been dating? If you know each other pretty well, then a massage can be very nice. Rubbing your neck and back can be very relaxing and intimate. Is he massaging your through your clothing? If he is that usually will be OK in most situations. If he is taking off your blouse, are you comfortable with that? Hands on bare skin can be very nice and enjoyable, but only if you don't mind him seeing you in your underwear.

If he says he can't give you a massage without you removing your bra, this is not true. A massage on the back goes perfectly well over the bra strap. It can be more comfortable and relaxing for you without the bra, but that is your decision, not his. Only do it if you are comfortable with him seeing you topless.

If your boy friend is asking to do a "full body" massage and wants you to removing all of your clothing, this is not about a massage, but about having intimate relations. If he is really pressuring you about this, tell him he has to go first. You will give him a full body naked massage. Men have a reflex action that even if they are not thinking about sex, they may still get an erection. (NEVER use baby oil since it is a petroleum product, do not even use it on babies). Use a real professional quality massage oil that is made of fruit and nut seed oils. I think you will be pretty safe on this one.

What is a nude massage?

There is no such thing. During a professional massage, you leave on your underwear and you are draped modestly with a sheet and blanket.

What is essential tea tree oil used for?

Tea Tree essential oil has a variety of things it is good for including to heal cuts, wounds, skin infections, immune building properties, athlete's foot, bronchitis, colds, coughs, diarrhea, flu, periodontal disease, rash, skin healing, sore throat, sunburn, tonsillitis, vaginal thrush.

Usually you will use it for skin related problems to help heal or kill bacteria.

How do you buy sandi sudha oil?

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I strongly feel that these are unprofessional dealers and people should not trust them.