The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is an entrance examination for prospective medical students in Canada and the United States. It is used to assess the applicantโ€™s critical thinking, problem solving and writing skills.

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What is MCAT?

The MCAT is the medical college admissions test. To become a medical physician, you must attend a medical school, and most medical schools in the United States require the MCAT to be taken in order to be considered for admission. Your MCAT score is just one part of your application to medical school and other factors such as total GPA, science GPA, letters of recommendation, other activities, etc. are considered as well. The MCAT is for medical schools what the ACT or SAT is for college out of high school. Scoring 30+ on the MCAT means you likely have a competitive score.

A good MCAT score?

A 10 or better in all three sections.

A composite score of 30 is competitive. More balanced scores are better than "lop-sided." E.g. 10, 10,10 is better than 13, 13, 4.

If you just need a content review and not a formal class, I would recommend taking a look at - they have an outline that is modeled after AAMC's (the testmaker) topic lists. Also, they have a bunch of practice questions so you can gauge where you are (and it's 100% free, unlike those other expensive companies).

Good luck with your preparation!

How difficult is the MCAT for Med School?

Not too difficult if you retained all the information you learned from your science/math courses. The questions aren't too specific, but it will require you understand general concepts in each discipline. Basically, you should take a diagnostic MCAT and record your score. On the average, there is a 10 point increase from your diagnostic score after a 3-4 month preparation/practice. (unless you scored really low on your diagnostic i.e >20, in which case, you will get a higher increase)

If you just need a content review and not a formal class, I would recommend taking a look at - they have an outline that is modeled after AAMC's (the testmaker) topic lists. Also, they have a bunch of practice questions so you can gauge where you are (and it's 100% free, unlike those other expensive companies).

Good luck with your preparation!

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What medical schools do not require the MCAT?

For schools within the United States, only Dartmouth does not require the MCAT. That is a theoretical lack, however; in practice, every U.S. medical school requires it.

Some offshore schools, such as St. James in Anguilla, do not require the MCAT. French universities also do not require the MCAT (University of Montreal is an example), because the exam is not offered in French. The University of Ottawa also does not require the MCAT, because it is a bilingual university.

Two other methods of skipping the MCAT exist. If you are in high school or have not earned your baccalaureate, you may apply to one of several highly competitive college programs that combine undergraduate study with medical school (sequentially, that is). No MCAT is required but substantial achievement must be demonstrated to be accepted to one of these programs.

Second, at least one school offers a pre-med program that guarantees entry into the medical school sans MCAT (on successful completion of the requirements, one would imagine). International American University in St. Lucia is an example.

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How long is the MCAT test?

SectionNumber of QuestionsLengthVerbal Reasoning4060 minutesPhysical Sciences5270 minutesBiological Sciences5270 minutesWriting Sample2 thirty-minute essays60 minutes

How many times can you take the MCAT?

You can retake the exam, and it can be done an endless number of times. However, you should be borne in mind, that all the information about your retaken tests will be known in all the medical schools to which you will do. So we would advise not to rush with the test and to prepare better for it, and we would not recommend to re-take the exams more than 3 times.


What is the highest score ever on the MCAT?

The highest score ever on the MCAT is a 45. Believe it or not this happens quite regularly, but only a few times per year. However, a 45 isn't needed, or even close, to get into Medical School (typically 30-35)

However to help your way to getting that 45...I would recommend taking a look at - they have an outline that is modeled after AAMC's (the testmaker) topic lists. Also, they have a bunch of practice questions so you can gauge where you are (and it's 100% free, unlike those other expensive companies).

Good luck with your preparation!

Where can you find a Massachusetts hoisting license practice test?

These can be found online through the Department of Transportation. You can also find them by visiting your local DMV.

What tests in high school do you need to take to get into a university?

The tests that you take in the United States are the ACT or the SAT, depending on the school you want to apply to. Some will accept either. Check with the University you wish to attend, their web site will normally have the information in the Admissions section.

Do you need a degree to take the mcat?

You do not need a degree to take the MCAT, most premedical students take the MCAT their junior year before they graduate, however you do need a bachelors degree in something to be accepted into an American medical school

Is a 33 on mcat good?

that's wat I got. Very solid score

Do you have to go to college to take the MCAT and be accepted in to Med School?

yes .... a bachelor degree is necessary to be accepted into med school. however not sure if that is true for the m-cat

What is the average GPA and MCAT of Johns Hopkins medical school 2008 matriculates?


Average GPA was 3.87

Average MCAT , to my surprise, was only 11.8

i guess the GPA is high and MCAT is low since Johns Hopkins like accepting many people in majors such as art and music (non science) , so they get their high GPAs from classes they like, yet don't do too well on the MCAT since they are not as well prepared for it.

^I'm pretty sure the average MCAT is the average score per section (and there are three sections, so the average total MCAT score is about 35.4)

Is examination a true test of one's capability?

Indeed examinations are regarded by the teachers and other prominent intellectuals as a test of merit .Students prepare for the examinations, days and months in advance. The day of the examination is always awaited with a mixed feeling. There is a fear of facing a tough paper and there is also a sense of relief to know that once the papers are over, there can be enough time to play and enjoy. Examinations are a bug-bear. They are like electric shocks for most students.

Children have all sorts of nightmares before the preparation of an examination. They encourage cramming .Unintelligent cramming leads to stunting of the thinking power. They are a farce. The examinees themselves are not sure how to mark the papers .The outstanding advantage of examinations is that the teacher as well as the student tend to be industrious .Examinations inspire them to work hard and score maximum marks in each subject. The teacher and students consider examinations as their only goal. They even compete with other classes. This means that without examinations, the teacher as well as the student would tend to become idle. After the result, the meritorious student is easily known by the teacher or principal. Students are not to be found at the cinema houses, restaurant and other places of entertainment during the examination days. If there were no examinations, the merits of various students could not be judged, nor would the majority of students take any interest as it is only the fear of examinations that makes students work. They know that if they keep on neglecting books, they will be exposed on examination days.

Now do examinations really test an individual? A student may memorize certain portions of the text and if a question is set from the portions he has prepared, he will no doubt secure good marks, while another student, brighter and more intelligent than the first, may not show good results because he did not especially prepare the questions which were set in the examination. A student may play football during the whole the academic year and yet get through the examination. Another student may work hard throughout the year but may unfortunately fall ill during the examination days and be thus declared unsuccessful. Is it justice? Is it fair play? It is a mockery. Papers of a lucky candidate may go to a lenient examiner, while bad luck may take yours to a stiff one. A marginal case may pass at the hands of one examiner and fail at the hands of another. It is a lottery. A lucky one may draw a prize ticket. While an unlucky one may draw blank. The mood of an examiner counts a lot. If he has fallen out with his short-tempered wife, he may fail you.

An examiner, who has just received news of his promotion to class one, would like to share his good luck with his examinees. Are then again examinations a true test of one's ability? When they come even the gayest of them forget all play and turn to worshippers at the altar of books day and night. Even Christ said, "O God; Save me from trial". This gives one some idea of the terror they strike into the heart of the poor examinees. Examinations are a plague. They are blood-suckers .Their after effects are pale cheeks and sunken eyes, grey hair, sleepless nights, physical and mental disorders. A number of young men go mad year after year as a result of these examinations.Most educationists now agree that a simple crucial examination is certainly no test of ability; they insist upon a series of practical tests of knowledge and intelligence over a period of two or three years .The results of all these tests, they say, should be taken into account when judging a student's ability.

On the whole, it may be said that good students do not usually show bad results and that negligent students do not generally pass. They kill all originality. They play with the health and lives of the student. Examinations are a game of chance and skill.