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Questions and answers about mental health and conditions, such as depression, bipolar, ADD-ADHD, schizophrenia, and others

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What are examples of maladaptive behavior?

Gambling is an example of maladaptive behavior. Gambling is not a problem if a person bets small amounts for entertainment and maintaining self control. However, compulsive gambling is a sign of psychopathology. ...
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Do animals ever suffer from depression?

Some animals, like dogs and many primates, definitely display signs of depression (mainly loss of interest in pleasurable activities, changes in sleep patterns, and changes in social behavior). However, since they can't communicate how they're thinking and feeling the way a human can, it’s impossible to say for sure if animals exhibiting those symptoms could be diagnosed with depression....
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Will you fail a nicotine test after smoking hookah?

I don't really know a whole lot about nicotine tests, but hookah does have a small percentage of nicotine. It doesn't have near the amount that a cigarette does, but there is some in there. ...
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Is depression a mental diseases?

actually, no. It is a real disease that does affect the mind but is originally not a mental disease ...
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What describes mental health?

Health Policy In India (Mental) The Mental Health Act in India 2017 has been in force since May 2018. The act provides mental healthcare and services for anyone with mental illness and protects, promotes and fulfils the rights of such people to get proper health care and services. This Act is the successor of the Mental Health Act, 1987. The new health policy India lists out a bunch of new mental health standards: The Mental Health Act in...
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How important is the mental health act?

What Is The Mental Health Act In India https://www.taxolawgy.com/mental-health-act-in-india/ The World Health Organization estimates that India is the most depressed country in the world. Furthermore, 6.5% of the population suffers from some sort of serious mental disorder. There is a lot of social stigmas attached to depression in India. As a result, a lot of people who suffer from mental disorders refrain from getting help. The Mental Health Act in India empowers people suffering from mental disorders. Health...
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The definition of mental and emotional abuse?

* Psychological abuse (mental) is the same as emotional abuse and subjecting an individual to bullying tactics such as threats or, as they say in today's society 'head games.' These bullies can take away the self confidence of their victim and sometimes render them brain washed into believing they will never make a go of it on their own or they are ugly; fat; the opposite sex wouldn't want them; they are stupid because they may have not got high enough marks...
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How and when to access support and advice about partnership working?

by asking your line manager or colleagues if you unsure of what you are doing ...
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Identify 2 observable impairments of acquired brain injury?

paralysis....the patient can suffer from half body paralysis. reduced endurance sleeeeeeep change. low attention low reasoning. ...
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What are examples of emotive verbs?

Answer One Emotive verbs: hate, like, love, prefer an emotion that you can feel Answer Two The young lady was despondent over the recent death of her lover. Little Man Tate felt pensive. Rachel was ecstatic about the book she knew she would get for Christmas. Cynthia felt exhilaration after running ten miles. His sixth egg nog made Harold feel nauseated. Talking to strangers and meeting new people at the mall to relieve boredom....
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What are the positive symptoms of schizophrenia?

Delusions Hallucinations Disorders of Thought Grossly Disorganized behavior ...
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What allows some individuals to take a stand against prejudice oppression while others choose to participate in it?

Some people fear what will happen if they decide to fight against the majority that is encouraging prejudice towards another group. A lot of people choose to fight against prejudice and these people are usually coming from the group that is being 'attacked' rather than the people who are 'attacking'. ...
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Is it normal for men to wear panties?

Society does not find it normal for men to wear panties. Panties are worn by women and men wear briefs or boxers. ...
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What impact does social devaluation have on an individuals quality of life?

Social Devaluation impacts an individuals life in many ways: 1.Image impairment 2. Competency Impairment 3. Experience bad thing in life more than good things in life 4. Treated as subhuman For more see Social Role Valorization by Wolf Wolfensberger. ...
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Why do people get happy?

farts make people happy...sometimes
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What is the description of mental illnesses?

The term "mental illness" refers to someone who has a mental (brain) related deficiency. Some of these mental illnesses affect your mood, behavior or actions. ...
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What does it mean when someone is described as having mental illnesses?

Mental illness is a very broad term describing many ailments, from mild anxiety disorders to full blown schizophrenia. They are caused by a complex combination of environment, genetic and personality factors. Depression and subsequent suicide are the most common mental illnesses. ...
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What does it mean to have a borderline personality?

Borderline personality is a mental disorder that effects ones' ability to control emotions and thoughts. You may have problems with controlling your emotions and thought, you may have impulsive and reckless behavior and or have unstable relationships with other people. You may also suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, eating disorder, self-harm and suicidal behavior. ...
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Is borderline personality disorder genetic?

Borderline personality disorder is believed to be the result of of a combination of contributing factors, including environmental considerations. It is not thought to be genetic, but is found to run in families. ...
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What is the definition of borderline personality disorder?

Borderline personality disorder is another way to say anxiety, basically. It is a mental health disorder that causes emotional instability. It is often diagnosed by a psychiatrist. ...
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Is split personality disorder used today for a diagnosis?

In the mental world today it is not considered a viable diagnosis. It is very hard to identify and is now called dissociative disorder. Most are diagnosed with schizophrenia. ...
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What is the scientific name for split personality disorder and what is it?

the scientific name, for split personality, would be Dissociative identity disorder, and currently it is believed to be an issue with a persons memory, and as such could experience themself as multiple personalities ...
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Is schizophrenia a mental disorder?

Yes schizophrenia is a mental disorder and can be very damaging towards your brain. If you think you might have it, consult your doctor about it, and he may go along with it taking you to a psychiatrist. ...