Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is an American actor best known for his Academy Award-winning role as star and director of "Braveheart." Later in his career, his reputation suffered from his alcoholism and several incidents of racist and sexist remarks.

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Does Mel Gibson drink olive oil to control his cholesterol?

I remember watching Mel on a talk show about 8 years ago. He talked about how he drinks oil everyday. I don't remember what kind of oil but I remember he said he had a checkup recently and they looked into all his heart arteries and he said they told him his arteries we fantastically clean. remember, Mel has smoked cigs his whole life. I stumbled across this question actually looking for the kind of oil he drinks. So he does drink oil. Could be olive oil, could be fish oil i don't remember but whatever he does drink it seems to work great.

How many Oscars has mel Gibson won?

Two. He won for producing and directing "Braveheart," which won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1995.

Who is the girl that plays Mel Gibson's daughter in What Women Want?

Ashley Johnson plays the role Alex Marshall, Nick Marshall's (Mel Gibson's) daughter in the movie What Women Want.

What movie do Julia Roberts and mel Gibson star in together?

Conspiracy Theory (1997). It also stars Patrick Stewart. Directed by Richard Donner.

Did the actor Mel Gibson direct the film called Braveheart?

Yes, Mel Gibson was the director of Braveheart. He also appeared in it as the main character.
The film was released in 1995.

Yes, he did. In fact, he not only directed this movie from 1995: he also starred in it. Gibson had great success with Braveheart: it was nominated for ten Academy Awards, and it won five. Among the awards Braveheart received was one that undoubtedly made Gibson happy: Best Director.

Who was the child actor who played Bo the little girl in the movie Signs with Mel Gibson?

Bo Hess in Signs was played by child actor Abigail Breslin. Abigail was born in April of 1996, and Signs was released in 2002, so she was 5 or 6 years old during filming. Although Abigail had been in front of a camera since age 3, Signs was her first movie. Since then, she has appeared in other movies and in TV episodes. Abigail, now 11, is in filming for the starring role in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery, scheduled for release in 2008. Source: (The Internet Movie Database).

What was the tattoo Mel Gibson had in Lethal Weapon?

During the old S.O.G days in Vietnam, tattoos like this one were significant among certain Green Beret units. There are many like it but they all seem to mean the same thing. It's like a brand among brothers they have to earn as Green Berets. Many of these tattoos even said S.O.G on them, similar to the writing at the bottom of Mel's tattoo in the film. It may not be 100% legit Green Beret tattoo, but it would be similar to something they may have had at one time.

Where did Mel Gibson go to high school?

Ive been told that he went to an all boys highschool in savannah georgia call B.C. (Benedictine