Mentos (candy)

Mentos are soft chewy candies with a crisp candy coat. Originally, Mentos was made as a mint, but were later produced in other flavors as well.

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How do you pronounce the candy Mentos -- is it tose or toss at the end?

It depends on the country. In Australia, all advertising pronounces it as Men-toss. In the USA, the pronunciation appears to be Men-tose.

Who owns Mentos?

An Italian family, Perfetti.

What will happen if you drink coke and eat Mentos?

The bloating and vomiting could herniate the esophagus, a dangerous medical condition that could result in death.

If Mentos (a brand of mint), are ingested, followed immediately by a Cola type drink, the human body could not assimilate the rapidly generated CO2 fast enough to keep the stomach from severe bloating. Minimally, the result would be a painful vomiting of the contents of the stomach.

Why does coke explode with Mentos?

There are several reasons postulated, but the physics community has settled on nucleation as the reason.

The reason that the soda erupts so violently from the bottle is actually twofold: a decrease of the surface tension of the soda (due to dissolving Mentos), and an increase in nucleation sites (sites where bubbles of CO2 can form) within the bottle (due to the rough Mentos surface). Both of these factors make the carbon dioxide in the soda less likely to stay dissolved and more likely to become gaseous. The fountain effect is from all of the CO2 going from dissolved to gaseous at once, and at a great rate.

Why do mento's make a sprite soda explode?

Basically you are witnessing the surface effect. The candy is releasing the dissolved carbon dioxide in the carbonated soda. The carbon dioxide is forming bubbles at a rapid rate. When the bubbles get to the top the have nowhere else to go but up so they fly out of the bottle, pushing much of the liquid with them.

What would happen if you eat Mentos every day?

your teeth would rot and would have problems drinking diet coke

What happens to a person who eats Mentos with Coke?

This is not the case in a human body. The reaction of putting softmints and Coke is powerful, this causes the coke to rise. Eatings softmints and Coke will NOT cause any harm whatsoever. Many people belive that you will explode, this is not the case. The mints travel through the body in a diffrent way and do not sit as they would in a Coke bottle. The Coke is possibly traveling through a different route in the body as to the Softmints.

Nothing happens if you eat Mentos with Coke.

Are Mentos and coke together bad for you?

No nothing happens to u.u can see a reaction by poping one in a bottle of coke!!!

What are all the ingredients in Mentos?

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What are the ingredients in Diet Coke and Mentos candies that cause their instant wild foamy reaction when merely brought in contact together?

Ordinarily, water resists the expansion of bubbles in the soda. Water molecules attract each other strongly, and they link together to form a tight mesh around each bubble. It takes energy to push water molecules away from each other to form a new bubble, or to expand a bubble that has already been formed. The phenomenon is called "surface tension".

Now drop a Mentos into the soda. The gelatin and gum Arabic from the dissolving candy disrupts the water mesh, so it takes less work to expand bubbles. At the same time, the roughness of the candy surface provides many little nooks and crannies that allow new bubbles to form more quickly (a process called nucleation). As more of the surface dissolves, both processes accelerate, and foam rapidly begins to form.


What is the highest height a soda can go if you put Mentos inside it?

Maybe a foot. Sodas don't have fins and they have no balance, so they'll go up a little ways, flop over, go back to earth and shoot off horizontally.

As to how far it'll go horizontally, it depends on how full the soda was, how large the bottle was and how many Mentos you put in.

Why does mint Mentos work better with Diet Coke than fruit Mentos?

The bubbling action that occurs from dropping a mentos into a diet coke occurs because the high quantities of carbon dioxide held within the soda react with the candy.

The candy's shell is actually comprised of many extremely small pits in which the CO2 forms in a process called nucleation. The diet coke has 7 times more CO2 than can be easily dissolved into water at regular atmospheric pressures. Increasing the pressure on the liquid allows it to dissolve more CO2. This CO2, once released from its high pressure tank is trying to escape its watery prison. With the addition of the mentos, the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, and all of the CO2 escapes the water in a short amount of time often with explosive results.

The only difference that could be ascertained would be that the fruit mentos lack the same number of pits available with the mint mentos, resulting in a slower release of CO2, which in turn causes a smaller explosion.

What is in the Mentos that make soda explode?

The candy, basically, creates a release of gas and the energy comes from the expansion and upward movement within the bottle. It is practically identical to what would happen if you rapidly agitated (shook) the bottle of carbonated soda.

This particular candy forms thousands of tiny pits on the outside of the candy. This creates "nucleation points" for the carbon dioxide gas that is dissolved in the soda. Each particle of the candy creates a gas pocket (fizz) that rapidly rises to the top, disturbing even more gas molecules on the way up. This chain reaction strips as much as 80% of the carbon dioxide from the drink, and this rapidly rising gas pushes the liquid soda upward and out of the bottle with great force. This is usually not enough to burst the plastic bottle, but it is a considerable pressure release.

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What happens to raw meat when you put it on coke?

The acidity in the coke will slowly break down the meat and little by little begin to take pieces of the meat and dissolve them. The meat on the fat turns to a clear color as well.

Why do Mentos react on soda?

when the mentos hits the surface of the coke, the compressed carbon dioxide forms bubble on the surface of the mentos. and it is released into the air and pushes the coke out with it.

What happens when you put Mentos in lemonade?

I had hallucinations of sea squirrels drowning me. It was very disturbing.

Are Mentos fruit vegetarian?


The red ones are not vegetarian, they contain carmine which is derived from the cochineal beetle.

What are the ingredient of mentos?

The ingredient list for original Mentos is sugar, wheat glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, rice starch, gum arabic, sucrose esters of fatty acides, gellan gum, and natural flavors.