Meteorology and Weather

Meteorology is the science which deals with the phenomena of the atmosphere, especially weather and weather conditions. It involves the study of the character of the atmosphere and the events and processes within it, together with the interaction between the atmosphere and the face of the earth. Weather, of course, is what occurs on the surface of the earth from day to day, whether that be rain, sunshine, heat or cold, or whatever the outside conditions are.

Why doesn’t lightning travel in a straight line?

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So it’s kind of a complicated process, but here’s the two-sentence version: Lightning is an electric current that takes the path of least resistance from the base of a cloud to the ground. Since the air it travels through is not uniform—variations in things like temperature, humidity, and pollutants determine how resistant air is to the charge—the lightning has to zig and zag to stay on that path.

Is 69 degrees cold or warm?

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69 degrees is in the middle , so i will say warm i think so because 70 & up it's about hot 60 🥵 & down it cold 🥶.

Is 35 degrees Celsius hot or cold?

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The formula to translate Celsius to Fahrenheit is to multiply the temperature in Celsius by 9/5ths or 1.8 and add 32. So in this case it would be roughly 95 degrees which in terms of weather is pretty warm, in terms of body temperature it's rather low, and in terms of liquid it's pretty cool.